Twitter platform is available with 500 million daily tweets and 100 million active users. Twitter can be used to stay in touch with friends and receive news all over the world. But its popularity will be decreased if you don't know why does my Twitter video have no sound. Twitter grew to become the best platform, but there is some limitation that is aligned with twitter's brand. On the other hand, it's incredibly easy to add music on Twitter videos, and here we will cover how you can get started on the site if your Twitter videos have no sound.

Why does My Video Have No Sound on Twitter?

There are a variety of reasons that cause Twitter videos to have no sound. These issues can happen on different devices, and there are few things to check. If you found sound not working on Twitter videos, the reasons are below:

Problem with the App:

The problem with Twitter video sound can happen if you don't update your Twitter app every day. Therefore, it may be a way to create a problem with the functionality.

Network Connectivity:

A weak network strength or faulty connection can be the cause. It usually shows up as the loading symbol that never ends.

Old Browsers:

The old browser can be a reason of no audio on the Twitter videos. As time goes, the developers should conform to the new practice to increase browser working.

The Twitter Cache:

Somehow, the browser's cookies or cache of the Twitter application can cause Twitter video sound problems.

System Software Updates:

When you don't update your operating system software, it may cause a Twitter video sound problem.

Device Storage:

When your device memory becomes full because of formatting issues, there will be no sound on Twitter videos.

Part 2. Top 8 Ways to Fix No Sound on Twitter Videos Issue

Do you want to find the solution to why do my videos have no sound on Twitter? Let's discuss some ways to fix this issue to improve the device working.

1. Video Format Issue:

There are chances that the video you want to play may not be compatible with the twitter video format and shows Twitter video sound problem. So in this situation, you need to convert your video to MOV, MP4, AAC, or H246.

2. Device Memory:

To clear the device memory, close all the background applications.Reduce unnecessary files like music, apps, and pictures. They all take space because many things are not necessary. By cleaning memory, you can fix the no sound from Twitter videos problem.

3. Plugins Security Software:

If you want to screen record Twitter video with sound, disable the security firewall and software on your computer. Now restart your computer and check Twitter compatibility.

4. Operating System Software Update:

The operating system software updates are ideal when twitter video does not work. Go to the setting and update the software.

5. Upgrade your Browser:

Sometimes the old browser version may cause no sound from Twitter videos. So always check your browser, so you can download the latest version.

6. Clear Cache:

You can search for cookies and delete them by going into the browser setting. After that, check if your Twitter video audio is playing on your device.


7. Update the Twitter App:

Sometimes, you have to upgrade your app to add music to twitter videos. In case of reinstalling, the best solution is app up-gradation.

8. Check Network Strength:

Checking network connection is the most general way if you are getting no sound from Twitter videos. So the problem can be resolved by connecting to a less busy network.

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Part 3. Adjust Sound Effect for Twitter Video Using iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filmeis a user-friendly and simple video editor that can be helpful for you if you want to edit your videos like a professional. You can change your voice into different effects like Mickey Mouse voice changer because it is easy to use. iMyFone Filme is a tool with tons of features. Therefore, you can adjust the sound effects of any type of video by yourself.


  • iMyFone Filme is all in one video editor with advanced video editing features.
  • The software has a fast video mode for creating a slideshow and capturing lovely moments in videos.
  • You can add sound effects by using Filme. You can also add multiple tracks and merge various sound effects.
  • The tool has the latest editing features including transition, speed adjustment, visual effects, and trimming.
  • You can use multi-layers of audio, video, and images to make a stunning video.
  • Users can edit different videos and add voice changer effects to them.
  • It provides an option to share your videos on Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook by using iMyFone Filme.
  • The software enables users to edit Twitter video sound to make a video more interesting.

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Pros of iMyFone Filme:

yesFast export video

yesAdvanced editing features

yesSimple to use

yesExclusive layout design

yesOffer build-in effects for quick editing

Steps on How to Edit Audio and Video by Filme

The iMyFone Filme is the best alternative tool to windows movie maker, and you can easily edit any sort of video. Here are complete steps that will be beneficial for you to screen record Twitter video with sound.

#Step 1. Go to the Filme and head over to the new project.

#Step 2. Tap on import files and open the video you want to edit. You can change your voice to Mickey Mouse, and your video will appear in my media.

import video file

#Step 3. You can import sound and video with the help of this tool. You can add the sound effect in the timeline.


#Step 4. If you want to decrease or increase the duration of sound effects, you can split it. Choose the audio file in the timeline, move the play head to your desired place, and tap on the scissor icon over the timeline. You can now delete the excess part of the audio. You can also expand or shrink it by dragging its ends.

#Step 5. When everything is done perfectly, you can go to the export menu.

export video

The use of sound effects is a common way to make the video more interesting and engaging. The sound on Twitter videos is in use for any type of video, either funny or professional. The sound effects can be replicated by using Mickey Mouse voice changer free to give the audience a better experience. So in other words, there are multiple applications, and you will find sound effects in every video.

Hot FAQs About Twitter Videos

How to Filter Out Noise on Twitter?

If you are going to tweet a video for a specific purpose, you can filter out irrelevant noise from the video using some creative software. It is the best feature that will help you to interact with people through your tweets.

Is It Possible to Tweet Audio on Twitter?

Twitter allows its user to record two minutes and twenty seconds of audio to share in a tweet. Any voice tweet that is no longer than this period will appear as threaded. However, the voice tweet feature is available for iOS device users.

How to Turn Off Sound Effects on Twitter?

If you want to turn off sound effects on Twitter, follow these steps.

  • Click on the profile picture
  • Tap on privacy and setting
  • Click on display and sound
  • Click on the sound effect to turn off the app's sound


Twitter has grown over the past ten years, and its purpose is to spread information fast. However, if you are facing the issue of no sound on Twitter video, there are different things you need to consider to find the appropriate solution to this problem. You can select revert to the previous click-to-play experience or simply have videos autoplay. The iMyFone Filme is one of the best tools that can help you to change sound effects. You can also choose it as a Mickey Mouse voice changing app. Therefore, we highly recommend you to select such ways that are beneficial for you if your Twitter video sound not working.

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