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Robotic Voice Changer: How to Change Your Voice to Sound Like a Robot

The robot voice changer has been one of the most trending features in social media in recent years. By applying a filter to your natural voice, you can make it sound like a futuristic robot from the 25th century! In this article, you'll learn how to get robot voice with robotic voice changer.

Below are the robot AI voice model and three trials for voice changing. If you want to access more free AI voices or additional features such as real-time voice changing, you can download MagicMic AI Voice Changer for free to meet all your needs.

mini robot
Mini Robot
iron man
Iron Man
AI Model OFF
AI Model ON
Mini Robot
Iron Man
Download MagicMic to explore 300+ voices
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Click to record and change voice
*Support record duration less than 15s.
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Click to upload audio and change
*Support mp3/wav files under size 5M.
Free online trials for voice change
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How to Change Voice with Robot AI Voice Model?

Want to change AI robot voice in 1 click? Then you can't miss the best AI voice changer and voice generator-MagicMic. 4 simple steps to show you how to use robot voice modulator to change your voice in real-time. (video tutorial is provided)

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How to Use RVC Robot Voice Changer

Want to mimic voice of robot with real-time voice changer for voice trolling while using  gaming , streaming, voice chatting platform like Call of Duty Valorant, Twitch,  Discord , Pawworld and so on? Then MagicMic is a good choice. It comes with 300+ voices and sound effects for instant, audio, recording voice change.

download icon
Step 1:  Download and install MagicMic
tts icon
Step 2: Input audio settings on MagicMic
choose voice icon
Step 3: Select MagicMic virtual audio device on gaming programs
convert icon
Step 4: Choose voice effects on MagicMic

Why Choose MagicMic Rpobot AI Voice Changer?

With numerous AI tools available, why choose us to emulate robot's voice? Listen to testimonials from millions of influencers, visit our professional website, and read user reviews to dispel any doubts.

influencer reviews 1
Influencer Voice
140K subscribers
"For me, I think this is the best voice changer I discovered because unlike any voice changer software I discovered, their voice changing effects are really really realistic!"
influencer reviews 2
Influencer Voice
88K subscribers
"For me, I think this is the best voice changer I discovered because unlike any voice changer software I discovered, their voice changing effects are really really realistic!"
authoritative comments 1
Authoritative Comments
"If you are looking for AI voice model, iMyFone AI voice model is a choice you won't regret."
authoritative comments 2
Authoritative Comments
"The website and software are both very secure, and the voices sound very natural. We've also received great feedback from our website users."
user reviews 1
Customer Review
Cherry Donne
"Bought the MagicMic voice changer, got bombarded with questions from friends during game chats. Then got the VoxBox, super satisfied. Now a lifelong member, no regrets!"
user reviews 2
Customer Review
"Best, and the most realistic text to speech voice generator. I would undoubtedly recommend this software to everyone."

Faqs and Related Tips about Robot Voice Modulator


1. How do you change your voice into a robot?

Step 1. After opening MagicMic, select your main microphone as the input device. Turn on "Apply Voice Changer" and "Hear myself" using the buttons.

Step 2. Select “Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device)” as your input device in the application where you want to change your voice.

Step 3. Click on “More” to select the “Robot voice” that you would like to use."

2. What is the robotic voice changer for real-time?
Magicmic is software that allows users to modify their voices in real-time during voice chats, streaming, and gaming sessions. Magicmic offers various robotic voice effects along with many other voice modulation options, making it a popular choice for those looking to alter their voices in real-time.
3.Are voice changers legal?
It's legal to use voice changer software to make your voice sound different for fun or entertainment. You can use them almost anywhere without any trouble. But using these softwares to do bad things like scaring or bullying people online, or threatening someone over the phone, is against the law.
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