Palworld being launched in January 2024 has become everyone’s favorite. Although it was announced way before in 2021, after a huge gap, it is finally accessible to play.

It is a game loved by almost every gamer despite their age or gender, even some Pokemon lovers have named it ‘Pokemon with Guns’ because most of the characters known as ‘Pals’ look a lot similar to the Pokemon characters.

Now, leather has a huge role in this game, and you can’t get leather by killing every pal, only a specific one drops leather. So how can you find them? That’s the tricky part, and in this post, you’ll get a proper way to get Palworld leather.

Why wait? Let’s dive in!

how to get leather in palworld

Part 1: What is Palworld?

Leather in palworld is nothing but a reward that you get whenever you defeat a specific pal. With this leather, you can make clothing and gear for your pals, because the whole theme of Palword is to survive according to ancient ways and strategies. You’ll get the feeling of Stone Age life.

Leather isn’t just a REWARD, but it is vital for Pals.

If we talk about Pals, they are not animals, they are mysterious creatures that resemble animals. You’ll get leather only if you kill a furry pal who looks a lot like an animal. This will then further be used for other pals that are not a source of leather.

Now it's not that hard to find leather in Palwords, you would just have to specifically look for those pals who drop leather.

what is palword leather

Part 2: How to get Leather in Palworld: 3 Pals to look for

To get leather, you’ll have to pay attention to look for those pals who are both furry and look like real-world animals. But you might not even easily find them without knowing their location.

So, I’m going to suggest to you 3 Pals that are leather-rich and I’ll also share their location so that you can find them easily.

1- Foxparks

foxparks 1

You’ll encounter Foxparks at the beginning and initial stages of Palworld. This will be the first pal you’ll see there, and you’ll have to kill it in order to get leather. You can see its habitat (both day and night) in the image.

Other than leather, it also drops Flame Organ, which is pretty crazy.

foxparks 2

You can see fur on the Foxparks’ face, so it clearly makes it a leather-rich pal. Now, you might be wondering if it would be easy to kill it or not, well, Forxparks are not very dangerous as compared to many other pals, but you can’t take it easy too.

Because Foxparks are the main reason behind forest fires, due to their lack of ability to control fire. They are very similar to dragons in terms of breathing out fire, and you must be surprised to know that they can cause forest fires just merely by sneezing.

2- Eikthyrdeer

eikthyrdeer 1

Leather is not the only valuable thing Eikthyrdeer drops, but you’ll be obsessed with Eikthyrdeer Venison. It’s just like meat or chicken in our real world, so you can make delicious food with this venison.

Also, its horns are considered very valuable. Anyway, you can see how furry its skin is, which makes it obvious that it is a leather-rich pal, but it wouldn’t be easy to kill it.

eikthyrdeer 2

It has great force and fights back, so better for you to bring a protective pal while going for the Eikthyrdeer hunt.

Also, you would need proper hunting gear such as a bow, so that when your protective pal fights with the eikthyrdeer dear, you can simply shoot it and stop the fight.

3- Mammorest

mammorest 1

Mammorest can’t be won unless you go with a proper army of strong pals. As Mammorests are way bigger and bulkier than other leather-dropping pals, you will get more leather.

mammorest 2

But to get that leather, you would have to struggle a lot, and mere a bow wouldn’t be sufficient for you to kill it, different types of weaponry would be needed.

Leather isn’t the only perk you’ll get after killing, you’ll get;

  • 1. High-Quality Mammorest Oil
  • 2. Mammorest Meat
  • Both of these can be used for multiple purposes, especially for eating purposes.

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    Leather in palworld isn’t hard to get. You just have to apply proper strategies and bring powerful pals with you while going for a hunt. Most of all, you need to have proper knowledge about the habitats of leather-rich pals, which you’ll find in the above-mentioned images.

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