Are you looking for the Diana Burnwood AI voice? The Hitman video game series are popular these days and has gained a following. Among them, Diana Burnwood is the manager of the protagonist Agent 47, and there are many fans who want to get her voice. This blog will recommend you the best Diana Burnwood AI voice generator and guide you on how to create lifelike voice of Diana Burnwood.

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Part 1: Basic Info of Diana Burnwood from Hitman

Diana Burnwood is a fictional character in the Hitman video game series developed by IO Interactive. She is Agent 47's manager, responsible for providing mission briefings, intelligence, and guidance to Agent 47 throughout the game.

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Diana Burnwood is voiced by Jane Perry who is a voice-over artist. She creates an extensive portfolio in commercials, documentaries, and narration, is recognized for her notable roles in several AAA video games. Her acclaimed performances include portraying Diana Burnwood in the Hitman series, encompassing Hitman I, II, and III.

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Part 2: How Can You Make Diana Burnwood AI Voice?

Diana Burnwood's voice is calm and composed, embodying the qualities of her character. AI voice generator can help you get 100% identical Diana Burnwood voice. So in the section, you will find solutions to make her voice effect if you read blow.

1. iMyFone VoxBox - Diana Burnwood AI Voice Generator

VoxBox is a good option to make Diana Burnwood AI voice as a versatile voice generator, for offering text-to-speech and voice cloning to custom any voice such as Diana Burnwood and other characters. The tool gives a free trial for you since it provides 2000 character counts for every beginners for tts converstion.

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Guide To Get Diana Burnwood AI Voice Via Voice Cloning & TTS:

#Step 1: Downlaod and install VoxBox.

#Step 2: Go to "Voice Cloning" on the left and enter the firt page "Voice Cloning". Upload your files to start cloning.

voxbox ai voice cloning step2

#Step 3: Click "My cloned voice" to choose the voice you want to use.

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#Step 4: You will enter "Text to Speech" part, you can input or import or text, and tap "Convert".

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  • 3200+ voices to use dub videos on TikTok and YouTube.

  • it supports to clone all voices of characters in Hitman games.

  • Provides commentary when playing video game to enhance your experience.

  • AI text assitant can polish text according to your style and scene.

  • Other functions including STT, audio editing, noise reduction, rap generation, and more.

  • Compatible with Wins, Mac, iOs and Android.

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2. MagicMic - Diana Burnwood Voice Changer

MagicMic lets you sound like Diana Burnwood with one click using AI technology, allowing you to add to keybindings and modify your own voice in real time on multiple platforms. You can use MagicMic voice changer to add fun while gaming or live streaming.

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yes300+ voice-changing AI voice filters, including multiple game characters, etc.

yesOver 600 sound effects, 200+ voice memes and background sounds.

yesOffers feature to customize your voice effect through adjustable settings.

yesTranform your voice on Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, Zoom, Twitch, and more.


noNot a famous voice changer.

Bonus: Hitman Popular Characters Listed

hitman characters

Agent 47: The main protagonist and a genetically enhanced assassin, having bald head and barcode tattoo.

Diana Burnwood: Agent 47's handler, providing mission briefings and guidance.

Lucas Grey: A key character in the later installments, with a complex relationship with Agent 47.

The Shadow Client (Alexander Cayne): An enigmatic figure and the main antagonist in the Hitman series.

Victoria: A genetically engineered child in the care of the International Contract Agency (ICA).

Sofia and Ljudmila Zavorotko: Twin sisters and antagonists in Hitman, Blood Money, involved in a plot against Agent 47.

Birdie: Serves as an informant for Agent 47.

Part 3: FAQs about Diana Burnwood AI Voice

1. Is it easy to create Diana Burnwood voiceover using AI voice generator?

Yes, you can make it easy to generate Diana Burnwood voice and get her speech. With voice generators like VoxBox, you are able to clone her original voice and convert text to speech for dubbings.

2. Can I sound like Diana Burnwood when I chat with others?

Of course. Voice changer will help you to do that, enabling you to change your voice into Diana Burnwood AI voice while you are communicating with others online on different platforms.

3. What did Diana do to Agent 47?

Diana betrayed Agent 47, incapacitating him and prompting his capture by Constant's team. She expressed regret to Agent 47, admitting that she did not believe he was fully responsible for her parents' contract killings, information she had not previously known.


You can have a natural-looking in-game character Diana Burnwood AI voice using different voice tools, including voice generation and voice changing. If you need to create Diana Burnwood audio, then you can try VoxBox voice generator for free, which contains 3200+ voices in 77+ languages and 100 accents, making it suitable to generate global dubbings for users.