Is palworld pokemon? No, it's not. Since the launch, everyone has been talking about the huge similarities between Palwrold and Pokemon.

Even though the developer has clearly denied all the accusations of plagiarism, still Pokemon's official company and fans are not ready to ignore the similarity between their characters and gameplay.

palworld pokemon comparison

We can’t truly decide if it is a copy of Pokemon or not until we compare both their similarities and differences. So, why wait?

Let’s jump in to know if Palworld is just another Pokemon version or if it is a unique game worthy to play.

Part 1: What is Palworld And Pokemon?

Palworld has a huge resemblance with Pokemon and it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it another version of Pokemon, but with guns.

Palworld is no doubt an interesting game to play, in terms of both its gameplay and visuals. But Pokemon fans are not very happy about it. They can’t digest a new or altered version of Pokemon, that’s the main reason why Palworld developers are in big trouble.

They are charged with copying the Pokemon’s whole interface while doing some tweaks.

Now before getting into the discussion of who is right and wrong, let’s take a brief overview of Palworld and Pokemon one by one.


Palworld is simply a survival game that has a feel and vibe of ancient times. In this game, you’ll experience multiple things such as fighting, hunting, farming, building, and whatnot.


Pals are the main characters of this game. You have to first fight them, then after defeating them, they’ll become your companions. And after making a team of several pals you’ll be able to defeat bigger monstrous pals and bosses to earn more points.

Not just they’ll be your fight companions, but you can also assign them many other tasks.

For example, according to their capabilities and skills, you can let pals do your farm work, build houses for you and so much more.


From 1996 till now, Pokemon has been loved by so many people all across the world. It is a survival plus role-playing game.

You’ve to choose a Pokemon in order to defeat the other player. The other player will have the right to choose a Pokemon according to your Pokemon type.

For example, if your Pokemon is water-type, the other player will choose the fire type in order to beat you while earning the victory.


Now, Pokemon has a whole series of games, and in each game, there is an element of uniqueness. But the gameplay of each Pokemon series is common like you have to fight in order to win and to ensure your survival in the game.

Part 2: Palworld vs Pokemon

Palworld and Pokemon are neither completely the same nor completely different. It’s just while playing Palworld you can get a feel of Pokemon, although I personally find Pokemon characters more cute, but we can’t deny the advancement in the designs of Palworld characters aka Pals.

Anyway, let’s see how Palworld and Pokemon are similar to each other and what differences they have


1. Almost all of the Palworld characters are inspired by the Pokemon characters. You’ll be surprised to see how similar Robinquill and Decidueye

2. Not all pals are a copy of Pokemon characters, you’ll find some pals that just share facial resemblance with the Pokemon characters.

For example, you can see Mozazarina. Doesn’t it share a facial resemblance with a Pokemon character?

Yes, you’re right. Its sleepy face reminds me of Snorlax.

Now, you can see both the characters’ designs are different, but because Palworld has copied many design ideas from Pokemon, fans can easily analyze the similarity.

3.Talking about the character's strengths and weaknesses, we can clearly see Palworld and Pokemon share the same idea.

Every Pal has its own attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, and this is exactly what Pokemon is famous for.


1.There’s no denying that Pals are very similar to the Pokemon characters but there isn’t any Pikachu character in Palworld, which could be expected as they were alleged to copy Pokemon characters.

Pikachu plays a huge role in the popularity of Pokemon, but there’s no such character in Palworld.

2. Plaworld’s gameplay is way different and more advanced than the Pokemons’ gameplay.

Although the element of training characters to acquire combat skills is the same, Palworld has made the game in a way to let the players experience real-life survival and has given them a life-like authority to train their pals.

While Pokemon lacks the life-like interaction between the trainer and the character.

3.Despite the fact that Palworld’s characters look alike, we can clearly see the difference because of the guns and other weapons that pals have in order to fight the monstrous bosses, protect the land, and for farming or building tasks. Pokemon characters don’t have any weapons to fight.

Part3: Does Palworld have Voice Chat and How to Change Voice When Chatting?

1. MagicMic - Real-Time Palworld Voice Changer

Palworld is a multiplayer game, so most of the players think that it would definitely have a voice chat option too. Well, Palworld might disappoint you here, because it doesn't have a voice chat option.

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You can use Discord in order to enjoy the voice chat features in Palworld. Now, to have more fun with your friends while playing, you can change your voice too.

Imagine talking like a Spongebob while training a pal, it would be funny yet so entertaining.

So, how do you change your voice when chatting? Use MagicMic.

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Palworld is the same yet different from the Pokemon video game series. Its characters, gameplay, and storyline are pretty much inspired by the Pokemon game, but there are a lot of unique differences too that make Palworld stand out even after so much backlash from the Pokemon fans.

You have thoroughly read the palworld pokemon comparison above, now it's up to you to decide whether Palworld is a complete copy of Pokemon or not.

You’ll not be able to find the real similarities and differences unless you play the game. To increase the element of fun, you can also use MagicMic to change voices.

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