Final Fantasy 16 is setting fire worldwide through its visuals and storyline. Apart from these, the contribution of Final Fantasy 16 voice actors cannot be neglected as these people brought the visual character to life through their vocal art.

If you are a FF16 fan, this article is for you. We'll see the major characters and Final Fantasy 16 voice actors in detail. We will uncover all final fantasy 16 characters and the cast behind them.

1: Final Fantasy 16 CID Voice Actor

Since Final Fantasy 2, every volume of this game includes a character named CID. 

In FF16, this character appeared as Cidolfus Telamon by taking Ralph Ineson on a role for its voice casting. Ralph appeared as the best voice actor for CID to provide a memorable and immersive experience in FF16.

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Final Fantasy 16 CID Voice Actor

He had done countless projects before FF16, defining his broad spectrum of appreciable qualities. Some of his popular projects before FF16 are Lorath in Diablo IV, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and many more.

2: Final Fantasy 16 Clive Voice Actor

Ben Starr is the voice actor behind Clive Rosfield—the main character and protagonist of Final Fantasy 16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Clive Voice Actor

Ben did an amazing job of unconsciously immersing the players and listeners in the virtual world of the FF16 game. He has done a lot in the media industry, but Final Fantasy 16 is one of the projects where he got the chance to showcase himself differently.

Besides Clive Rosfield's voice acting, Ben also did amazing jobs for well-known projects like YOU, YOU&ME, Archnights, and Jamestown.

3: Final Fantasy 16 Joshua Voice Actor

Joshua Rosefield–one of the FF16's important characters, is played by the young and talented voice actor–Logan Hannan.

Hannan fantastically used his vocal creativity to add deep layers of emotions and boundless energy to make the character loved by everyone. He had never done virtual characters before Joshua Rosefield but did many well-known real-time roles in movies and shows. Besides films and TV shows, this young star has also rocked and won the gaming industry through Final Fantasy 16.

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ff16 joshua voice actor

Joshua also appeared as an adult character later in the same game. Adult Joshua is played by Jonathan Case, who gives the character a significant difference between adolescence and maturity as the game proceeds. Jonathan Case showed a settled quality and grounded voice behind adult Joshua, ultimately enhancing the engagement and auditory experience of the audience.

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Final Fantasy 16 Joshua Voice Actor

4: Final Fantasy xvi Jill Voice Actor

Like Joshua, Jill Warrick also appeared as an adult and young character. The younger character of Jill in FF16 is played by Charlotte McBurney, who is a well-known voice actor and has already appeared as a voice actor in A Plague Tale game before FF16.

ff16 jill voice actor

Susannah Fielding voices the adult Jill in the same Final Fantasy 16. She has an amazing blend of voice and real-time acting skills, proven by her high-impact roles in Dragon Quest Heroes, This Time with Alan Partridge, Necromunda: Hired Gun, and Death On The Nile.

5: FF16 Mid Voice Actor

MID is the daughter of CID in Final Fantasy 16, and her voice is done by Katie Clarkson–Hill. Although Katie was unfamiliar with voice-over roles in the gaming industry before this project, she successfully brought the virtual character to life through her vocal skills.

ff16 mid voice actor

Besides the gaming industry, she has done voice acting for Battlefield, but most of her contribution is toward TV shows like Trust Me and Hanna.

6: Barnabas FF16 Voice Actor

Barnabas Tharmr is the major villain character of Final Fantasy 16 and is loved as an antagonist due to his captivating dialogue delivery by David Menkin.

ff16 barnabas voice actor

David is not new in FF16, as he played Megnus in FFIV: Shadowbringers. As a villain, David excellently created a sense of dread by professionally managing the oscillation between thunderous roars and terrifying whispers. 

Besides Final Fantasy, he has done various gaming projects like Luke Skywalker in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Breach in Velorant.

7: Final Fantasy 16 Dion Lesage Voice Actor

Stewart Clarke is the voice actor behind Dion Lesage in Final Fantasy 16. Dion's character was supposed to be loved by everyone, but Clarke's voice acting has done more than this. 

Final Fantasy 16 Dion Lesage Voice Actor

The character has become a fan favorite because of the engaging and capturing power of Clarke's voice-over skills. Clarke owns a reputable and recognized position in the gaming industry as he did remarkable jobs in huge projects like Ethan Reed in Horizon Forbidden West, CrossfireX and Troy: A Total War Saga, and Eygon in Valkyrie Elysium. 

8: Final Fantasy 16 Benedikta Voice Actor

Nina Yndis is a versatile actress with remarkable expertise behind the major villain character of Benedikta Harman. She showed a range of behaviors throughout the game and did a complex job of being tragic for one moment and seductive for the next.

Final Fantasy 16 Benedikta Voice Actor

Like David Menkin, she was already a part of Final Fantasy because of her appearance in FFIV: The Shadowbringers as Uimet. Apart from Final Fantasy, her multiple television appearances are also responsible for her reputed image in the industry.

9: Final Fantasy 16 Elwin Voice Actor

John Hopkins Played Elwin's role and delivered the narratives of FF16 effectively through seamless pulse-pounding moments and heart-wrenching drama. He dedicatedly worked and consciously managed the ups and downs relevant to his character throughout the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Elwin Voice Actor

John Hopkins is a well-known name in the media industry due to his everlasting and unforgettable impressions from the HITMAN trilogy, Dragon Quest XI, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, and the Netflix series Hilda.

10: Final Fantasy XVI Hugo Voice Actor

Hugo Kupka is one of the complex characters of FF16 who requires a wide spectrum of voice expertise to show different emotional and tender vulnerable moments.

Final Fantasy XVI Hugo Voice Actor

Alex Lenipekun is the artist who met the challenges and brought a successful Hugo character uplifted by his fine and clear voice acting performance. He actively participated in successful projects, like Horizon, Control, Spooks, The Rising, and Tycho in Domina.

11: FF16 Quentin Voice Actor

Angus Wright is an American actor who started his career in the 1990s and completed his recent video game voice acting project in FF16 as Quentin. He is a versatile actor and has done lists of projects on multiple platforms. He showed his mastery in TV shows, Films, theater, radio, and video games. 

FF16 Quentin Voice Actor

Before FF16, he played Mandor Savic in Killzone: Mercenary and got himself introduced to the gaming line in 2013.

12: FF16 Anabella Voice Actor

Anabella Rosefield, the mother of Clive and Joshua—appeared as a cold-hearted character in this game. She values worldly things over her sons and is revealed as an arrogant character.

This character demanded a perfect vocal delivery to showcase the persona of pride, and Christina Cole did that incredibly. She managed her vocal skills to showcase powerful command for representing Anabella's haughty nature.

FF16 Anabella Voice Actor

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A character's personality, emotions, and depth cannot be showcased without the efforts of a voice actor. Similarly, all Final Fantasy 16 voice actors have used a unique blend of skills to shape up immersive and captivating narrations as the story unfolds. In this article, we have shared the final fantasy 16 main character and the efforts of the voice artists. They all worked hard and skillfully uplifted the gaming experience to new heights.