With the advent of OpenAI, there is an emerging trend in AI: Unlock the future of music with AI singing generators. Imagine transforming voices like Drake, The Weeknd, and Liam Gallagher of Oasis into mesmerizing AI-driven melodies.

So, how does the AI singing generator work, and how make ai singing voice? in this article, we'll introduce it.

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Here free listen to Drake AI Cover (Song: Kill Bill) generated by MusicAI.


Part 1: How Do AI Sing Generator Works?

The essence of AI singing generator technology is to use AI for in-depth training to generate realistic singing voices from text through text-to-song (TTS) software. It works by training a neural network on recordings of real singers.

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In fact, this process can also be called "voice cloning", which involves capturing the essence of a singer's timbre, range, pronunciation, and style to produce the same singing quality as a human.

Users then pass the uploaded audio text or typed text through artificial intelligence and convert it into a synthesized version that resembles the original singer's voice.

In addition, with the continuous upgrading of AI technology, several companies have released artificial intelligence singing generators, which can help users or music lovers generate their favorite music anytime and anywhere

Part 2: How AI Singing Generators Create AI Song?

1. Voicemod- Text to Song

Voicemod text to song supports AI to turn any text into a song, and it has a web side for any device, which can be easily shared with anyone. It also supports one-click sharing of created songs to friends

voicemod ai generated song

How Make AI Singing Voice with Text-to-Song?

Step 1: Pick your song style.

Step 2: Select your singer.

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Step 3: Write down your lyrics!

Step 4: Create your own song

2. Voicify.ai

With Voicify.ai—an online AI cover song tool. Cover songs with renowned voices of artists, anime characters, and more. which also supported customize by uploading your own training voice models.

voicify ai artist

This online AI cover tool is super easy to use, first select the voice of the artist you want, then drag in the audio file or the url link of youtube, and finally select the cover to get the song

3. iMyFone MusicAI

MusicAI is an AI music generator. It not only has the cover function, but also has the functions of AI composing, AI track separation, and text-to-song functions (only the beta version has all functions), aiming to provide music creators with better creation tools , saving time and money

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The current AI cover function is also very simple to operate, similar to the above-mentioned Voicify

4. Kits.ai

Kits.AI is an innovative artificial intelligence music generation software. With its simple interface, you can generate a custom artificial intelligence voice with just one click. As the first platform to directly cooperate with artists, Kits.AI allows the official release of the artist's voice model, if you have commercial creation needs, try Kits.ai to enhance your own sounds with an extensive library of officially licensed artist sounds and commercially used models

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In addition, it also provides a humanized voice model training tool, you can create your own custom voice model and share it with others by uploading voice

5. VoxBox

VoxBox is an AI singing generator mainly through the text-to-rap function. It aims to provide audio files (any desired audio) for content creators. The steps to generate songs are also very simple. First, use the voice cloning function to train Make the voice of the artist you want, then turn to text to rap, select the rhythm and style you want, then select the voice of the cloned artist, type in the text, and click Generate, you can easily get the AI singing voice

voxbox ai rapper

Part 3: Bonus Tips: How Free Make AI Singing Voice

Delve into the AI singing voices without breaking the bank! While paid options exist, let's explore two free, open-source avenues.

So-VITS-SVC is an AI-powered open source. which is a deep learning model that metamorphoses audio recordings into impeccable singing voices, trained on diverse timbres.


Accessing So-VITS-SVC is a breeze, albeit requiring a tad of coding finesse and a robust GPU. Fear not, as YouTuber p3tro's comprehensive tutorial awaits to guide you through the process, making it smoother than you think.

The second free and easy way to get AI singing voices is to visit AI World, a popular Discord server for those trying out AI vocals and using them with their automated bots.

Before working on the vocals, you need to make sure you have a clean cappella recording. Once you have your cappella file (WAV, MP3, MOV, or MP4 format) ready, go to the AI World server, open the channel "ai-bot-1" and drop the audio file into the chat box. Currently, 18 voices are available, including Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, and more. After specifying the model in the message and attaching the file, press Enter and the bot returns the processed audio. After downloading the processed audio, place it on the instrumental version of the track, adjust the relative levels of each track for a balanced mix, and finally bounce.

ai world bot

Part 4: Hot FAQs about AI Singing Generator

1. Is there an AI that can sing for you?

Yes, there are AI systems and software that can generate singing voices. These AI singing systems utilize advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks to mimic human singing and produce vocals that sound remarkably similar to real human voices. By inputting lyrics and melodies, these AI singing models can generate singing performances in various styles and genres.

2. How do you make an AI sing a cover?

To make an AI sing a cover, you can choose an AI Singing Platform. start by selecting an AI singing platform or software that offers cover generation capabilities. There are various options available, such as MusicAI, Voicify, and more. Then operate step by step according to the instruction, you will create AI-generated cover songs.


In this article we describe how to create AI singing voices through AI Singing Generator in various ways, both through paid software and free and open source methods.

If you are a music creation enthusiast, then I strongly recommend you to use MusicAI, it is not only an AI singing software, but also a music creation tool for music lovers, and it is always updated and upgraded