Are you looking for Hal 9000 voice generator for your audiobook? Do you want Hal 9000 text to speech software that can generate its AI voice clearly and expressively? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article is all about generating Hal 9000 voice through the best voice generator.

We will explain to you who Hal 9000 is and how you can generate Hal 9000 AI voice in a very easy and simple way. Moreover, we will also introduce excellent voice-generating software with its features, pros, cons, reviews, and pricing plans. So, let’s start!

Here free listen to realistic Hal 9000 AI voice generated by VoxBox tts function:



Part 1:Who is the Hal 9000?

Hal 9000 is a fictional artificial intelligence character that serves as the main character of the Space Odyssey series. It first appeared in the movie 2001. A Space Odyssey, in which it was shown as an AI-based technical character that controls the functions of a fictional spaceship named Discovery One.

Hal 9000 was also designed to interact with the astronaut crew on the spaceship in a conversational, calm, and soft voice. Its hardware was designed like a camera lens with a single yellow and red dot. This famous character was voiceovered by the famous Canadian voice artist Douglas Rain.

hal9000 image

Part 2: How Does Hal 9000 Voice Generator Work?

The HAL 9000 voice generator uses advanced algorithms and AI technology to analyze the distinct speech patterns and nuances of HAL 9000, the AI from "2001: A Space Odyssey." It then synthesizes these patterns to reproduce a voice that closely resembles HAL 9000.

The generator processes input text and transforms it into speech with the iconic HAL 9000 intonation and style, providing an immersive and recognizable auditory experience reminiscent of the original AI character.

Part 3: A Guide to Hal 9000 Voice Generator For Text-to-Speech

1) iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone Voxbox is one of the famous Hal 9000 voice generators that can be a perfect fit for creating your audiobook using Hal 9000 or any other realistic voice & expressive sound. The reason why it is preferred by users is its bundle of features and functions is packed with a very simple-to-use and clear user interface.

voxbox text to speech introduce

How to Use Hal 9000 AI Voice Generator:

Step 1: Go to the iMyfone website, download and install VoxBox.

Step 2: Open the VoxBox and automatically enter the text to speech section. Write the text and converted it into Hal 9000 voice.

hal 9000 voice generator

Step 3: To save the file to your device, click on the Export button and download the audio file on your device at the desired location.


  • 5000 free characters using for hal 9000 text to speech conversion.

  • It stores natural-sounding hal 9000 voice among 3200+ voice.

  • 77+ languages and 100+ accents for worldwide speech generation.

  • Multiple input and output formats are supported.

  • Allows to custom movie trailer voiceovers.

  • Comprehensive capabilities: TTS, STT, voice cloning, voice recording, voice editing, etc.


yesMost movie character voices in the voice library.

yesSupports multiple functions

yesFree to download and install

yesCan be used for multiple purposes (Business, audiobooks, voiceover, etc.)


noThe free version has limited features


iMyFone VoxBox has 197 honest and positive reviews

4.9/5 star user rating

reviews of voxbox


Plan Price
1-month Plan $15.95
1-year Plan $44.95
Lifetime Plan $89.95

Part 4: Hot FAQs about Hal 9000 Voice Generator 2023

1. Can I customize the Hal 9000-like voice using the generator?

Depending on the specific generator, some may offer customization options such as pitch, speed, or tone adjustments, enabling users to tailor the voice to their preferences.

2. Can I use the Hal 9000 voice for voiceover in videos or podcasts?

Yes, the Hal 9000 text to speech voice generator allows you to generate Hal 9000-like voice for voiceovers in videos, podcasts, or any other multimedia content, adding a distinctive touch to your projects.

3. Are there any additional features besides generating HAL 9000's voice via TTS?

According to the specific generator, you may find additional features such as voice cloning, audio editing capabilities, or integration with other software, enhancing the overall voice generation experience.


Nowadays, Hal 9000 voice generator can help you make Hal 9000 iconic voice by yourself, enabling you sound like this famous fictional AI character that ruled the fictional series in the 1990s.

We have also introduced iMyFone VoxBox, one of the best voice-generating tools with its TTS tool. We have listed the complete procedure to create the Hal 9000 AI voice very easily and quickly. You can download iMyFone VoxBox to enjoy Hal 9000 and 3200+ more voices for creating an amazing audiobook.