Are you looking for a perfect YouTube video to text converter? Do you want to know how to use the best AI-based YouTube video to text converter? 

In this article, we are going to reveal the three best online tools for video-to-text conversion. We will also share an amazing, funny TTS generator to enhance your YouTube content and make it more attractive.

youtube video to text

Tips for Youtube Video to Text

AI-based transcription tools have made YouTube video-to-text conversion very simple and quick. Although the process has become almost independent, some keen points still exist to be considered for professional results. Here are the tips for everyone to keep in mind to transcribe YouTube videos to text.

  • Error-free transcription
  • Consider timestamps
  • Choose a perfect transcribing tool
  • Include non-verbal elements
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Verified for copy-right and fair use policies
  • Proper punctuation
  • Proper Formatting
  • Review and edit
  • Suitable language selection
  • Simple and readable text
  • Include speaker labels
  • Use proper keywords, repetitive phrases
  • Consider subtitles
  • 3 Youtube Video to Text Converter Online Free

    2.1 Notta YouTube To Text Converter

    Notta offers one of the best online YouTube videos to text converters. It allows users to utilize video content easily and convert them into text with utmost accuracy.

    notta youtube to text converter


    yesFree of cost

    yesSimple and easy-to-use

    yesCompatible with all platforms

    yesOffer output files in TXT, STR, WORD, and PDF formats

    yesMulti-language transcription

    yesAI Summarization


    noRequires Login

    noLimites Monthly free minutes

    2. Trint YouTube Video To Text Converter

    Trint is a well-known and highly-reputed online tool that serves accurate and powerful content crafting using its strong AI algorithm. It can extract text data from videos and audio files in 40+ languages, supporting video transcription and translation in a few seconds. 

    This online tool claims a 99% accuracy rate for converting each and every word from video or audio files. Moreover, it offers verifying, playback, and editing features for the generated text files, just like a text doc. If you are working as a team, then it is the best option because of its multiple-member management for real-time collaboration. 

    trint video to text converter


    yes40+ language support

    yesReal-time team collaboration 

    yesOffers text editing and verification

    yesExport files in multiple formats

    yesDesktop and mobile applications are also available

    yesVideo and Audio transcription 


    noLimited free trial

    noCostly paid subscriptions

    3. Descript (Transcription Tool)

    For those looking for an accurate and professional transcription service for leading the market, Descript could be the perfect match. It offers a professional but straightforward transcribing tool that converts video files to text seamlessly and swiftly. 

    Descript allows importing video links directly through YouTube and claims for 95% accuracy rate regarding every word. Besides this, this powerful tool also ensures your data safety by providing syncing and backup features. 

    Using Descripts is very suitable for professional purposes because you can get instant access anywhere in the world through its Cloud Sync function. It is a complete package for getting precise text extraction from YouTube videos quickly and free of cost.

    descript youtube transcription tool


    yesSupports multiple file formats

    yesMulti-language support

    yesSimple and effective to use

    yesData syncing and backup

    yesAutomatic speaker label


    noLimited free version

    noSign up and Sign in required

    How To Transcribe YouTube Video To Text

    Transcribing YouTube videos is a simple and easy process that can be accomplished in a few steps. 

    As far as the online transcription tools are concerned, they offer similar steps for this purpose. Conversely, the desktop software and mobile application can do this with a slightly different user-interface. 

    As this article is all about online YouTube video-to-text converters, we will share the guide on how to transcribe YouTube video to text online.

    Steps for Youtube Video to Text

    Step 1: Visit online Youtube video to text online website and sign up for the online transcription tool. Once you sign in, you will be directed to the dashboard. Now, click on the Import Files option on the right side of the screen. Here we use Notta as an example.

    lauch video to text converter notta

    Step 2: This will open an Import File section on the screen. At the bottom of this section, paste the YouTube video link which you want to be transcribed in the URL field and hit the Upload button.

    Step 3: The transcription will start and take a few seconds to be completed. Once done, click on your transcribed file from the Recent Recording section on the dashboard.

    begin transcription for youtube video

    Step 4: This will open the text form on the screen. Now, change the text or overview if you want, and hit the Download or Share button on the top of the screen. 

    Best YouTube Video Content Helper–Funny TTS Generator

    Content creation on platforms like YouTube demands attractive content to gain viewer engagement. It has become crucial to create professional and compelling content while competing in tough competition. 

    Text-to-speech generators are amazingly serving content creators at this level by using AI-based algorithms. 

    Numerous TTS generators are available, and VoxBox is one of the best among them. It has reduced the efforts, time, and cost by offering 3200+ realistic voices in 100+ languages, along with 99% accuracy while following multiple audio file formats. 

    voxbox youtube video voice generator

    Users can use VoxBox to create audio or voiceover for their videos in no time. They can add attractive voices, effects, and sounds within a few clicks, which allows them to create content at a faster pace. It is free download, try it free now.

    voiceover generator for youtube


    Manually listening and transcribing videos requires a considerable amount of time. Thanks to AI Speech converters that do this job in seconds. We have shared some of the best video-to-text converters that you can use to extract text without any hassle.

    We have also shared an amazing text to speech generator, VoxBox speech to text, that can make content creation faster, affordable, and more attractive. Now, whether you want to convert video to text or text to speech, you can do both quickly and efficiently.