Flowcharts, mindmaps, & diagrams offer a convenient way to display data visually. However, creating these diagrams can get difficult in no time as it requires the use of specialized software & tools. Not to mention that attempting to create circles, rectangles, & other shapes for a diagram can bring back the haunted memories of geometry all the way back from high school!

ai diagram generator

But you can forget about all of it as AI has also made it easy to create diagrams from text! Today, we will look at the top 7 AI diagram generator tools that can be used to make mindmaps, flowcharts, user journeys, or any other diagram. As an added bonus, we will also explore how you can use VoxBox to add AI voice to your reports. With VoxBox, you can transform a mere report into something that captures and holds the audience's attention.

Part 1: Basic Info About AI Logo Generator From Text

An AI diagram generator can turn text prompts (input) into a professional diagram within seconds. One of the best things about using these tools is that you need no design skills to create a diagram.

Don't know how to draw a perfect circle? Not sure which is the right way to draw a mindmap? Not a problem as you can simply use an AI text to diagram generator & get professional results.

what is ai diagram generator

For example, let's say you want to create a flowchart of a program you have created. In this case, you just need to enter the code as a prompt to create a professional flowchart.

Just like that, you can use descriptive text prompts to create mindmaps, user journeys, sequence diagrams, & so on.

Part 2: Comparison Of AI Diagram Generators

Comparison Of AI Diagram Generators

AI Diagram Generator Best For Free Version Time Free Version Offers Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Taskade Flowcharts One-time use of 1000 credits 3 users, 1000 credits, 250 MB space Starts from $4/month Cloud integration, Unlimited credits, Higher storage
Deepgram Flowcharts Unlimited All features The DiagramGPT tool is free  -
MyMap.ai Mind maps 7 days trial. All features Starts from $9/month Unlimited maps, Multiple users, Unlimited AI usage
Edrawmax Flowcharts 7 days trial. All features Starts from $99/year 1 GB storage, Access on multiple devices, Templates
Xmind Mind maps No time limit. Limited functionality Starts from $4.99/month Topic Link, Audio Notes, Export All Maps
Textografo Flowcharts 7 days trial. All features Starts from $5.00/month Unlimited Shapes, unlimited diagrams, No Branding
Texttodiagram Flowcharts Free All features - -

Part 3: Top 7 AI Diagram Generator Reviews in 2024

1) Taskade

Taskade allows anyone to use AI to generate flowcharts, mindmaps, & other diagrams from text. If you are finding it difficult to grasp complex ideas, visualise them with Taskade for free.

taskade ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Easy to use - You don't need design or technical skills as Taskade offers a simple & intuitive user interface.

  • Customizable - Want to change something in the diagram? You can customize everything with ease.

  • Quick - Taskade's AI model is very efficient & can output detailed diagrams within seconds.


yes Easy sharing & team collaboration.

yes Powerful AI models can output a variety of diagrams.


no Taskade lacks integration with automation tools like Zapier.

no The colourful interface may not be suitable for all age groups.

2) Deepgram

Deepgram offers many AI tools and one of them is DiagramGPT. As the name implies, DiagramGPT offers an interface just like the ChatGPT. All you need is to enter a text prompt & Deepgram uses its advanced AI to create diagrams.

deepgram ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Simple Interface - The user interface of DiagramGPT is very simple & straightforward.

  • Accurate - The AI model of DiagramGPT is built on millions of diagrams. This allows anyone to create highly accurate diagrams.

  • Customize - This tool offers 100% customization of the diagrams.


yes Offers a variety of outputs such as flowcharts, user journey maps, sequence diagrams, etc.

yes The output is very accurate which means you don't have to spend too much time on editing.


no You need to enter OpenAI's API key to use the tool.

no Not ideal for everyone as integration of API requires technical knowledge.

3) MyMap.ai

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just describe your idea in words and a tool transform it into a visual diagram? MyMap.ai does exactly that with its AI diagram generator.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an AI logo generator from text free, then we also recommend LogoMakerr.ai. You can only pay when you like the logo.

mymap.ai ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Collaboration - MyMap offers various collaboration options which makes it ideal for organizations.

  • Simple Interface - There is very little learning curve required to create great diagrams.

  • Intelligent - MyMap is capable of doing a lot of things as it uses ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0. Want to build a landing page? Plan on learning a complex subject using mindmaps? You can do it all with MyMap.


yes MyMap produces high-quality & visually stunning diagrams.

yes The user interface is easy to navigate & friendly.


no Only offers a 7-day free trial.

no Advanced features can be overwhelming for someone new.

4) EdrawMax

Supercharge your productivity with EdrawMax's AI diagram generator which is efficient & accurate. EndrawMax offers various AI solutions and one of them is text to diagram. Just enter a text prompt and click on a button to create detailed flowcharts on the go.

edrawmax ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Import/Export Data - EndrawMax supports the import/export of data in various formats.

  • Drag & Drop - The interface allows users to drag & drop elements. This can be really helpful in creating detailed diagrams.

  • Templates - EndrawMax offers built-in templates to create flowcharts, reports, graphs, & much more.


yes Anyone can get started with EndrawMax as it is super easy to use.

yes It is capable of creating mindmaps, graphs, charts, & other diagrams.


no It doesn't backup the diagrams to the cloud in real-time.

no You can not combine different templates.

5) Xmind

Next up is Xmind AI which can boost productivity through its mind mapping & brainstorming tools. The best thing about Xmind is that it is completely cloud-based which means you can access data anywhere anytime.

xmind ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Collaboration - Xmind has built collaboration tools into its core. So whether you need to draw a diagram or organize your thoughts with the team, Xmind offers it all.

  • Illustrations - Xmind has 100s of built-in illustrations, which can make your diagrams, flowcharts, & mindmaps more interactive & interesting.

  • Version History - Don't like the latest version of your diagram? Go back in time with version history.


yes Xmind AI offers a free plan, which means you can try their AI diagram generator without any long-term commitment.

yes Intuitive design and a minimalistic UI make it a breeze to use Xmind.


no Performance issues can occur in some cases.

no Limited customization options.

6) Textografo

Looking for a reliable AI diagram generator from text? Textografo is the answer, which makes it simple & easy to create diagrams. From providing text input to customization, you can make flowcharts with Textografo within minutes.

textografo ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Lightning Fast - Textografo offers a surprisingly simple UI with lightning-fast output.

  • Personalization - You can enhance the diagrams with personalization features.

  • Output Options - Textografo can be used to make flowchart, mindmap, decision tree, sitemap, & much more.


yes Auto formatting helps save time.

yes Diagrams can also include animations.


no Branding on free & low-tier plans.

no A little slow when compared with other tools.

7) Texttodiagram

TextToDiagram is a free & open-source AI flowchart generator from text. Text to diagram can be used to make flowcharts, tables, icons, shapes, & much more. As long as you have data, TextToDiagram can visualize it for you with its tools.

texttodiagram ai diagram generator

Key Features:

  • Open-source - Out of all the diagram generator AI tools mentioned here, this is the only one that is free & open-source.

  • Customize - Don't like the diagram and need to make some changes? TextToDiagram offers various customization options.

  • Themes - Availability of themes with various configuration options.


yes Completely free for individuals and teams.

yes More control over the input & output options.


no TextToDiagram comes with a learning curve, which makes it not suitable for everyone.

no No web-based interface or cloud storage.

Part 4: Adding Fancy AI Voice For Your Report

So, you have created a great diagram for your presentation, video, or visual report... Congratulations! Now, make it more interactive, professional, & engaging with VoxBox.

What is VoxBox? VoxBox uses the power of AI to create realistic voices with just text. It can be difficult to create professional voiceovers if you are short on time or don't have the required hardware or even money for outsourcing.

voxbox interface shortcut

But you can forget about these problems as VoxBox solves all of them. With 46+ languages & 3200+ built-in voices, you can generate speech in any language and style.

Key Features:

  • VoxBox has over 3,200 voices, including celebrity voices. You can choose any to create a voiceover/voice note for your brand videos.

  • All the voices sound natural, and no one will be able to tell that they were generated by an AI tool.

  • You can also edit the voice clip generated by VoxBox. You can adjust volume, speed, pitch, sound effects, and much more.

  • It also lets you record your own voice.

So, don’t just rely on a professional logo. Create engaging brand awareness videos or presentations by using VoxBox.

Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

voxbox youtube video

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Part 5: FAQs About AI Diagram Generator

1. Can I use ChatGPT to generate diagrams?

You will need to download additional extensions & tools to make diagrams using ChatGPT. A more straightforward & easy approach is to use tools like Taskade, Deepgram, MyMap, or Texttodiagram.

2. Do I need technical or design skills for making diagrams?

With a free AI diagram generator, you don't need any design or technical skills for making diagrams.


AI diagram generators have revolutionised visual data representation without the need for design expertise. Tools like Taskade, Deepgram, MyMap, & others offer an easy way to create stunning & high-quality diagrams from text alone.

While you enjoy the wonders of AI for making diagrams, also consider VoxBox, a text-to-speech tool. With thousands of voices (professional, funny, serious & more) and support for all major languages, you can create highly engaging voiceovers with just text.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the seamless synergy of AI diagram generators and VoxBox for impactful communication in 2024.

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