Are you interested in generating Astroblast! AI covers whether for use in social media videos or as bedtime songs for your kids, or for other fun projects? If yes then you have come to the right place! In this article we will introduce you to the top two AI song cover generators and tell you how to use them step by step. We also recommend the best Astroblast! AI voice generator. Then Read on!

astroblast ai cover

Part 1: Info of Astroblast!

Astroblast! is a preschool animated series that aired on Sprout (now Universal Kids) from 2014 to 2016. Set in a space-themed world, the show follows the adventures of anthropomorphic animal characters, including Comet, Sputnik, Halley, Radar, and Jet, who work and play at the Astroblast Space Station.

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With an educational focus on problem-solving and teamwork, the series, consisting of 52 episodes, combines animated sequences with live-action segments. Produced by Scholastic Media and based on the book "Astroblast!" by Bob Kolar, the show became a popular choice for young viewers during its broadcast.

Part 2: How To Make Astroblast! AI Cover?

Astroblast! has kinds of character, their voices are also various. So if you would like to use their voices to make AI covers, this section will provide a detailed guide for you.

1. MusicAI

MusicAI is a professianal music generator that enables you to make AI covers with Astroblast! voice models easily for free. And it also covers virtual character AI voices of other animations to choose from for creating funny songs.

musicai interface

Steps to Get Astroblast! AI Cover with MusicAI:

Step 1: Download and installation.

Step 2: Next, you need to enter "AI Covers" section.

musicai step2

Step 3: Select what voice you like and drag or upload an audio file on the right. Start to cover the song and then you can export it.

astroblast musicai ai cover step

Key Features:

  • Mutiple AI voice models of celebrities, singers, rappers, cartoons, etc.

  • Vocal removal, text to song, AI compositions and audio enhancement, all-in-one.

  • Free trial and download for beginners.

  • Access various input and output formats like Mp3, WAV, and more.

  • Clear audio and song effects will provide.


Voicify is an online AI generator based on both text-to-speech and AI cover functions, which offers a great many voices. You can make natural-sounding AI covers using Astroblast! iconic voices with easy clicks and show it on different platforms.

voicifyai website interface

How To Make AI-generated Astroblast! Covers:

Step 1: Sigh up and log in with your account.

Step 2: Click the voice model you prefer and paste a YouTube link into the box.

Step 3: After that, you can custom your AI song cover and share it.

Key Features:

  • A web allows to make AI covers and voiceovers.

  • Have a community for users to join.

  • More suitable for entertainment.

  • Use the tool depending on generation credits.

Bonus Tips to Make Astroblast! Character AI Voices

1. VoxBox

If you just want Astroblast! AI voices and create voiceovers, then VoxBox serves as an excellent choice to meet your needs. With its voice cloning and text to speech tech, you usually can custom anyone's voice as well as make dubbings on your computers and phones.

voxbox text to speech introduce

How To Gain Astroblast! AI Voice Easily:

Step 1: Launch VoxBox and open it.

Step 2: Go to "Voice Cloning" and add the audio and video, then start the process. Next you will find the voice in "My cloned voice."

astroblast ai voice cloning step2

Step 3: Then head to "Text to Speech" part, just type the text, or use the AI text assitant, and convert the input text to speech.

astroblast ai voice cloning step3

Key Features:

  • Free text to speech conversion with 2000 characters.

  • Supported TTS, STT, voice cloning, voice editing, noise reduction, and more.

  • 3200+ voices and 77+ languages and 100+ accents.

  • Helps your video go viral on TikTok, YouTube and other mediums.

  • Runs smoothly on your device, whether it's wins, mac, ios or android.

Part 3: FAQs about Astroblast! AI Cover

1. How can I get AI cover of Astroblast!?

You just need a AI song generator such as MusicAI or Voicify, and choose a voice model to operate and generate an Astroblast! song cover.

2. How to use the AI Astroblast! cover for my videos?

After generating the song covers, the tools allow you to export them in the formats you want, just do it and then add the AI cover to your videos with ease.

3. Where can I find an Astroblast! AI voice generator?

We extremely recommend VoxBox as your voice generator to make lifelike Astroblast! character voices, which supports AI voice clone and tts to give you a great experience on voice generation.

4. Who Is Astroblast! voice actors?

Here are some of the main voice actors from the series:

Shayna Ferm as Comet

Gage Munroe as Sputnik

Katie DiCicco as Halley

Bruce Bayley Johnson as Radar

James Godwin as Sal

Dan Chameroy as Jet


In short, you can choose the appropriate one to create Astroblast! AI cover based on the characteristics and steps of each tool described in this blog. Of course, our most recommended one is MusicAI, because it is a professional AI song generator with a variety of music-related functions and is very easy to use, so give it a try!