TikTok is an emerging entertainment platform, and it is growing day by day. Every day we see a trending tag, challenge, or viral video. People love short videos as these do not take much time and offer more entertainment. Today, we are going to list the top 10 most liked videos in 2021, 2020, and 2019. We have created a complete list, which will allow you to look at the best content on the platform. You will also get the idea of what kind of content is preferred on TikTok. We will also share the most liked video in TikTok of each year.

Part 1. Top 10 Most Liked TikTok Video in 2021

10) The Rock's Best Friends Check

TikToker: @therock

Theme: Best Friends Check

Likes: 25.3M

Many TikTokers have used the track Best Friends Check to show their best friends. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) also did that same thing. He introduced Kevin Hart as his best friend.

best friend check tiktok

9) Breakfast Ready…Breakfast Not Ready

TikToker: @kisonkee

Theme: Comedy Skit

Likes: 25.3M

The TikToker has plastic glasses on his feet. He is pouring milk in cereal. He says, "Kids, breakfast is ready". But as he starts walking, he slips, and the milk spills all over the ground, and he says, "Kids, breakfast is not ready."

breakfast ready tiktok

8) Giving a Gift to a Pet Monkey

TikToker: @heresyourmonkeycontent

Theme: Monkey's intelligence

Likes: 25.4M

The pet owner gives a package to his monkey. The monkey opens the package. There is a pack of zippers inside it. He figures out the working of a zipper in a few seconds.

monkey intelligence tiktok

7) Dancing on the Elevator

TikToker: @justmaiko

Theme: AhiChallenge

Likes: 25.6M

The TikTokers are dancing on an elevator. They have chosen a trending song AhiChallenge. Many TikTokers have done the same, but this video has got to 25.6M likes.

ahichallenge tiktok

6) Fashion Week Clothing

TikToker: @debbyryan

Theme: Cloth Changing Transition

Likes: 25.8M

This video has cloth-changing transitions, and the TikToker is showing various dresses that she could wear on fashion week.

fashion week tiktok

5) Feeding Homeless

TikToker: @itsnastynaz

Theme: Helping Poor

Likes: 26.2M

A man is looking inside a shop from the glass door. He is looking at a man who is eating something. The shop owner calls him and asks whether he is hungry. He tells the owner that he is hungry, and the owner gives him food for free.

helping tiktok

4) Camera Experiencing the Waves

TikToker: @outdoorkindaguy

Theme: Recording waves underwater

Likes: 27.7M

This is a satisfying video, which just gives you another glimpse of natural beauty. The camera is on the beach sand, and it records the waves coming towards it; even the waves go over it. It is quite satisfying.

recording waves underwater tiktok

3) The Cat and Cardboard

TikToker: @britishpromise.cats

Theme: Random Video of a Cat

Likes: 34.4M

A camera is covered with cardboard around it, and a cat is trying to catch it. The cat is adorable and trying its best to get the camera.

random video cat tiktok

2) Time Warp by Billie Eilish

TikToker: @billieeilish

Theme: Time Warp

Likes: 36.7M

This is a simple video, and millions of TikTok users have created a time wrap of their faces; however, this one went viral. It was not the first time warp, but still, it got millions of likes by luck.

time warp

1) M to the B

TikToker: @bellapoarch

Theme: Lip-synching to M to the B

Likes: 47.6M

The video is hilarious lip-syncing to a popular fast-track song M to the B. The expressions of the TikToker are just hilarious.

lip synching tiktok

Part 2. Top 10 Most Liked TikTok Video in 2020

10) Superheroes

TikToker: @thejulianbass

Theme: Transitioning into Superheroes

Likes: 2.9M

The TikToker wears the costume of different superheroes. The transition is carried out with perfection. He has used advanced video editing tools and VFX to make the video.

transitioning into superheroes tktok

9) Dancing Duck

TikToker: @hartyt_

Theme: Dance

Likes: 3.5M

The duck and its owner are following every beat of the song. This video is full of hilarious gestures, dance, and entertainment.

dancing duck tiktok

8) Carrot Bacon Recipe

TikToker: @iamtabithabrown

Theme: Recipe

Likes: 3.7M

The lady has shared a unique recipe for making crispy carrot bacon. She explains the whole recipe in a very attractive way, which is why the video went viral.

recipe tiktok

7) Performance at NBA All-Star Game

TikToker: @nba

Theme: Dancing

Likes: 3.8M

A TikTok dancer is performing at the NBA All-Star Game. This was shared at the NBA's TikTok account, and the lovers liked the video.

dance tiktok

6) The Morning Vibe

TikToker: @420dogface208

Theme: Skateboarding in the morning

Likes: 12.6M

The TikToker has recorded himself while skateboarding. He is skateboarding in the morning and drinking Cran-Raspberry juice. He is sharing his happy moment and morning vibes with others.

morning vibe

5) Maiko's Elevator Dance

TikToker: @justmaiko

Theme: Dance

Likes: 19M

Maiko dances with his team on an elevator. A girl in the video spills her drink on Maiko's brother, which is another reason the video went viral.

elevator dance tiktok

4) Will's Wipe It Down

TikToker: @willsmith

Theme: Wipe It Down Challenge (Trend)

Likes: 19.3M

Wipe It Down is a famous transition on TikTok. Will Smith has accepted the Wipe It Down Challenge. He has transitioned into the Man in the Black.

wipe it down tiktok

3) Dancing Llama

TikToker: @willsmith

Theme: Wipe It Down Challenge (Trend)

Likes: 18.1M

An animated llama is dancing on a Russian advertisement song. The song went viral on TikTok with the video.

dancing liama tiktok

2) Bad Santa

TikToker: @therock

Theme: Naughty Santa - Comedy

Likes: 21.5M

The Rock is again with his best friend, Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is the Santa, and he tries to hit The Rock. The video was uploaded at the end of 2019, but it got many likes in 2020.

naughty santa

1) M to the B

TikToker: @bellapoarch

Theme: Lip-synching to M to the B

Likes: 47.6M

Bella Proach's M to the B was made public in August 2020. It is the most liked video of 2021 as well as 2020. The expressions and lip-synching are hilarious yet adorable.

lip synching tiktok

Part 3. Top 10 Most Liked TikTok Video in 2019 + Bonus

11) The Little Hummingbird (Bonus)

TikToker: @herecomedatkush

Theme: Nature

Likes: 1.5M

A hummingbird is sucking a flower's nectar on the hand of a person. This is cute and lovely.

nature tiktok

10) The Friend Without Other Friends

TikToker: @sammielewiss

Theme: Comedy, Dance

Likes: 2.2M

She is introducing her friend in a hilarious way. She thinks that she can share everything with her friend and it won't go out as her friend has no other friends.

comedy tiktok

9) The Sandman Cat

TikToker: @jade13tr

Theme: Comedy, Dance

Likes: 2.5M

The pet owner follows the beats of the sounds using her cat. The cat is forced to act like Mr. Sandman.

tiktok cat

8) Trying Kombucha

TikToker: @brittany_broski

Theme: Comedy

Likes: 2.6M

She is trying kombucha for the first time, and she thinks that it smells like a public restroom. Her laughter is contagious.

trying kombucha tiktok

7) Crying Dance

TikToker: @reesehardy_

Theme: Dance

Likes: 3.8M

This another dance video, but the girl is crying while dancing. She is acting like she is very sad.

crying dance

6) Pet Waiting for the Owner

TikToker: @divinefalcon0

Theme: Pet Love

Likes: 3.8M

The pet owner is going to his home, and he finds out that his pet llama is waiting behind the door.

pet love tiktok

5) Trying to Kill a Flying Roach

TikToker: @jayleennina

Theme: Comedy

Likes: 5.5M

The girl is trying to kill a cockroach using the spray. But the roach starts flying towards her. The run sound and cries make the video more enjoyable.

trying to kill a flying roach tiktok

4) Banana Surgery

TikToker: @calencutler

Theme: Comedy

Likes: 6.5M

A banana is going through surgery to deliver a baby banana. This is just hilarious.

banana surgery tiktok

3) Ruining the Pool

TikToker: @malorielynn14

Theme: Destroying the pool deliberately

Likes: 7.6M

The TikToker is destroying her large above-ground pool. She pops a hole in the pool through a knife and then rips the pool off. The water comes out like a flood.

ruining pool tiktok

2) The is My Family

TikToker: @beingrich

Theme: Comedy, Pet

Likes: 9.4M

The TikToker explains his family, mother, father, and himself in the video by giving an example of his pets. The video is not only a comedy skit, but it also shows pet love and pet training.

pet family tiktok

1) The World Record Experiment

TikToker: @daviddobrik

Theme: Science Experiment

Likes: 18.1M

It is a science experiment, which is quite satisfying. The experiment is done on a large scale. It went viral in 2019.

science experiment tiktok

Part 4. Tips for Making a Popular TikTok Video for More Likes

We are going to give you some useful tips that can help you reach a wide audience and get more likes. Here are some tips that you can keep in your mind.

Add Tags to Your Videos

You must add tags in your videos because it is something that can help you reach people. TikTok knows what people are following and what they like, so if your video has a similar or the same tag, then TikTok will show your video to them.

Sometimes, some tags go viral, so it can give your video a boost. Your content can also be viral because of the tag. People will find videos using the tags, and your video could appear in the search results.

Adding tags for TikTok videos is quite simple, but it gives you many benefits. Another benefit of tags is brand creation. You can also create your own tag, and it will be recognized as your brand identity on the platform. People will be able to follow that tag and your videos.

With the help of tags, you have a target audience. The audience that likes such content will be targeted by TikTok. This way, you can get more likes as the people will be interested in the content.

Create Eye-catching Videos

TikTok is a short video platform, so the video must be eye-catching. You need to attract your audience in a few seconds. If your video is well-edited, then you will surely get promising results. When it comes to short videos, everything is about timing. For instance, if you are lip-syncing, you need to do it accurately. You need to place the sound at the right instance. Similarly, the position and timing of text, stickers, effects, transitions, and everything are important. It is necessary to have a video editor to edit videos precisely and add everything at the right instant.

We recommend iMyFone Filme for editing TikTok videos. It is a beginner-friendly editor for TikTok with every tool you need. You will have effects, transitions, animation, text, watermark, or anything you wish. You can edit your videos as you like. The interface is quite simple, and anyone can use it without any prior experience. You can easily place the titles, soundtracks, stickers, effects, or anything else at the right time instance. It will be more precise. You can have multiple video and audio tracks to combine things together.

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The video quality is also important. With Filme, you can select the desired aspect ratio, resolution, frame rate, codec, and other advanced settings. Your high-quality videos will attract people.

Tell a Funny Story

TikTok is mostly used for entertainment. People spend their time having some fun and enjoy their time. Thus, if the video is funny, it has more chances of getting likes. Many TikTokers share their funny story, which is quite engaging. People laugh at the stories and share their experiences in the comments.

People make funny dance videos, share funny stories, act on dialogues, and do many things that attract people. If you look at the above top 10 lists, you will realize that funny videos get more likes, and they are more likely to get viral. However, you need to be creative.

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Final Words

We have shared the list of the most like TikTok videos of all years. We have also shared the link to those videos so that you can see the best content in one place. If you want to go viral and get more likes on TikTok, you can follow the tips we have shared. The most important thing in TikTok videos is video editing. You need to have a powerful yet user-friendly video editor. We recommend Filme as it is an amazing video editor with everything you are looking for.

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