With the development of artificial intelligence, speech synthesis technology has made a huge breakthrough in, instant voice cloning. This article will introduce you to the origin and methodology of instant voice cloning and recommend some of the best instant voice clone generators in 2024 - VoxBox and more. If you are interested, don’t miss the content below!

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Part 1: What Is Instant Voice Cloning?

From AI-generated images to AI language models, we enjoy the convenience and benefits of these new technologies applied to businesses. In recent years, Text-to-Speech (TTS) has allowed synthetic voices to read text aloud with emotion and the correct intonation. The AI voice cloner represents the next stage in this development, with voice cloning instantly at the forefront. So, what is this emerging technology?

Instant voice cloning uses generative models and neural networks to create a digital copy of a human voice, enabling you to create voice clones almost instantly from shorter samples. After some training, the generative model can generate an AI clone voice in a few seconds.

clone voices features

This proves highly effective for many voices. The AI will attempt to mimic everything it hears in the audio: the quality, accent, tonal variations, and many other intricate details. It reproduces how you pronounce certain words, vowels, and consonants but does not replicate the words themselves. This is what instant voice cloning brings to us.

Part 2: The Best Instant Voice Cloning Software of 2024

Comparison of Top 5 Voice Cloning Softwares

VoxBox ✓-Just Few Seconds ✓-3,200+ voices & 77+ languages 99% $15.95-$16.95/month
Lyrebird Descript ✓-9 voices & 22 languages 73% $12-$24/month
Elevenlabs ✓-Takes a few minutes ✓-120 voices & 29 languages 89% $5-$330/month
Play.HT ✓-Unstable Online tool and failed frequently ✓-800+ voices & 142+ languages 87% $39-$99/month
HeyGen ✓-Voice Cloning with Avatar ✓-300 voices & 25 languages 53% $59/month

1) iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is an AI voice generation software that uses advanced AI voice cloning technology to achieve 99% accurate and instant voice cloning with over 8 languages. In addition, it supports over 3200 realistic text-to-speech sounds and covers 46 languages. It tailors realistic AI voices for content creation and supports multiple studio-quality audio formats (MP3, WAV, etc.). VoxBox is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android.

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  • Two voice cloning methods: Uploading files or recording your voice directly.

  • Clone voices in 8 languages to generate speech in 46.

  • Provides free trial of TTS. (2000 free characters)

  • Voice generation supports voice and intonation customization.

  • Multiple functions like voice record, generate, convert, speech-to-text, voice clone, rap generate and edit.

  • Supports MP3, WAV, and other studio-quality audio formats.

  • Affordable, user-friendly, generating-fast, and secure.

How to Clone Voice with VoxBox?

    Step 1: Download and install Voxbox, then open it and head to "Voice Cloning".

    Step 2:Upload audio files or record in real time.

    voice cloning voxbox interface

    voice cloning voxbox interface2

    Step 3:Click "Start Cloning" and wait seconds, then the cloning process is done.

    voice cloning voxbox interface3

Bonus Tips: Watch this video to learn more about Voice Cloning!

voxbox youtube video

2) Lyrebird Descript

Lyrebird , now part of the Descript family, is renowned for its ability to generate lifelike digital voices with minimal audio samples. Lyrebird can create a distinctive voice clone for you with just a few minutes of recorded speech. And this is a good tool for education and learning.

What's more, Descript is a powerful editing suite, that provides you with the tools to create, manage projects, and save your workspaces within the platform. It is good for professionals seeking versatile audio editing tools.

lyrebird ai official website shortcut


  • Only support to Clone your own voice with Real-time recording

  • Multiple functions like ai voice, video editing & recording, podcasting.

  • Local software is Stable and secure.


yesGenerate lifelike digital voices with minimal audio samples.

yesSuited for a wide range of content creation, from podcasts to video editing.


noUnfriendly for newcomers, and requiring time to explore and master its features.

noThe free version offers a few templates.

noSome advanced features are exclusive to the desktop app.

3) Elevenlabs

ElevenLabs is an online audio generator whose VoiceLabs supports custimizing and cloning voices. And you can use the cloned voice to make audio with multiple accents in 29 languages. Elvenlabs is an online website, so installation is unnecessary. Its target audience is primarily businesses, storytellers, digital animators and hobbyists.

elevenlabs voicelab voice cloning interface


  • Have Instant Voice Cloning and Professional Voice Cloning.

  • Multiple functions like ai voice, video editing & recording, podcasting.

  • Instant Cloning: Upload 60 seconds of audio that contains 1 speaker and does not contain background noise.

  • Professional Voice Cloning needs to be paid to use.


yesNo need to download, preserving device storage.

yesIntuitive user interface to simplifies operation for various projects.

yesExplore voices from the collaborative community.


noDemanding prerequisites for sample recordings.

noCurrently available in only 29 languages.

noIntensive network requirements.(Some pages are prone to easy crashes)

4) Play.HT

The best feature of PlayHT's voice cloning software is the authenticity of its customized voices. It can generate a variety of tones, whether serious and professional or cheerful and energetic, PlayHT can provide them all. In addition, its use is very simple.

However, PlayHT requires a lot of data to complete the cloning - requiring 2 to 3 hours of presentation time. Then you need to wait another few hours for your cloned voice to be approved. So if you're looking for a tool that can quickly clone your voice in just a few minutes of recording, you may want to look elsewhere.

playht cloning official website shortcut


  • Choose cloning features based on your needs: Instant or High Fidelity

  • Instant Cloning: Free Trial; Upload 30 seconds of high-quality audio.

  • High-Fidelity Cloning: Pay at least $99/month.

  • Voice Cloning can used in ENglish Only.


yesInstant Cloning can be free trial.

yesOnline Tool, no need to download.

yesAvailable to Customizable tone of voice.


noInstant Cloning quality is unstable.

noCloning is currently available in English only.

noProcesses are easy to crash because of Online website.

noCloning Feature plans are expensive about $99/month.

5) HeyGen

HeyGen is a voice cloning product that offers some unique features like lip-sync and deepfake AI voice cloning. Unlike most AI voice cloning software, HeyGen supports creating synchronized talking avatars and provides distinctive visual experiences in your voice cloning process. It is ideal for podcast creators, audiobook producers, and those seeking to enhance content with lip-synced avatars.

heygen voice cloning


  • Create Your AI Voice Using Video Footage for customizing your own avatar.

  • English Video Footage(Over 2min) without any background noise.

  • Cloned voice can be used in 25+ languages.


yesDeepfake AI voice cloning with specialized lip-sync.

yesCross-platform functionality.

yesFree try 1 Instant Avatar with voice cloning.


noLimited language support in Cloning (currently supports only English).

noOnly 1 minute for free try.

noVoice cloning needs to be generated together with the Avatar video, not just voice cloning.

Part 3: FAQs About Instant Voice Cloning

1. What is Instant Voice Cloning?

Instant Voice Cloning is a technology that utilizes generative models and neural networks, and it can quickly create a digital replica of a human voice. It allows for the instant generation of AI voice clones.

2. Can I Create My Own AI Speech?

Yes, you can create your AI speech. By using platforms like VoxBox or Descript, you can easily generate realistic AI voices by providing them with short audio samples.

3. Are TTS and Voice Cloning the Same?

No, Text-to-Speech (TTS) and voice cloning are not the same. TTS converts written text into spoken words using synthetic voices. In contrast, voice cloning can create a digital copy of a specific human voice, mimicking its nuances, accents, and other details from provided audio samples.

4.Is Using Artificial Intelligence Voice Illegal?

Generally, using AI to generate voices is not illegal. However, the legality may vary depending on the purpose and context of use. Respecting privacy and copyright laws is essential, especially if the generated voices are replicas of specific individuals or copyrighted materials. Always check and adhere to the terms of service and legal guidelines provided by the voice cloning software or platform you are using.


In short, the emergence of instant voice cloning software in 2024 marks another major advancement in artificial intelligence technology. In these instant voice cloning software recommendations, we can understand that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends on personal preference and requirements.

Among them, my personal favorite is VoxBox. It is a user-friendly and affordable option. It supports the most languages and voices and its AI voice cloning technology is very professional.

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