The Pokemon franchise also comes up with strange Pokemon. Meloetta is a Mystic/Legendary Polo, which resembles the humanoid singer. That's why some people will classify them as weird. However, Meloetta is a brilliant pick for players who intend to navigate the competitive scene as they tend to blast a sharp special attack.

finding your voice pokemon go

Luckily, you can capture Meloetta after completing the extraordinary research quest "Finding your Voice". This article whill show you how to get finding your voice pokemon go rewards.

Step 1:Finding the Pokemon Go Voice-1/6

finding your voice pokemon go rewards 1


  • Take the Snapshot of the Buddy

  • Evolve 15 Pokemon

  • Catch the 30 normal-type Pokemon

The first set of finding Pokemon voice is simple as a player can quickly complete the task. To begin with, players must take a snapshot of the Buddy Pokemon. You can go into the Buddy Menu and choose the Camera icon if you're a trainer.

Players must turn off the AR Mode to make the task ten times easier, as it sometimes won't work. The second objective is catching the 30 Normal Pokemon Go, which could be Bunnelby, Eevee, Rattata Secret, and more. If you aim for the final objective, the players must evolve 15 Pokemon Go, preferably options that only require the 25 Candies like Eevee or Zubat. You'll get the x1,000 EXP Stardust after completing the 1st part.

Step 2. Pokemon Go Finding Your Voice-2/6

pokemon go find your voice 2


  • Earn 5 Candies with the Buddy

  • Use 30 Barrie's to assist the Catch Pokemon

  • Give the Buddy 3 Treats

Players will be required to rely upon the 30 Berries to assist in catching Pokemon Go to opt for the completion of part 2's first objective.

It might seem a lot, but players have the luxury of giving the various bars to the Pokemon, provided they break from their PokeBall. Thus, if a trainer comes up with the Pinap Berry for the Pokemon and aims to catch it but ends up breaking free, they can throw another Barry toward it. After completing this objective, players can get the five Candies when walking with the Buddy Pokemon.

Step 3. Finding Your Voice Research Pokemon Go- 3/6

Finding Your Voice Research Pokemon Go 3/6


  • Battle in 3 Raids

  • Win 3 Gym Battles

  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts

Now, it's the time to test the Pokemon of a trainer as all three objectives compete with the other Pokemon. Winning their Gym battles could be difficult, but a player aims to go in a highly competitive arena. Still, for the most part, players must avoid doing gym sessions with Slaking or Metagross, as they are some of the most popular gym defenders.

Players must be prepared to join the Raids with the various players since it will make the battle more negotiable and manageable, plus you can enjoy even better rewards. After completing the final objective, players have the privilege of getting the Hariyama encounter and x1,000 EXP.

Step 4. Finding Your Voice Pokemon GO-4/6

Finding Your Voice Pokemon GO 4/6


  • Earn 20, 000 Stardust

  • Spin 3 Pokestops

  • Catch 30 different Pokemon's Species

Opting for the Finding the Pokemon voice's 4th part might have seemed to be a complex gig, but it is relatively easy to manage. To begin with, players will be required to earn 20,000 Stardust, and trainers can obtain them in multiple ways, including completing daily quests, catching Pokemon, Team Rocket Grunts, etc. Players also got the leverage to activate Star pieces to double the Stardust acquisition for a brief period.

After completing Step 4, you can get the Meloetta encounter, x2 000 EXP, and x2 000 Stardust.

Step 5. Finding Your Voice Pokemon Go-5/6 Make a New Friend

Finding Your Voice Pokemon Go 5/6 Make a New Friend


  • Make a new Friend.

  • Capture the Snapshot of Meloetta.

  • Send 3 Gifts to your friends.

Players can complete step 4 without wasting any time, as the objects in step 5 are easy to manage. To put things in order, players will be required to capture Melotta's Snapshot to opt for the completion of the first objective. You must ensure you've turned off the AR Mode to avoid any inconvenience.

The players will then need to apply the Friend to the Friends List, which can be quickly done while searching online Pokemon Go Friend Codes. At the end, players must send three Gifts to their friends, which must be easier if the player has completed the task of other Special Research quests. In this phase, players can receive the x2, 500 EXP, x5 Meloetta Stickers, and x2500 once the step is completed.

Step 6. Pokemon Go Finding Your Voice 6/6

Pokemon Go Finding Your Voice 6/6

When you keep moving ahead while completing the tasks, the job gets easier, and finding the Pokemon Go volume becomes effortless. The final part of this special research will be completed automatically, so players will be required to claim the EXP rewards (9, 000 EXP). Regarding the final reward, players will be able to get the x1 Lure,  x3 Rare Candies, and x20 Meloetta Candies.

FAQs about Finding Your Voice Quest Pokemon Go

1. What Pokemon do you get from finding your voice?

After completing the "Finding Your Voice" Special Research, you will earn Meloetta! If you already have Meloetta from Pokémon GO Fest 2021, you'll get 20 Meloetta Candy instead.

2. Why can't I catch meloetta from the quest "finding your voice"?

Many users have encountered a bug that they can't catch Meloetta. To fix this glitch, here are some methods you can try:

  • 1. Try getting regular pokeballs in your bag. This bug may be caused by having zero pokeballs when attempting to catch it.

  • 2. Clear data from both settings and the app.

  • 3. Reach out to the Pokémon GO support team for assistance.

To Conclude

Pokemon is one of the best franchises that allows you to enjoy the game magnificently. With Pokemon, you've got the leverage to get the most priced reward in the shape of the Meloetta.

Upon completing all the tasks, you'll notice that every part brings a new challenge and a lot of excitement, making the Pokemon game look fantastic and majestic. You can dig into this post to get the most anticipated rewards. We have revealed in this guide that getting the reward after completing the part 6 Pokemon volume task is simpler than you think.