Palworld has become everyone’s favorite since the launch because there is so much in it; adventure, combat, story and whatnot. You can experience all the aesthetics in one game.

But players are having a hard time getting palworld ancient technology points. And I’m sure, you’re struggling too, right? Well, it is undoubtedly challenging to earn these points, but with the right approach you can get 25-unlimited points easily.

Want to know the ways and strategies to win monstrous pals in order to earn these points? You’re at the right spot. Here in this post, you’re going to get 3 amazing ways to win those points.

Why wait? Let’s get in!

how to get palworld ancient technolgy points

Part 1: What is Palworld Ancient Technology?

Leather in palworld is nothing but a reward that you get whenever you defeat a specific pal. With this leather, you can make clothing and gear for your pals, because the whole theme of Palword is to survive according to ancient ways and strategies. You’ll get the feeling of Stone Age life.

Even to conquer more pals and defeat your rivals by protecting your living place, you would have to get more ancient technology points.

Everyone in the game is looking for these points but as there is more demand for them, they are surprisingly rare to find.

what is ancient technology

So it will be very challenging for you to get these points, but it's not impossible. You just have to adopt strong hunting and defeating skills and with a little luck, you’ll earn these rewarding points.

Part 2: How to get Palworld Ancient Technology Points? [3 WAYS]

Before getting into the details, I would just like to give you a super formula to get the ancient technology points.

Work on your combat skills.

There is no other way to win these points instead of fighting, so your combat skills should be more than strong. As these points are hard to find, there will be more competition, hence only critical fighting skills will help you get these points.

So, how to get ancient technology points using your combat skills? Is there any way? Yes, there is.

Not just one, but I’ve 3 possible ways with which you can get these technology points.

1 Syndicate Tower Bosses

It's considered very hard to fight the syndicate tower bosses, but it is the most popular and relatively easy way to earn ancient technology points.

There are a total of 5 bosses that you have to fight, and all of them are at different levels. Victory would mean that you have earned 25 ancient technology points, which means 5 points will be awarded to you whenever you win a boss.

And 25 ancient technology points are considered a lot in order to get more tools and weapons to protect your living space.

Now, let’s take a look at these 5 bosses, and let’s see how hard it is to defeat them;

1)Tower of Rayne Syndicate

tower of rayne syndicate

To beat the Tower of Rayne syndicate boss, you need to reach level 16. To defeat this boss, you need to take care of your HP and Stamina, don’t worry much about the rest.

As for the gears, a crossbow and a fire bow would be enough. Well, if you want to use an old bow, you can use it, there is no such restriction.

But the only thing is that you will have to then target the pain points of the boss to ensure victory. With the crossbow, it would be a lot easier to do more damage. So that’s why I recommended it.

2)Tower of Free Pal Alliance

tower of free pal alliance

It's not very hard to defeat this boss, but still, you will have to follow some strategies here. For example, the bosses that you have to fight here will be green-typed, so in order to defeat them you will need nothing but fire.

Fire is a great weapon to win the tower of free pal alliance, moreover, it is preferred to take a handgun with you. Because here you will have to fight two green-natured beasts, Lily and Lyleen, which are a little tricky to defeat unless you use the fire strategy.

In order to ensure your victory, you can take other conquered fire pals with you such as Bushi and Vanwyrm

3)The Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre

brothers of the eternal pyre

Defeating Axel and Orserk is not a task of noobs. I must say, it is the hardest challenge to defeat this duo. Unlike the other bosses, you can’t underestimate their powers. You’ll need to make a proper strategy in order to win against these bosses.

The No.1 rule to follow in this fight is to make their HP low. How? Take your pals with you and make them shoot Axel and Orserk continuously. Side by side you can attack them too. In this way, they can't focus on one opponent and might lose the fight easily.

4)Tower of the PIDF

tower of the pidf

You have defeated Axel and Orserk, but it doesn’t mean you can defeat Marcus and Faleris too. They are even more challenging to fight than all the mentioned bosses. It is a killer duo that doesn't let you attack easily unless you bring your pals with you who are capable of shooting with miniguns at the Faleris.

As for you, a rifle will be enough to take down these bosses. But you have to keep in mind that their HP is much more than the previous bosses, so they can give you a really hard time.

Moreover, another counterattack strategy can be to use water in response to their fire attacks.

5)Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit

pal genetic research unit

Victor and Shadowbeak are the boss partners, and they are way more powerful and strategic than we think.

So, it would be a hard challenge for you to lay them down, but if you make a proper strategic plan to fight them, you’ll definitely make them lose the fight.

Now instead of focusing solely on weapons, you should consider taking Felbat with you. Only dragon pals could help you defeat Victor and Shadowbeak.

But if you have friends, you can take them with you too.

You and your friends can make a team to fight the victor by taking a lot of weaponry such as assault rifles.

Other than that Felbat and other dragon pals will lay down the shadowpeak.

2 Dungeon Bosses

The only easy way to earn ancient technology points is to fight with the dungeon bosses. You have to struggle a lot to find them because you can't find them on the map. But once you find them, you can easily defeat them in no time.

3 Alpha Pals

When you’re searching for Dungeon bosses, you can also find alpha pals roaming around the islands.

It is a little tricky to defeat them, but if you bring an expert pal team with you and have proper weapons, then massive alpha pals can’t be able to attack you in response.

Part3: How to Change Voice in Palworld Discord Voice Chat?

1. MagicMic - AI Palworld Voice Changer

Streaming is nothing without changing voices and having fun. And you might have seen big streamers using different voices to increase the element of fun. Well, you can change your voice too. Wondering, how?

In Palworld discord voice chat, other than the normal voice you can use multiple voices by using MagicMic.

magicmic palworld voice changer

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  • You can use voice memes, voice effects, different accents, and whatnot.

  • MagicMic can be used directly in the game, but as we all know Palworld doesn't let anyone do voice chat, so you have to switch to the streaming hub, Discord.

  • You can convert your voice into multiple celebrity voices, different genders, and even robots. Spongebob's voice is my favorite one.

  • Sometimes, we don’t want to just change our voice, but we want heavy effects such as increasing bass, reducing noise and things like that. Good news is that the MagicMic ensures you can use voice effects in your all audio in just 1-click.

  • With MagicMic, you’ll experience no delays in changing voice during live-streaming.

Step By Step Tutorial to use it

MagicMic is very simple to use. Follow the steps and enjoy playing with the voices:

Step 1: You first need to download MagicMic from the official website.

Step 2: As you’re going to use it for streaming purposes, click on ‘hear myself’ and turn it on.

Step 3:Also, turn on the ‘Apply voice changer’ option.

magicmic voice changer

Step 4: Now, open the Discord app and click on settings. You’ll have to do some alterations in the input settings.

Step 5: If you’re using it on Windows, then consider selecting the Microphone (MagicMic Virtual Audio Device).

magicmic discord voice changer

Step 6: On the other hand, if you are a MAC device user, then select the BlackHole 2CH. You’re all set,

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To get palworld ancient technology, you’ll have to go through a lot. By defeating all the bosses and monstrous pals, you’ll be eligible for the ancient technology.

It's not that hard to earn it, you’ll just have to plan first before going to defeat those pals. Make your proper team of friends and pals which will assist you and give you aid while defeating the bosses.

And for an amazing streaming experience, while winning the ancient technology, you better use MagicMic.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.