We all have some of our favorite songs that we want to show to the world and share with our loved ones. One good way to share these songs is to find out the lyrics and make a lyric video to post on YouTube. However, when you learn about how to make a lyric video for YouTube, you will know there are many different styles in which you can make these videos. These include black background, color background, image background, and even lyrics hovering over the music video of the song.

Whatever be the type, iMyFone Filme can help you create the perfect lyric video. Keep on reading for how to make a lyric video for YouTube.

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Part 1: How to Make a Lyric Video for YouTube?

These are the simple steps you will need to make a lyric video for YouTube:

Step 1. Select a Song of your Choice

First, you need to select a song of your choice. It can be any song; however, if you are looking to make a channel on YouTube dedicated to lyric videos, try choosing popular and recent songs. These songs will help you get more views and subscribers.

Step 2. Download and launch iMyFone Filme

From the iMyFone Filme website, you can download the software within a few seconds. As you click the download button, you will see a dialogue box opening; once installed, it will start the installation process. Download Filme Now!

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Once the app is installed, click on the icon app made appearing in your downloads or your Desktop home screen. This will launch the software.

Now, click on New Project:

create new project

Step 3. Choose a background video or image or color

Select a background video, a color, or an image on which you want to make the lyric video. Once selected, you may proceed to the next step.

Select the option of "My Media" from the app and click "Media Library." There will be different pictures appearing in the folder that are saved on your computer. You will need to click the Plus icon "+" made in the middle of the picture shown in the Library. From here, you can select the picture of your choice.

add media to media

Step 4. Upload the song

Now, select the "Music" icon in the app and view the royalty-free Audio Library. Select the song of your choice from the Audio Library and click the plus "+" icon for applying the command. You can also right-click on the song and select the "Apply" option from the menu.

This will make the track appear on the Editing Page of the software. Now, you are ready to write the lyrics.

filme audio

You can also import the song of your choice by clicking the "Import" option, and an Imported Files Library will appear. Click "+" on the desired song and add it to your video timeline.

Step 5. Add the lyrics

Click the bold T tab in the app to open the text styling page. There will be "Titles," "Bottom Subtitles," and "End Subtitle" options for you to choose from. Here you can select the style of "Bottom Subtitle" and click the + icon to add it to your timeline. You can adjust the time length of each lyric in the timeline."

apply text on filme

Step 6. Adjust the Fonts

You can double click on the "Text Frame" appearing in your timeline to get the panel for font adjusting. Select the "Edit" option so you can change the Font, Size, Color, or Alignment of the lyrics you have written.

Now that you have adjusted the fonts with this option, you can easily make the lyric video of your favorite song using the software. For setting the lyrics according to the music, select the Duration with each frame by dragging the track as per your choice.

text edition 2

Part 2: Improve Your Lyric Video to a New Level

iMyFone Filme  is the perfect software for editing and making your videos better. Many video editing programs for YouTube are available for purchase, but these video editing apps come at a quite unaffordable price. To solve this conflict, the iMyFone Filme is an all-inclusive option as you have the option to choose a variety of effects, such as transitions for making splendid videos.

If you want to dedicate a video to a loved one for their wedding anniversary or a birthday gift, or you want to learn how to make a lyric video for YouTube, all you need to do is to get the software. With its highly interactive interface, you can easily learn to add music, different effects, and transitions to make a perfect video slideshow.


For an added benefit, you can utilize different software effects such as:

  • Video transitions: It allows you to connect one shot to another seamlessly and automatically, making the YouTube video more eye-captivating.

  • Font adjustment: It helps to further enhance the video's quality, making font readable and appealing.

  • Video making: for easy drag and drop video making with animations, footage, and tons of effects, and the list goes on.

iMyFone Filme

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Part 3: Some FAQs When Making A Lyric Video for YouTube

1. Where Can I Find Song Lyrics?

If you want to find the lyrics for your favorite song or any song that you want to dedicate for your loved ones, all you have to do is click on an authentic lyrics site from where you can copy and paste the lyrics.

For popular songs, just type in the song's name, and its lyrics will appear in the search results. For relatively lesser popular songs, you can refer to different websites such as www.genius.com, where you can get the lyrics and then copy and paste them.

2. What Should I Pay Attention to Before Making A Lyric Video?

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the video's legal aspects, make sure you are not choosing a song for your lyric video for which the copyrights have not been allowed for other users. You need to check for the same thing when putting the music video as the background for the lyric video.

This will help you stay protected from legal issues, and YouTube will not take it down. After that, you should check for the music video's quality and the fonts you are using. It should not get blurred or too dull that it deems unreadable for the viewer.

3. How Can I Make A Lyric Video Without Copyright Issues?

The only tactical solution to make a lyric video without the issue of copyright is to select only copyright-free videos or images and by giving credit to the owner of the music.

This means that you have to take care of things such as infringement issues at first. The question of "How do you make lyric video on YouTube" should always come after the question of the video being legal at first.

4. Can I Get Benefits from Lyric Video Viewers?

If the songwriter permits it legally, you sure can enjoy monetary benefits from the lyric video viewers and get more out of the lyric video.

Firstly, you will have to gain at least 1,000 subscribers for your channel and set up an AdSense account. Once you set up the account, your videos having enough views (at least 4,000) will be monetized as YouTube plays different ads. When this happens, with every click on the ad, you get money.

Final Words

Anyone can learn how to make a lyric video for YouTube through learning how to use simple apps or software programs. While there are many software programs available in the market, iMyFone Filme is ideal for those who want to up their game and use all the basic features required to make any video look wonderful.

For that matter, you need to download the software and get amazing ideas to choose from. We hope this article helped you gain insights into making a lyric video for YouTube that you can share with the world.

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