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iMyFone MagicMic

( Reviewed by 598 Users )

Reviews of iMyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic has been widely praised as a real-time voice changer. Check reviews from our users below and feel free to leave your comments.

  • By Willie Yale 2023-05-15

    It is pretty good for a standard voice changing but though I would much rather have more setting it a pretty good app to use

  • By Rachel Pepys 2023-05-15

    It is the best voice changer software. I like this software becouse it is better than another voice changer software.

  • By Noah 2023-05-15

    This voice changer has exceeded all my expectations, it's truly the best on the market!"

  • By Sneha Mukherjee 2023-05-15

    Great Application for Easy Use

  • By Charlotte 2023-05-14

    Good app nice clear recordings and mad voices you can select . User interface is easy to use and understand . Best app like this I've come across . Many thanks for app You need a good PC game try warframe

  • By James 2023-05-13

    not now

  • By Alexander 2023-05-13

    This app has nice collections of background sounds and also the voice changer is pretty good.

  • By Veronica 2023-05-12

    It is the best voice editor software. I like this software becouse it is batter than another voice changer software.

  • By Darren 2023-05-12

    For me, I think this is the best voice changer app I discovered because unlike any voice changer app I discovered, you can change the pitch and the rate of your voice.

  • By Olivia 2023-05-12

    If you want to change your voice in new form.This is the best voice changing app. you can change your voice in any way. This is very funny app. I like this app.

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