Madame Web is considered the worst Spider-Man movie due to its awkward dialogue, weak script, and underdeveloped characters. It fails to capitalize on its connection to Spider-Man and lacks a compelling standalone narrative.

Confusing Marvel lore and a sequel tease further disappoint viewers. Despite a talented cast, the film's poor box office performance and critical reception (with a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) highlight its overall lack of quality.

Article will introduce the characters, actors, flaws of the film, and at the end, it will introduce a voice-over tool with many Marvel characters' AI voices. Let's read together!

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Madame Web: Characters and Actors

Dakota Johnson, born on October 4, 1989, is an American actress known for her roles in various films. She debuted at age ten in "Crazy in Alabama" (1999) alongside her mother, Melanie Griffith.

After high school, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and landed minor roles in films like "The Social Network" (2010). Johnson gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Anastasia Steele in the "Fifty Shades" film series (2015–2018). In "Madame Web" (2024), Johnson plays the main protagonist, Cassandra Webb.

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Madame Web Flaws: Why is Rated Bad on Rotten Tomatoes

Madame Web's poor performance at the box office, with only a $6 million opening day, and its dismal critical reception, with a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, highlight its overall lack of quality. While Marvel has had its share of critical flops, Madame Web stands out as a particularly disappointing entry in the franchise.

This film likely received low ratings due to several reasons:

  • Awkward Dialogue: The dialogue may have been poorly written or delivered, leading to a lack of engagement from the audience.

  • Weak Script: A weak or disjointed storyline can diminish the overall impact of the film and leave viewers feeling unsatisfied.

  • Underdeveloped Characters: If the characters are not well-developed or lack depth, it can be challenging for the audience to connect with them emotionally.

  • Forced Franchise Nods: If the film relied too heavily on references to other franchise elements without adding anything new or meaningful, it could come across as forced and inauthentic.

  • Unintentional Comedy: If certain elements of the film were unintentionally humorous or failed to resonate with the intended tone, it could detract from the overall viewing experience.

  • Confusing Marvel Lore: If the film struggled to integrate its Marvel connections cohesively or introduced confusing elements of Marvel lore, it could alienate both casual viewers and dedicated fans of the franchise.

  • Teasing Sequel without Substance: Ending with a teaser for a sequel without delivering a satisfying standalone story can leave audiences feeling disappointed and underwhelmed.

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    Below are the ratings of the Spider-Man movie series on Rotten Tomatoes


    Please note that these ratings represent the opinions of audiences and critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and individual opinions may vary.
    Spider-Man Movie Rotten Tomatoes Score
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 97%
    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 95%
    Spider-Man: No Way Home 93%
    Spider-Man 2 93%
    Spider-Man: Homecoming 92%
    Spider-Man: Far From Home 90%
    Spider-Man 90%
    The Amazing Spider-Man 71%
    Spider-Man 3 63%
    Venom: Let There Be Carnage 57%
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 51%
    Venom 30%
    Morbius 15%
    Madame Web 13%

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