Have you ever imagined chatting with your friends online or playing games using an old man's voice to conceal your real voice? It sounds fun! All you need is a real-time old man voice changer. In this article, we will compare 4 popular old man voice changers on the market. Keep reading to choose your favorite voice changer!

old man voice changer

Part 1: Comparison of 4 Old Man Voice Changers

Here is a comparison of MagicMic, Voice.ai, Voicemod, and Clownfish old man voice changers:

Whether free
Recommend level

Part 2: Introduction of 4 Real Time Old Man Voice Changers

Are you ready to transform your voice into an old man's voice? Here are introductions to 4 voice changers old man.


MagicMic is a powerful old man voice changer that can change voice to old man voices and other funny or scary voice effects. It offers real-time voice changing for online chats, video games, streams, or voice recordings.

Imagine this: When you're chatting with friends online or playing games together, suddenly changing your voice to that of an old man—imagine how surprised and amusing that would be!

magicmic old man voice changer

Key Features:

  • 300+ Real-time voice alteration with options like old man, old lady, robot, demon, or gender switching.

  • Compatibility with various apps and games such as Skype, Discord, Twitch, etc.

  • Inclusion of 800+ soundboard feature for adding sound effects during conversations.

  • Ability to customize voice settings according to preferences.

  • User-friendly interface for easy application of voice effects and settings adjustment.


  • Free Version
  • Pro Version: $9.99/month for all voices
  • 2. Voice.ai

    Experience the fun of Voice.ai - the old man voice changer! Easily alter your voice to make it sound older, all with effortless ease!



    • Real-Time Voice Alteration: Transform your voice instantly.

    • Voice Universe: Discover an extensive array of voice choices.

    • Soundboard Access: A diverse selection of sound effects.


  • Free Version
  • Pro Version: $19/month for 15 voices
  • 3. Voicemod

    Due to its smooth and quick voice conversion capabilities, Voicemod tops the list of the best old man voice changer software. It is a Windows-only voice changer software that can convert the user's voice into female, child, male, chipmunk, and robot voices. It can be used to alter voices for online gaming and live streaming to add fun.



    • Real-time AI voice changer and soundboard: Allows instant voice alteration and addition of custom sound effects.

    • Multi-platform compatibility: Usable on platforms like Roblox, OBS, VRChat, Discord, etc.

    • Wide application coverage: Provides real-time voice changing and custom sound effects for various games and communication applications including Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, Minecraft, etc.


  • Free Version
  • Pro Version: $16
  • 4. Clownfish Voice Changer

    Clownfish is a free voice changer software tailored for Windows, offering an array of old man deep voice effects alongside male, female, robotic, and alien voices. Compatible with numerous widely-used chat programs like Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak, it serves a multitude of purposes including voice chat, streaming, and recording.

    clownfish old lady voice generator


    • Its intuitive interface simplifies the application of voice effects and adjustment of settings.

    • Real-time voice changes are supported.


  • Free
  • Part 3: How to Do An Old Man Voice with Voice Changer

    After reading the descriptions of the four products above, you should have chosen your favorite old man voice changer by now. Next, it's time to learn how to change your voice to an old man! (Using MagicMic as an example)

    Step 1: Download it

    Download MagicMic from the official website.


    Step 2: Select Audio device

    Go to "Settings" and choose your microphone and headphone.

    magicmic setting

    Step3: Choose Voices

    Explore the VoiceBox and select the voice you prefer.(Such as old man)

    Step4: Clone Voices

    Click on "Customization", upload the audio of anyone's voice, and then you can get the voice you want.


    Part 4: FAQs About Old Man Voice Changer

    An old man voice changer typically alters your voice to sound older or elderly. Some common features and uses of such voice changers include:

    1.Voice Modification: You can adjust the pitch, tone, and resonance of your voice to mimic the characteristics of an older person.

    2.Entertainment: It can be used for entertainment purposes, such as prank calls, online gaming, or creating humorous content for videos or social media.

    3.Voice Acting: Actors or performers may use it for voice acting roles requiring an elderly character.

    4.Narration: It can be used for narrating stories, audiobooks, or podcasts where an older voice is desired.

    5.Educational Purposes: Teachers or educators may use it to engage students by presenting lessons or information in a different voice.

    6.Therapeutic: Some individuals may use it for therapeutic purposes, such as speech therapy or to help individuals with certain conditions practice communication skills in a playful manner.

    7.Privacy: It can also serve as a tool for privacy, allowing individuals to disguise their voice in situations where anonymity is desired, such as online chats or phone calls.

    Part 5: FAQs About Old Man Voice Changer

    What is the voice changer for the elderly man?

    What is the app that changes your voice to an old man? You can find many voice changers to modify your voice into an old man. Our suggestions would be MagicMic, Voicemod, Voice.ai, Clownfish, as they come with customization options and filters.

    Can you change your voice to a man voice?

    Of course, you can lower your voice while speaking, or use voice changers like MagicMic or Voicemod to make your voice sound older.

    Does a man's voice deepen with age?

    During puberty, your voice will become deeper. Men's voices typically deepen by an octave, while women's voices usually lower by about three tones. Some individuals may experience changes in their voice after puberty and even into older adulthood, but not everyone. Men's voices tend to rise in pitch.

    To Conclude

    If you haven't found a suitable old man voice changer after reading this article, then I recommend you try MagicMic directly. It can definitely meet your requirements. Don't hesitate anymore, download and give it a try!

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