Do you know who Duke Nukem is and why streamers love to use Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech in their streams? Duke Nukem is an iconic character who became famous for his FPS game Duke Nukem 3D which won the hearts of millions due to its charm. Many people have imitated his voice because it has a unique charm that every gamer knows.

Today in this article, we share some tts voice generators that will allow you to imitate Duke Nukem’s voice with Duke Nukem text to speech generators.

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No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily convert your text to speech and voice using the Duke Nukem a.i. voice generator iMyFone VoxBox! Download it and try it out for free now!

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Part 1: 5 Best Duke Nukem Text to Speech Voice Generator

Following are the best Duke Nukem text to speech software and tools.

1. Voxbox – Best Duke Nukem Voice Generator

If you are looking for the iconic Duke Nukem voice text to speech when streaming or just for fun, VoxBox is your answer. VoxBox by iMyFone can read any text you want in Duke Nukem’s voice in 46+ languages without using other software.

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Key Features:

  • This Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech has natural-sounding voices in 46+ languages which you can use at your leisure.

  • The app allows you to save generated voices in the most popular formats like MP3.

  • Easy to use customer friendly UI, and completely safe.

  • VoxBox isn't just a TTS software but also a great recorder that can extract texts from voice recordings.

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yesYou can communicate with others around the globe using VoxBox's fantastic array of generated voice languages.

yesOver 3,200 voiceovers give you a lot of options to use Duke Nukem text to speech. This is great for streamers and YouTubers as they can enhance their content with more voice options.

yesSafety is VoxBox's primary concern, and it doesn't use your data to sell in the market.



noThe android app is under development for VoxBox, so the only option for now is the Windows software.

Watch this video to learn more about Best Duke Nukem TTS Voice Generator VoxBox:

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2. Duke Nukem voice text to speech is a fantastic TTS generator that uses powerful AI to generate voices from the text. The tool generates voiceovers like Duke Nukem in real-time and with 44.1kHz quality.

Key Features:

  • You can use the tool without any signup.

  • Generating Duke’s voice through this Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech is the easiest giving you the best results.

  • The tool is entirely free and without any ads.

  • The tool can show you analytics of your voices and tasks, which you can use for more enhanced text to speech analysis.

  • High-speed processing for text to speech needs.

Pros: has great audio synthesis algorithms.

yes The tool has free sentiment analysis models.

yesBecause this is an Online tool, you don't need to install any app, thus saving all the hassle.

yesA lot of features let you tweak your voiceovers to the best quality.

Cons: website is often down due to maintenance.

noSometimes the voiceover results aren’t that good.


If you are looking for a Duke Nukem text to speech generator without any hassle and with the best features, then is the perfect tool for you. The tool is an open-source program that is supported by the community and powerful AI under the helm. duke nukem

Key Features:

  • You have unlimited access to tweak the generated voices to your choice and requirement.

  • The studio that comes with is very diverse, allowing you to use royalty-free voices to use.

  • It gives you access to over 5,000 voices to play around with.

  • has AI documentation available to the community that can help them create their audio apps that are fully fleshed out with a lot of features.


yesAn excellent online tool with a great many features.

yesQuite reliable as it is open source and used by thousands of people daily.

yesWith open access to all the documentation, enthusiasts can make their own apps and learn machine learning.


noThe only downside to this tool is that the API can only be accessed by the premium users.

4. is the best Duke Nukem voice text to speech generator that can convert your text to the voice of your choice in seconds. This online tool doesn't need an app for optimum results.

fakeyou tts

Key Features:

  • Most easy-to-use and intuitive AI for precise and natural voice results.

  • The online tool gives you a choice from over 2,400 voices which you can tweak as you desire.

  • You can download the generated voice in popular formats to use later for your content.


yesYou can use on any device that has a compatible browser, as it is a web-based tool.

yesThe website is free to use as its fans support it.

yesQuite an extensive library of voiceovers and features.


noThe website tool doesn't have a voice or conversation recorder option, so it is limited only to TTS.

noThe processing of Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech may vary on the speed of your connection.


If you are looking for the best learning and Duke Nukem voice text to speech tool, then is your definite choice, as it has incredible features that make it stand out. duke nukem

Key Features:

  • The best Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech generator to make fantastic content and extraordinary presentations.

  • The generated voices from this software have hyper-real voices that will enhance the quality of your content.

  • All the recorded and AI voices are possible through powerful AI that has been trained by professional voiceover artists.

  • It simplifies the entire process of voiceovers by professional artists and gives you the same qualities in its studio.

  • One-stop platform that allows users to generate sounds, add them to videos or presentations, and even sync all of these together without difficulty.


yesExtensive studio with so many options.

yesCloud-based tool with no installation required so that you can use it on any device with an internet-connected browser.

yesUltra-realistic voices, thanks to powerful AI technology and enhanced machine learning by the AI.

yesYou can generate over 120 lifelike voiceovers in more than 20 languages.


noNo app for PC, Android, and other mobile devices.

Part 2: Price Comparison of Duke Nukem Text to Speech Voice Generator

Now that you know which Duke Nukem voice text to speech is the best, let's now discuss their comparison based on three variables.

TTS SolutionOperating SystemPriceUser Rating
iMyFone VoxBox

· Windows

Monthly = $14.95

Yearly = $ 39.95

Lifetime = $79.95


· Web-based tool

· Quarterly $12.95

· Free


· Web-based open-source tool

· Free

· Creator $10 each mo.

· Clone $25 one time with limited options or $25 each mo. for more options


Web-based tool

· Free



· Basic $13 each mo.

· Pro $26 each mo.

· Enterprise $69 each mo.


Part 3: FAQs About Duke Nukem Text to Speech

1. Can I Make Duke Nukem Text to Speech Online for Free?

Yes, you can make Duke Nukem voice text to speech free of charge from sites like because being community funded, FakeYou will remain free.

2. Which is the Best Duke Nukem Text to Speech Voice Generator?

We recommend VoxBox because of its extensive library of languages supported and professional features, even in the free version.

Final Words


There will always be iconic voices for your Duke Nukem text to speech as long as entertainment and media exist. Duke Nukem has been an icon of FPS gaming since the 90s and is still popular.

No wonder Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech tools are becoming so popular once again. The best TTS generator to achieve this is definitely VoxBox due to all the features it provides. We hope you share our sentiments after reading this article.

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