The last few years have been the years of AI, without any doubt... And it is impossible to discuss AI without mentioning ChatGPT. Since the arrival of ChatGPT, creating content has become a lot easier & affordable.

To give you an idea, what would take a human writer a few hours can be accomplished by AI text generator within seconds. Just like that, the cost associated with content generation has also gone down thanks to the AI text generator tools.

ai text generator

Despite this popularity, many people still don't know which text generator AI to use for the best results. That's exactly why we have made this guide which will explore the top 11 text AI generators. Additionally, we will also explore how you can use VoxBox (AI tool) to generate realistic audio (speech) on the go!

Part 1: What Is AI Text Generator?

As the term implies, an AI text generator is a tool capable of generating text based on the user's instructions. Most of the AI generator text tools are built on complicated algorithms & language models.

You may have heard terms like GPT-3, GPT-3.5, or GPT-4.0 - All of these are the language models developed by OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT).

what is ai text generator

An AI text generator utilizes these language models with natural language processing & machine learning. This allows these AI content generator tools to understand the context of the user's input and produce relevant content.

AI tools for text generation can be used for writing: Articles, Blog Posts, Books, Web Pages, Marketing Material And so on...

Part 2: Comparison of Best AI Text Generator

Comparison of Best AI Text Generator

AI Text Generator Best For Free Version Time Free Version Offers Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
ChatGPT-3.5 All content types. Forever All Features - -
QuillBot Paraphrasing No time limit Limited to  125 words $4.17/month Unlimited words, Faster speed, Custom modes
Deepai All content types. Forever Limited access $5.00/month API access, Two modes, Ease of use
Writesonic SEO friendly articles & blog posts. No time limit 10,000 words/month $13.00/month More words, GPT-4, Brand voices Copywriting No time limit 10,000 words/month $9.00/month 100K characters/month, Custom use cases, Plagiarism check Copywriting No time limit 2000 words $49.00/month Unlimited words, Brand Voice, Multiple users
SmartCopy Copywriting 3 days 40 credits/month $9.00/month 200 credits/month, Long-form Writer, Multiple projects
Simplified All content types. No time limit 2000 words/month $12.00/month 35000 words/month, Brand tone/style, GPT 4.0
ParagraphAI All content types. No time limit 5000 words/day $9.99/month Unlimited usage, Plagiarism free, Genius assistant
SemRush All content types. No time limit All features - -
SEranking SEO friendly articles & blog posts. 14 days trial All features $29/month 25000 words, Content idea finder, SEO optimization

Part 3: 11 Top AI Text Generators From Text

Let's jump into our list of best AI content (text) generation tools:

1) ChatGPT-3.5

The first entry on our list is GPT 3.5, a free language model offered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. According to them, this language model is great for everyday use. If you are looking for material for your upcoming marketing effort or wish to craft an excellent blog article, this no-cost AI text creator allows you to accomplish both.

chatgpt-3.5 ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Custom Tone - GPT 3.0 makes it possible to adopt a custom tone for your content. Need a piece of content in a casual or formal tone? Maybe you are looking for serious content. You can easily do it with ChatGPT 3.5.

  • Free - For now, the ChatGPT 3.5 is free for everyone with no limitations. That's the biggest advantage of this AI text generator online free.

  • Fast - GPT 3.0 is not only highly efficient but also faster than most other text generators.


yes More efficient, creative, & faster than other options.

yes The web version can be accessed for free through ChatGPT.


no The cut-off date means GPT 3.5 doesn't have access to newer information.

no The AI model can make mistakes sometimes, which requires fact-checking.

2) QuillBot

QuillBot AI offers tools for paraphrasing, plagiarism check, grammar check, translation, & so on. Out of these, the paraphrasing tool is the most popular and widely used. By using QuillBot's paraphraser, you can rewrite content in the tone of your choice.

quillbot ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Various Tools - If you are looking for an all-in-one content solution, QuillBot AI is the answer. It offers a translator, citation generator, paraphraser, & more.

  • Custom Modes - It offers various modes for writing, such as formal, creative, fluency, simple, creative, etc.

  • Protected Words - Don't want the paraphraser to change specific words or terms? QuillBot can handle it like a champ.


yes QuillBot's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

yes The paraphraser tool is fast, accurate, & affordable.


no The free version is limited to 125 words.

no Only useful for rewriting content to remove AI detection or plagiarism.

3) Deepai

DeepAI also offers an AI text generator which works just like the ChatGPT. A user only needs to enter text prompts to create content on the go with DeepAI.

For example, let's say you want to create posts for LinkedIn. In this case, you can provide a prompt like this: "Write 10 posts for LinkedIn on [subject]."

deepai ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Two Modes - DeepAI text generator comes with genius mode & online mode. The first one is more fluent & has superior reasoning skills. The online mode can search the web to access real-time information.

  • Easy to use - The interface makes it easy for anyone to write a prompt and generate content.

  • Better Reasoning - DeepAI uses a Large Language Model (LLM) which allows it to have better reasoning power.


yes It is capable of remembering previous conversations. This can be helpful in writing more personalized content.

yes DeepAI content generator can write long pieces of content with just 1-2 lines of text prompt.


no The website can get slow at times.

no The information may not be entirely accurate due to AI hallucinations.

4) Writesonic

Writersonic stands out from the competition with its SEO-first approach. If you are looking to create SEO-friendly & factual content (articles + blog posts), then Writersonic is the best option.

writesonic ai text generator

Key Features:

  • SEO Optimization - Writersonic offers built-in SEO optimization which helps to create content that can rank on Google.

  • Factual Content - Writersonic can pull up the latest & factual content from Google search.

  • Efficient - The AI writing model is based on GPT-4, which makes it fast and efficient.


yes Offers SEO tools to write better content.

yes The output content tends to be more factual and accurate.


no The credit system can get a little expensive.

no No tutorials on how to use the different features.


This one is a content generator, AI writer, and writing assistant. One of the best things about Rytr is its ability to write great copy for web pages, landing pages, email, & other mediums. With 20+ tones, 30+ languages, & numerous copywriting formulas, Rytr is in a league of its own. ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Use Case - Rytr offers built-in use cases for writing blogs, articles, copy, CTA, newsletters, & more.

  • Built-in Tools - Various tools, such as grammar checks, plagiarism checks, & others are available.

  • Copywriting - Looking to generate copy based on a particular format? Rytr offers it all for copywriters.


yes Highly precise & flexible.

yes More than 20 writing tones.


no Fact checking is required to ensure accuracy.

no Credits are used for variations and suggestions.

6) offers a text-prompt-based content generation tool which can be used for blog content, email marketing, social media, & translation. Getting started with is very easy for those who are familiar with using ChatGPT. ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Real Time Search - is capable of searching the web for real-time & latest information.

  • Long Form Content - Looking to write a 1000-word press release or a long blog post? can do it for you.

  • Brand Voice - You can also set up a custom brand voice that represents you or your organization.


yes It is capable of writing catchy & human-like content.

yes It can output SEO-friendly content which is optimized for search.


no The content output speed can get slow at times.

no The content may be inaccurate in some cases.

7) SmartCopy

Unbounce offers a dedicated solution for AI copywriting known as SmartCopy. If you require an article or content for your website, it allows you to produce professional and interesting text. SmartCopy also has good features, like you can use it with a browser extension, on the desktop as an app or even through the web.

smartcopy ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Copywriting - SmartCopy only needs minimal input to create professional & detailed copy.

  • Templates - You can get access to more than 45 ready-made templates for content generation.

  • Multilingual - This AI-powered text generator supports 30+ languages.


yes Integration of Grammarly helps correct spelling & grammar mistakes.

yes Content templates speed up the process of content generation.


no The output of long-form content can contain mistakes.

no Fewer features when compared with other tools.

8) Simplified

Simplified is a free text generator capable of writing unique, engaging, & plagiarism-free content. Although it can write all types of content, its capabilities truly shine in writing copy for ads, websites, & email.

simplified ai text generator

Key Features:

  • AI Templates - Simplified offers 80+ templates for writing different types of copy.

  • Rewriter Tool - Only looking to rewrite your content with the help of AI? You can use Simplified's rewriter.

  • Schedule - You can create and schedule content for social media from the dashboard.


yes Built-in templates help save time & can output high-quality content.

yes You can select a brand tone or create your own.


no Fewer integration options.

no Content generation can be time-consuming.

9) ParagraphAI

With 40+ supported languages & a world-class writing assistant, you can effortlessly create content with ParagraphAI. The best feature of this tool is its templates, which can be used to create accurate & relevant content.

paragraphai ai text generator

Key Features:

  • Accessibility - Users can access ParagraphAI on mobile, PC, MAC, or any device with an internet connection.

  • Accuracy - The output content is grammatically correct & error-free.

  • Mobile App - The only AI writer that comes in iOS and Android apps.


yes Easy to use with ready-made templates.

yes Capable of generating 99.9% unique text.


no A little bit expensive when compared with others.

no Some content may need to be rewritten several times for desired results.

10) SemRush

GoodContent is a free AI text Generator from SemRush for writing blog titles, outlines, blog posts, social media posts, ad copy, & more. Just like all the other tools from SeumRush, this one is also concise, efficient, & to the point.

semrush ai text generator

Key Features:

  • No Login - You can use the AI text generator free without any need for account creation or login.

  • Plagiarism-Free - GoodContent from SemRush can create plagiarism-free content.

  • Keyword/Topic - This tool can generate content based on keywords and topics alone.


yes Easy to use web interface.

yes You can create content in different formats.


no Fewer options in comparison with other tools.

no Fact checking is needed to ensure accuracy.

11) SEranking

SEranking has launched a content marketing platform besides the plethora of other SEO tools. With SERanking, you can create content briefs, blogs, articles, copy, & more.

seranking ai text generator

Key Features:

  • All in One - Seranking offers an all-in-solution from keyword research to content creation to SEO reporting.

  • SEO - SeRanking AI writer also offers on-page SEO advice for the content.

  • Brainstorming - The tool can also be used for brainstorming content ideas.


yes It can produce SEO-friendly content.

yes Customization options make it easy to change the content.


no More expensive than other options.

no A higher price tag makes it less ideal for short-form content.

Part 4: Text And Audio Generation, One-Stop AI Tool - VoxBox

Let's say you have created a great blog post or you have used AI to write a script for your next video. In either case, you also need a reliable AI tool for audio generation.

VoxBox is a revolutionary AI tool that only needs text to produce realistic & professional voiceovers (audio). With VoxBox, you can turn the words from your blog post into audio & provide another way for your readers to consume the content.

Just like that, you can write scripts for your videos using the AI content generators & then use VoxBox to turn text into audio.

voxbox interface shortcut

VoxBox offers thousands of pre-build voice models that range from funny to professional to serious! What's even more amazing is that you can also add more voices through the voice cloning feature!

Key Features:

  • VoxBox has over 3,200 voices, including cartoon, celebrity voices and more. You can choose any to create a voiceover/voice note for your brand videos.

  • All the voices sound natural, and no one will be able to tell that they were generated by an AI tool.

  • You can also edit the voice clip generated by VoxBox. You can adjust volume, speed, pitch, sound effects, and much more.

  • It also lets you record your own voice.

Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

voxbox youtube video

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Part 5: FAQ About AI Text Generator

1. Does Google allow AI-written content?

Google has made it clear that it will not punish AI-written content as long as it is accurate & provides value.

2. Can I use AI text generator tools for free?

Yes, you can try ChatGPT, SemRush, & other tools for generating AI content without any cost.


In conclusion, the era of AI has revolutionized content generation, making it faster and more affordable. Our guide highlights the top 11 AI text generators, each with unique features and capabilities.

To truly reap the benefits of AI, download VoxBox. It is an innovative AI tool that seamlessly transforms text into realistic audio. Elevate your content game and try VoxBox today for an immersive audio experience!

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