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iMyFone MagicPic

( Reviewed by 64 Users )

Reviews of iMyFone MagicPic

iMyFone MagicPic has helped thousands of users to edit their videos. Check reviews from other users below and feel free to leave your comments.

  • By Roger 2023-07-20

    This app is amazing. It has all the quality and better features required.

  • By Christian 2023-07-20

    Its probably the best background remover not much to do and it will remove the background and later we can adjust it according to our choice... Great job.

  • By Walter 2023-07-20

    Wow, it's so good. I am a youtuber and I make American songs lyrics, so I want to have a background but with one picture, so in youtube I was trying to find and many other apps I have download so I tried this app and It give me good results! I really Like this app and I am giving you 5 starts and it's easy too for using! Thanku for this app and make many more useful app! Bye

  • By Jeremy 2023-07-20

    No new apps can beat this....its just unbeatable.....I can't Express my happiness.....

  • By Lawrence 2023-07-19

    This is exceptional...simple,easy low data space with high quality photo background editing.

  • By Dylan 2023-07-19

    Never thought I'd find an app that does background removal so perfectly. If it were possible to give a 10/10 rating, I would !!! To the developers, Thank you so much.

  • By Harold 2023-07-19

    Awesome application... Thank you so much for making this more thing next time when update this app ..try to add new features, after background erasing we can do the movement the picture for perfect mach for background pictures ...thank you team ❤️

  • By Sean 2023-07-19

    Excellent, for me it's the best. It removes the background even when the subject is not human (a mannequin). Very powerful and precise. Thank you!

  • By Kyle 2023-07-19

    Best, i love that it has a free option, it's very useful and precise if you know how to angle certain backgrounds

  • By Vincent 2023-07-14

    It is one of the greatest app so far. It really help in photo editing a lot. Most especially the way it automatically remove the background after you upload your photo was awesome!

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