The idea of knowing how to stream Switch on Discord is very good, especially if you love playing games on the go. However, there are times when you want to know how to stream your Switch gameplay via Discord. The Discord screen sharing option is extremely useful and powerful. But since there’s no Discord on Switch (officially), that makes things more difficult. But there are a few workarounds!

how to stream switch on discord

Part 1: What do You Need Before Streaming Switch on Discord?

Before you learn how to stream Nintendo Switch to Discord, there are a few items you need to procure. Generally, you will have to acquire certain items:

  • You will need your Nintendo Switch console and a PC or laptop

  • A HDMI-enabled capture card

  • Stable internet and a Discord account

  • A microphone or gaming headset that has a mic

  • OSB Studio or other streaming apps

  • A HDMI cable and 3.5 mm audio cable

These items are necessary because you can use them to create a setup where you can stream without interruptions. Ideally, you want to follow our guidelines in order to ensure everything is working accordingly.

Can you get Discord on Switch?

So, can you get Discord on Switch? You can get it on Switch, but it’s a bit on the harder side to achieve that. You don’t have an official app, so you have to use these steps:

  • First, you open the Nintendo Switch settings, and here you enter the Internet Settings
  • get discord on switch step1

  • Enter the Change Settings panel and choose the DNS settings. Here you want to change them from Automatic to Manual.
  • get discord on switch step2

  • After that, press Primary DNS and here you want to add “”. This is a third party public DNS. You need it because you want your Switch to open the web browser.
  • Press OK, and then click Save. Connect on This Network and press Next. Now you want to choose Continue to Google.
  • get discord on switch step4

  • Type in Discord, and then you choose to open Discord in your browser.
  • While we don’t have a legit way of using Discord on Switch, this workaround is very powerful and it can be a solid way of using the app on your device.

    Part 2: How to Stream Switch on Discord?

    It’s a good idea to know how to switch accounts on Discord mobile, but also stream your Switch on the platform. When you learn how to stream Nintendo Switch to Discord, you will have to go through the following steps.

    #Step1: The first thing you must do is to insert your switch into the dock. You don’t want it to be connected to any monitor or TV, but it should be powered via the outlet..

    how to stream switch on discord step1

    #Step2: After that, you will need to connect the HDMI cable of your dock to the capture card’s HDMI IN port. The idea is to have the Switch connected to the capture card and ensure the connection is working seamlessly.

    #Step3: Now on your computer you want to install streaming software, OBS Studio will be the best option. Start your Switch and then you can also launch the capture card software on your computer.

    #Step4: On your Nintendo Switch, you want to enter the System Settings/TV Resolution, and here you want to go 1080p and Full RGB Range.

    how to stream switch on discord step4

    #Step5: After this, you can launch OBS or whatever streaming software you want to use. Check and see if the Switch video input looks ok, you may have to mess around with some settings.

    #Step6: Now on discord, you need to join the server you want to stream towards. Double click the speaker icon so you can join the voice channel.

    #Step7: At the bottom of the channel list you have the option to Share your Screen. In the Applications tab, choose the software that you use for streaming.

    how to stream switch on discord step7

    #Step8: Lastly, you want to modify any appropriate Discord options if necessary. You can now press “Go Live” and then you can start streaming. Now you know how to stream Switch on Discord, and you can stop by clicking the X button found in the preview.

    Bonus: How to Change Voice When You Stream Nintendo Switch on Discord?

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