As a famous actor and wrestler, many people want Dwayne Johnson AI Voice, aka The Rock AI voice. His voice was commanding and powerful enough to attract others' attention. So, in this blog, we will introduce you to three of the best Dwayne Johnson AI voice generators so that you can get his voice for free.

Try Dwayne Johnson The Rock AI Voice for Free Text to Speech by VoxBox:

dwayne johnson ai voice
Dwayne Johnson
human male ai voice
David (Male)
human kid ai voice
Dwayne Johnson
David (Male)
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Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters


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Part 1: Who Is Dwayne Johnson(The Rock)?

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock", is an American actor, producer, and former professional wrestler. He was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California. Johnson gained fame as a professional wrestler in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) before transitioning into a successful acting career.

dwayne johnson

He has starred in numerous blockbuster films, including the Fast & Furious franchise, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Rampage. Known for his charismatic personality and imposing physique, Dwayne Johnson has become one of the highest-paid and most recognizable actors in Hollywood.

Part 2: Make The Rock AI Voice with The Rock Voice Generator

1. iMyFone VoxBox - Best The Rock AI Voice Generator

VoxBox is a voice generator tool for you to easily get AI-generated the rock - Dwayne Johnson's voice, which will give you a realistic 100% identical The Rock sound for text-to-speech conversion. You can gain an audio that Dwayne Johnson speaks in the format you need.

voxbox text to speech introduce

Get Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) AI Voice via The Rock Text to Speech:

Step 1: Visit the website and download VoxBox.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Text-to-Speech" section and then Select the Dwayne Johnson voice from the list of available options.

dwayne johnson text to speech voice

Step 3: Enter the text that you want the Dwayne Johnson voice to say into the provided text box and customize the settings.

Step 4: Click on the "Convert" button, next save your voiceover on your devices.

Key Features:

  • Access more actor and celebrity AI voices with VoxBox.
  • Perfect for dubbing in 3200+ voices and 77+ languages.
  • You will get 2000 character counts for free to make speech generation.
  • Customize your audio with lots of settings like speed, stability, emphasis, emotions and more.
  • Enjoy multiple capabilities with one tool:TTS, STT, voice cloning, recording, Ai text assistant, noise reduction and more.

Now listen to the voice of The Rock generated by VoxBox:


Part 3: Other Dwayne Johnson AI Voice Generators Online

If you prefered to generate The Rock AI voice online, then you can read this part and get top two webs to make it.

1. Fakeyou

Fakeyou is a voice generator that allows you to create realistic voiceovers with lots of voices it offered including Dwayne Johnson's. You can explore its features below.

the rock fakeyou web

Key Features:

  • You can easily transform your text or voice into the voice of your favorite characters.
  • Add personality to your messages for entertainment.
  • 2400+ Voices of various individuals offered, including Joe Rogan.
  • Easy to use.

2. is popular because its advanced voice cloning and text to speech tech. The voice generator provides a great number of human-like voices. However, if you need The Rock's sound, then you should clone his voice firstly. voice clone

Key Features:

  • Offers real text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages.
  • Allows to choose styles, adjustable settings, and more.
  • Accessable API for users.
  • A quick voice cloning process.
  • Give a choice of enterprise pricing plan.

Part 4: Comparison of The Rock Voice Generators

Comparison of The Rock Voice Changer

NAME VoxBox FakeYou Murf.AI
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Web Web
  • 2000 characters & voices for free trial.
  • $15.95/Mo. < $0. 54/day
  • $44.95/Year < $0.13/day
  • $89.95/Life < $0.01/day
  • Plus: $7/Mo. (Up to 30 seconds audio for tts)
  • Pro: $15/Mo. (Up to 1 mins for tts)
  • Elite: $25/Mo. (Up to 2 mins for tts)
  • $23-$39/Mo. for Creator Plan
  • $79-$159/Mo. for Business Plan
  • Voices 3200+ voices in 150+ languages 2,400+ voices 120+ voices in 20+ languages
    Ease of Use 5/5 5/5 4/5

    Part 5: FAQs about Dwayne Johnson AI Voice

    1. Is the Dwayne Johnson AI voice generator available for different languages?

    While some voice generators may offer support for multiple languages, it's important to verify if the Dwayne Johnson Voice Generator specifically provides voice output in languages other than English. Not all voice generators have multilingual capabilities.

    2. What file formats are supported by the Dwayne Johnson voice generator?

    The Dwayne Johnson Voice Generator may support various file formats, such as MP3, WAV, or AIFF. It's recommended to check the documentation or website of the specific generator for details on supported file formats.

    3. Who is Dwayne Johnson married to?

    Dwayne Johnson is married to Lauren Hashian. They tied the knot in August 2019. Lauren Hashian is a singer-songwriter and the daughter of the late musician Sib Hashian, who was the drummer for the band Boston.


    In short, Dwayne Johnson’s AI voice can be obtained through text-to-speech. In this article, we introduce you to three of the rock voice generators, including software and online tools. Among them, we strongly recommend The Rock Voice Generator, a software that integrates voice generation and voice cloning, enabling you to easily create a natural AI voice of The Rock.