Skin is considered one of the really sensitive parts of the human body. People get many different kinds of skin problems and concerns, some of them are addressable by home remedies while others can need medications. 

With the rise of AI technology, you don’t have to visit a doctor unless the condition is serious. Why? Because AI face analyzers can show your skin’s underlying issues in seconds. All you have to do is upload your picture in it, and it will show if your skin is dealing with any problem. 

Also, you can expect analyzers to detect faces using ML and AI. So, analyzers and face shape detectors can examine the characteristics of the face, plus recognize them.

In this post, I aim to provide you with the 6 best AI Face Analyzers for Face Shape Detection. Excited? Let’s dive in!  

ai face analyzer

Part 1. What is the Significance of AI Face Analysis in Modern Technology?

AI Technology is so advanced that it can detect faces in the blink of an eye. You see blurred faces in images and videos, how exactly does this happen? Through AI.

Modern Technology is all about the innovation of AI tools and systems. 50 or 60 years ago, no one would have imagined that something like AI face analyzers could exist, but now they’re used widely in all departments; be it the National Security Department or in medical labs, you’ll see the use of these analyzers everywhere. This shows how much significance they hold in today’s age.

what is ai face analysis

Part 2. The Applications of AI Face Analyzers

All of us might have seen television shows, where security forces make a face sketch to find a criminal. This method takes a lot of time and also lacks accuracy. So, here comes the AI face analyzer, that can detect and identify a face in seconds and help the security forces to catch the criminal easily.

Secondly, face analyzers hold a significant place in Automobile security. Security cameras can detect if the big automobile drivers are focusing on driving or not.

Most of the truck or bus drivers show irresponsible behavior by being sleepy. So AI face detectors can tell if a driver is sleepy or not, just by examining his facial features.

Nowadays it has become a trend to use AI face-analyzing devices at homes to give access. It ensures 100% security by minimizing the risks of robbery or any other kind of crime.

Part 3. Top 6 AI Face Analyzers for Face Shape Detection

top 6 ai face analyzers

Most people don’t know about their facial features exactly and they want a skin analysis but don’t know how and where to get their skin analyzed in an affordable way.

Well, nowadays, nothing is impossible. AI has its role in all fields be it face analysis or face detection. You can use AI face analyzers to know your face shape, features, and much more.

But which analyzer to use? There are a lot of analyzers online that you can try, but not all of them can be trusted. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 analyzers that can both analyze and detect faces in seconds. You’ll find their features, price, and method to use.

So, why wait? Jump in.

1. Perfect Corp AI Face Analyzer

perfect corp ai face analyzer

There are 5 main face shapes which include:

  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Heart
  • Oblong
  • But people can’t recognize which shape they have. For that Perfect Corp has launched a Face shape analyzer that can not just identify your face shape, but will show you your 70+ features specialties.

    Key Features

    • It can analyze your eyes and can tell what eye shape you have.

    • Perfect Corp AI face analyzer can show you your exact skin color within a couple of minutes.

    • Perfect Corp AI face analyzer will not just show you your eye angle but will also show the eye distance so that you can apply the highlighter on the inner bows accordingly.

    • Perfect Corp analyzer can show you what lip color you have, so that you can save money on buying lipsticks that don't go with your tone.

    How to use it?

    It is very simple to use this analyzer. All you have to do is to visit the site and then follow these steps:

    Step1: Take a clear close-up selfie that shows your all face features and your exact face tone. I would suggest taking the selfie in normal daylight avoiding indoor or extra bright environments.

    Step2: Upload that picture.

    Step3: Wait for a few seconds

    Step4: Your picture will be analyzed completely with all of the details mentioned in the analysis result section.

    Price: Price for using this tool depends on your company’s size and number of employees. You’ll be asked to fill out a form and then the cost calculator will tell you your custom price.

    2. StyleSense AI Face Shape Analyzer

    stylesense ai face shape analyzer

    From hairstyles to makeup, everything depends on face shape. And to be honest, it's very hard to know your face shape on your own. Only an expert can tell you your exact face shape.

    You don’t have to visit a luxury beauty salon or have an appointment with a skin specialist just to know your face shape. You’ve got the thing in your hand. All you have to do is to use the Style Sense AI face shape detector and you’ll get to know your face shape completely free of cost.

    Key Features

    • Very simple and easy-to-understand interface that lets anyone use the tool without following any guide.

    • It will not just show you your face shape but will actually define the term.

    • With your face shape, it will also show you your confidence level.

    • StyleSense analyzer will show you your face tone in complete detail; like it will show you your overall face shades, then your forehead color, cheeks color, and chin color separately one by one.

    How to use it?

    Step1: Visit the site.

    Step2: Upload your picture. You can also take live pictures. But keep in mind that for clear results you will have to submit a photo that shows your face without any distraction. Your hair should be pulled back.

    Step3: It will show you the results within a couple of seconds.

    Price: As for the face analysis, it is completely free to use. The good news is that there will be no limits. However, if you want the eye shape analysis, you will be charged $1.

    3. Face Shape AI

    face shape ai

    People have mixed feelings about face shape detectors online. Some people find it really handy to use these tools to detect their face shapes, while others show concerns about security.

    Well, both of them are right. Due to the emergence of face analyzing and detection AI technology, there have been a lot of security and privacy concerns. But cyber crimes happen only when you use either third-party software or unknown tools. You can trust Face Shape AI blindly because it ensures the security of images.

    Key Features

    • Shows you your face detection results in percentage form. If your picture will be more clear, there will be 1 specific 100% result, otherwise, you can have different results with different percentages.

    • You don’t have to be worried about security concerns. The whole face analysis process will be completely confidential.

    • The main pro of the Face Shape AI is that it is completely free of cost.

    • It has the potential to recognize all types of face shapes including the 5 most common of all.

    How to use it?

    Step1: Head over to the official site.

    Step2: Choose the most clear photo of yourself and submit it. (It doesn’t detect faces from group photos, so it's preferable to use pictures with a single face).

    Step3: Click on Scan and your face shape analysis result will be shown to you.

    Price: Totally free to use without any limitations.

    4. AI Face Analyzer

    ai face analyzer online

    People get recognized mainly through their faces because everyone’s face is unique and distinct from the others. They want to know about their facial attributes and specialties that make them unique.

    Stork AI Face Analyzer can help evaluate your facial beauty within seconds.

    Key Features

    • It gives you a score based on your facial features and overall beauty.

    • Very easy to use. You’ll just have to upload a picture and you will get the results immediately.

    • No need to be worried about the security of your images. No one other than you will have access to your photos.

    • It is not biased. No matter if you have a light skin tone or dark, your beauty score will be measured on the basis of your facial features.

    How to use it?

    Step1: Visit the official site.

    Step2: Choose the image file and click on Analyze.

    Step3: Your image will be analyzed without taking much time, barely a second I would say.

    Price: It costs you nothing to analyze your facial beauty.

    5. AI Face Skin Analyzer

    ai face skin analyzer

    Many people use AI analyzers to know their face shape or features, but these analyzers are not made for this sole purpose. They have the ability to show skin issues too.

    AI Face Skin Analyzer is made to detect your skin concerns. For example, if you have bad acne, wrinkles, or any other skin problem, Skin Analyzer will detect it and then you’ll be able to treat that condition properly.

    Key Features

    • It detects 14 major skin concerns. It is best for healthcare institutes and salons so that they can recommend medications according to the skin issues.

    • This Skin Analyzer can show you what skin type you have just after analyzing your image.

    • Knowing your skincare according to your skin type is the solution to all facial skin problems. So Skin Analyzer will give you many skincare routine suggestions. You can follow whichever seems easy and reliable to you.

    • Developers have made it in a way to ensure 100% accuracy.

    How to use it?

    Step1: All you have to do is follow the above-mentioned link and visit the site.

    Step2: You’ll have two choices, either to capture a live selfie or to upload an already captured picture. Just make sure that it is clear.

    Step3: Your skin results will be shown within a couple of minutes.

    Price: As for the demo, you can try it for free. Then if you want to utilize its more features you can contact the team to get a custom quote.

    6. AI Face Shape Celebrity Look-Alike

    ai face shape celebrity look alike

    It's so fun to explore that there are many famous people who resemble you. You can follow their style or even get confidence in your own self.

    Many times our friends or loved ones tell us that we look like a certain celebrity, and we just ignore that because we don’t have the confidence to say ‘Yes, I look like that celebrity’. But guess what, there is a tool called AI Face Shape Celebrity Look-Alike that will not just tell you that you look like a famous celebrity but will also show you why.

    So you’ll have no reason to ignore that fact.

    Key Features

    • Fast enough to show you your celebrity look-alike in milliseconds.

    • By seeing your celebrity look-alike, you’ll get fashion inspiration.

    • It's really fun to use this tool. You can use it with your friends for entertainment purposes.

    • Its interface is very simple and easy. Anyone regardless of their internet knowledge can use it fluently.

    How to use it?

    Step1: After visiting the site, click on ‘Try it’

    Step2: Upload a picture that is clear and has no obstructions.

    Step3: Within a second, you’ll see the result.

    Price: It is completely free to use this amazing tool.

    Part 4. Faqs About AI Face Analyzer

    Why is AI facial recognition good?

    AI facial recognition is used widely for security purposes. But nowadays, many profit organizations use it to improve user experience and as it eliminates fraud cases, all organizations are trying to make this AI technology a must for their business purposes.

    What is face analysis using AI?

    The detection of face shape, features, and overall type using ML (Machine Learning) and ANN (Artificial Neural Network) is AI face analysis. And the analyzers that do this are called AI face analyzers or detectors.

    What is the use of a face scanner?

    The mere purpose of Face scanning is to identify a person in a crowd or in a general visual (image or video). Face scanning has been a part of security institutes. Cyber security officials use face scanning to find many scammers and shady individuals.


    It is both fun and essential to use AI face analyzers because to look better you will have to know your features and face type first.

    And as for the fun part, what’s better than that to find your celebrity doppelganger? To make it even more realistic you can use MagicMic to make your image speak like your favorite celebrity.

    It’s really easy and affordable to use that tool. All you have to do is to visit the site, select the voice, record your own voice, and ta-da, your visual will speak like your favorite celebrity or any cartoon character.