Why do TikTok hashtags matter?

  • Attract more fans: The best hashtags for TikTok are important to attract more fans. Hashtags help your posts to reach people who are looking for specific topics or content.

  • Chances of sales conversion: When people come to your posts with relevant tags about your products, you have more chances of conversion to sales.

  • Participate in trending topics: Help categorize the content and participate in trending topics.

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    Guidelines to TikTok hashtags

    What you may not know is that Hashtags play an  even greater role in TikTok than any other social media platform because TikTok's algorithm prioritizes the posts for users from new creators based on the relevance of the content. The way TikTok uses relevance depends on the hashtags. Therefore, your hashtag largely helps you to increase your content reach.

    TikTok best hashtags are critically important for TikTok marketing, therefore, some guidelines must be followed.

  • Always strive for the right amount of the TikTok best hashtags. The optimum amount is around 2-4 hashtags per post. Over-clustering can be counterproductive.

  • Your TikTok hashtags must be relevant to your content. If you go for the wrong hashtag, then your visitors may feel betrayed and will never come back.

  • Create a brand hashtag that is simple and concise.


    Best tiktok hashtags


    TikTok Pro Tips on How to Create or Find a Great Hashtag to go viral

    Strategic hashtags provide you a gateway to build your brand and make connections with people to broaden your fan base. However, to achieve this goal, your hashtags must be well-crafted, relevant, and interesting. Here are some guidelines to make effective hashtags.

    1. Awareness about the targeted audience

    The conversion to sales and the persistent fan base comes from the interested group of fans. Therefore, targeting the right audience who is interested in your content is critical. After all, though the quantity of visitors is important, quality is what matters the most.

    2. Categorize your post

    The best TikTok hashtags must follow a classification approach. Before going deep down to your specific topic, it is always better to start with the category. For example, if you are going to do content about phonics, then adding a hashtag about the education category helps. Similarly, if you are doing a post about a cardio workout, using the exercise category will allow more people to get access to your post through broad category hashtags.

    3. Information about the competitors

    Learn from your competitors. Again, first, identify who your competitors are and then move forward to study their hashtags and the strategies that are proving to be fruitful for them.

    4. Use the less competitive hashtags

    Just like keywords, look for less competitive hashtags because these are more profitable. When you do something unique, you will get more faithful fans who are genuinely into your content.

    5. Launch some hashtag challenges, events, and online activity

    Involve your audience with you to gain an insight into their mindset and find the best TikTok hashtags. Any interactive post will increase engagement while providing you a much-needed market survey.

    6. Use current Hashtags only

    Social media is a volatile field. Nothing remains forever, therefore keeping on your foot to start current and relevant is important. Nobody will be interested in old obsolete hashtags. Therefore, always strive for the best hashtags for TikTok.

    7. Research Trending Keywords And Topics Off The Platform

    Every social media platform lives on the social grapevine and does not work in isolation. Researching on other platforms is relevant for TikTok as well. So if a keyword worked on Instagram, it has high chances to perform on TikTok and thus this is among the best hashtags for TikTok.

    8. Produce delicate videos with quality content

    As technology is advancing, the mindset is changing too. Videos are the game-changers in marketing and promotions. Even the billboards are not static anymore because people are more attracted to motion pictures. A good quality video will attract more visitors to your brand, much more than static content.

    However, traditionally making videos has not been easy, and need professional skills to produce a few seconds long movie. Fortunately, some tools like iMyFone Filme have made it easier to make movies with studio-level quality without any technical skills.

    Best Free TikTok Videos Editor on Desktop

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    TikTok thrives on short videos. Therefore, if you have to excel in TikTok, you have to come up with cutting-edge videos. Filme is one of . Filme is a simple yet very robust tool that is perfect for making and editing videos both in content and parameters like length, effects, and speed.

    YouTube Video


    yes It does not need any technical skills but produces professional-quality TikTok videos.

    yes Stunning TikTok photo can be displayed in create slideshows with all audio-visual effects.

    yes An extensive library of built-in templates.

    yes A simple click and Drag & Drop functionality.


    no Price can be a factor for some people.

    no Since iMyFone Filme is quite easy-to-use, it might not be the first choice for professionals.

    How to edit your video using iMyFone Filme

    Since TikTok has a quite short duration for videos, optimizing your content is important to make your video rock and outstanding. You can try Filme which is best video editing tools for TikTok videos. Filme has different effects and allows modifying the parameters of the video to adjust your content in one minute. This is possible for your already made video as well as for the videos made through Filme.
    Optimization of the videos has unlimited scope in Filme with the availability of various tools and techniques. Let us see them one by one.

      Key Functions:

    • Fast Video Mode: This function is definitely user-friendly for beginners since Filme is perhaps the fastest way to make slideshow videos with music! Making eye-catching videos and sharing with friends in TikTok is really cool.  Here multiple templates with numerous themes, including wedding, birthday, travel are at your disposal.

    • Effects:Animations and fabulous filters are the keys to make your video unique and stunning. Filme provide considerable effects like old film, funny Emoji, overlayers and so on.

    • Transitions:Multiple transitions keep content engaged and make your TikTok video more natural and cool for the audience.

    • Adjust brightness: You can change the brightness of your video easily for a better effect, making it even more catchy for the audience.

    • Add text: You can add text to your video not only for highlighting your content, but also for providing a guidance to your audience.

    • Speed up your TikTok video: Speeding up the video can cut any delays or bring the video to normal speed making the experience of the viewer unparalleled.

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    Effect Optimization in Filme

    iMyFone Filme Project Media

    Filme offers various features for optimizing the videos. Here is a quick guide to add effects and combine videos into one.

    Step 1: Launch Filme on your PC by clicking File>New Project. It is recommended to select 9:16 i.e. Portrait for the TikTok video.

    Step 2: Import the files from the My Media section.

    Step 3: Drag or click the "+" button in the middle of the video or audio you want to add. You will be prompted to change the resolution of the video if they do not match.

    Step 4: You can add music, transitions, effects, or anything of your choice in the video.

    effects edition guide

    Step 5: See the preview of the video to check the final result.

    Step 6: Click on the Export button to open the window. You can select the format and other settings.

    Step 7: Go to Settings. You will see encoder, FPS, bitrate, resolution, and other settings. Manage the settings, and click on OK.

    Step 8: Go to TikTok.com. Click on Upload Video to upload the video.

    iMyFone Filme is your perfect partner to make perfect and optimized videos. The transitions, animation, text, and audiovisual effect help you to create studio-level movies with a few clicks, without any technical skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do hashtags work on TikTok?

    Absolutely and perfectly, you will use TikTok hashtags to go viral. Hashtags are the backbone of TikTok's algorithm to prioritize content in newsfeeds and search results. They can make or break the marketing of your brand on TikTok.

    2. How do I find a great hashtag on TikTok?

    We have a complete guide in the preceding text. However, the concise answer is to search for relevant, category-based, popular TikTok hashtags to go viral, for the target audience. Research on multiple platforms as well as on the strategies of your competitors.

    3. How do I choose hashtags on TikTok?

    The first brainstorm, research and use hashtag generators to make a list of the most suitable hashtags for your content. Now, choose the TikTok best hashtags to use in a classification manner. Limit yourself to 2-4 hashtags per post and try to start with a broad category and then go deep down into a specific topic.

    4. What hashtags should I use to get on the FYP?

    First and foremost, make a quality video as your content defines you. Then choose creative and relevant hashtags. You can try using niche description or category hashtags, or choose a trending hashtag, and so on. Location-based hashtags and less competitive keywords also show promising results.

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