TikTok has become a sensation across the globe. Even in countries where it has been banned or systematically removed, the spectators enjoy the content created by TikTok users. One of the reasons for TikTok's success is its continuous support and assistance to create videos in new styles.

Recently, TikTok launched the split-screen effect where the user can divide the screen into multiple short frames and add the content they want to each of them, ending in a mesmerizing effect.

However, pulling off the how to do split screen on TikTok is easier said than done. It might be difficult but not an impossible thing to do. In this video, we will go through the steps to do the TikTok split screen.

Detailed Guide on How to Get Split Screen on TikTok

Among the other built-in TikTok effects, the split-screen effect allows the users to get more creative and enthusiastic about content creation and sharing. TikTok gives you multiple options to execute the said effect.

While TikTok gives you a single split screen option to divide the screen into two smaller ones. There are other ways to apply the same effect, but with multiple screens.

Step 1: After opening the TikTok app, Click on the Plus sign towards the bottom of the screen. This is used to add images and videos to your account that can be seen by your followers.

add video to tiktok

upload files tiktok

Step 2: When the camera opens up, you can either record a video you want to make into a split screen or choose one from the device gallery by clicking on the icon on the right side. Select the video you want to add and click on Next.

Step 3: On the next window, you will get the options to add effects to your content. Tap on Effects, and you will find several different add-ons that can be inserted to make your video different and better than the original.

effects tiktok

Step 4: Scroll towards the right, and you will find "Split" as one of the effects. Tap and hold on Split to add the effect until you want the video to be divided into two parts.

choose split tiktok

final video tiktok

Another way of doing TikTok Split Screen is when you want to make a video with another user's content. For this, you need to follow a different process.

Step 1: Go to the video you want to add to your Split Screen. Click on the Share (Arrow) icon, and from the menu that opens, go to Duet.

click on duet mode

Step 2: After selecting Duet, you will get the option to choose a Layout. TikTok offers four different layouts to do the Split Screen effect.

select tiktok split screen layout

Step 3: Select your desired Layout. Now on your screen, you'll see one video that you want to add to the TikTok reel. The second window is meant for you to record the content you want to share.

record your video for split screen

Step 4: After recording, tap on the icon (tick) on the right and add additional effects to the recorded video. Post the video when it's ready.

post tiktok video

Unfortunately, TikTok only lets you divide your screen into two parts for the split-screen effect. If you want to add additional screens, you need to do that with a third-party video editor.

Remember that TikTok only allows you to make duet videos. If you want to add more frames, you need to do that from a third-party solution, we have another option for you that will make the entire process easier, simpler, and smoother. And that is by using iMyFone Filme.

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Best Alternative Way to Get Variety Split Screen Effects - iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a rising and one of the best video editors today. You will get a comprehensive video editing solution easily accessible and simple to use. While working with Filme, you can execute the TikTok split screen perfectly well and also add to the video a series of other effects to create an even better outcome.

Here are a few benefits of using Filme;

  • Filme lets you add to your creative self by giving you access to a wide gamut of tools and options for video editing.

  • You will get a multi-track editing timeline to play with the videos and customize them according to your requirements.

  • Besides the basic editing tools like trim, crop, edit, the videos. The best part is that you can make 9 split screen TikTok reels with Filme with one click.

  • Filme has a large library of effects, transitions, graphics, and other elements you can add to your videos to improve the outcome further.

  • The updated version of Filme lets you play with editing features, including Freeze Frame, Mirror Effect, and Pan & Zoom.

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Here is the answer to how to do split screen on TikTok with Filme.

Step 1: Add the video you want to customize and edit with Filme. You can either drag and drop or import the files from your hard drive.

Step 2: To add the Split Screen effect, navigate to "Effects." You will get a list of 36 different video editing effects like Shake, Soul, Opening, Flashlight, etc.

select effects filme

Step 3: Scroll down to locate the Split Screen effects offered by Filme. You can choose from;

  • Split Screen Horizontal

  • Split Screen Vertical

  • Split Screen 3

  • Split Screen 4

  • Split Screen 6

  • Split Screen 9

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Step 4: Click on the Plus symbol on the effect, and the same will be added to your video.

apple split screen effects filme

Step 5: Once you have added the required effect, you can try out other effects and transitions. After completing the editing, export the video and save it to your local drive or upload it directly on other YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms.

four split screen effect filme

export video filme

With Filme, you can also add custom texts or choose from one of the graphical templates adding them to the video. The transitions are creative enough to make it look like a real-life event, and you will also get to use some advanced editing tools, including the Ripple effect.

Working with Filme is your best bet at creating viral TikTok reels that will certainly impress your followers. While using Filme, you can easily go beyond the TikTok split screen effect and make it look even better with customizations.

FAQs About Split Screen on TikTok

1. What's the difference between split screen and TikTok Duet?

While the TikTok Duet mode can only divide the screen into two sections, a split screen effect added from third-party software can create 9 different video sections. So, the split screen effect added with the likes of Filme gives you more room to be creative.

2. Can I do a Duet video with any user's content?

Not everyone, you can make a Duet video with the users who have not set privacy restrictions on their account or the ones whose accounts are open for the public view. Other than this, you can do it with users who follow you, and you follow them.

3. Will TikTok split screen increase my followers?

It's not a sure-shot way to increase your followers, but yes, learning how to do split screen on TikTok and making videos with the same approach is suitable for creating engagement. Your followers would like to see you with their other favorite TikTok users. So, you can also make a collab video with other famous TikTok users to increase your following.

Final Words

TikTok is a globally popular platform where users make and share their content. It can be images, videos, reels, etc. Some make TikTok videos to entertain their audience, while others do it to educate them.

Anyhow, the purpose is to increase the followers and get more attention from the users on TikTok. While your creativity and innovativeness to make a video is tested here, you can certainly get a better outcome by editing and customizing the videos.

The TikTok split screen effect is one of the ways to impress your followers and explore different options to make creative reels. While you have several options to make a Duet or Split Screen TikTok, Filme is the easiest to use and gives you additional video editing options.

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