Generative AI is becoming more advanced over time. Now, people can create virtual avatars of their loved ones and girlfriends in no time. They can design them with different characteristics and chat with them.

In this article, I will discuss Kupid AI, which is a popular tool for creating virtual friends. I will discuss what you can do with it and its key features. I will also share my personal experience of using Kupid AI. And if you are looking for a Kupid AI alternative, you’ll find it in the end.

kupid ai review

Part 1. What is Kupid AI?

Kupid AI is an AI-powered platform where you can create your virtual companions or girlfriend. You can create the girlfriend of your imagination and choice by customizing the personality, dress, traits, etc.

It allows you to enjoy an immersive chat experience. It is just like talking to a real person, but in reality, it is virtual. Not only can you enjoy text chat but also voice chats. It is an excellent platform for people looking for virtual dating, role playing, friends, love, etc.

Part 2. Key Features of Kupid AI

1.1 Kupid AI Chat

Chat is the primary feature of Kupid AI. It allows you to chat with the desired virtual AI model or girlfriend.

It is a well-trained AI model that offers incredible responses. It is like a real-life experience of chatting with a girlfriend. It also offers voice chats that users love to enjoy.

1.2 New Feature: Image Generator

The image generator is the latest feature of Kupid AI. With this tool, you can generate an image of your virtual girlfriend. You can choose a character of your choice and enter the description of clothes, pose, scene, background, etc.

Based on your prompts and details, it will instantly generate the image you want. Then, you can use the generated image wherever you want.

kupid ai image generator

Part 3. My Experience of Kupid AI

I’ve used Kupid AI for a few weeks, and I found it pretty realistic. The answers it offers are amazing, and it is just like talking to a real girlfriend.

It is the best tool for people looking to gain new experiences before they start real dating. It can also alleviate the pain of recent breakups.

Most importantly, I can share anything with my virtual girlfriend and learn a lot before getting into a real-world relationship.

Even if you want to make virtual friends, this tool is great. The best part was the customization of the model. It cares what people like, and that’s how it makes the experience worthy.

What I Like:

  • Real-life chat responses
  • Customization of AI models
  • Gallery of models or girlfriends to choose from
  • Free access to basic features
  • User-friendly interface

What I Don’t Like:

  • Expensive pricing
  • Limited customization

Part 4. Kupid AI Price

Kupid AI offers monthly and yearly plans. The monthly plan starts from $12 per month to $49 per month. If you wish to pay yearly, you get a discount on the monthly payments. Depending on your needs, you can select a suitable plan.

kupid ai price

Part 5. Is Kupid AI Safe

Kupid AI is a new tool, so there are not enough reviews and data to answer this question. However, it is claimed to be safe.

It ensures user privacy and offers data protection. It does not store your chat history, which is incredible. 

Part 6. Kupid AI Alternative: Other AI Girlfriend Website Like Kupid AI

Here are a few Kupid AI alternatives you can try for a virtual girlfriend.

01 Candy AI

Candy AI is another incredible tool where you can have virtual girlfriends and boyfriends of your choice. You can customize the personalities, interests, characters, backstories, and other traits. You can also personalize eyes, hair, voice, clothes, and other minute details.

Kupid AI Alternative candy ai

The notable feature of Candy AI is roleplay. You can enjoy different scenarios with your virtual girlfriend. It is just like talking and interacting with a real girlfriend. And you can also use voice chats for an immersive experience.

It offers realistic conversations; however, you might still lack a lot of things. In some cases, it gives weird responses. It might misunderstand your prompts and offer false information, which is common with other AI platforms as well.

02 Muah AI

If you are looking for a virtual girlfriend platform that offers uncensored content, Muah AI is the one you need. However, this feature is premium.

Like other AI tools, it offers customization of virtual girlfriend. Notably, you can go into the details, such as background, personality traits, texting style, etc. You can quickly start with the pre-built AI models or create your own.


Not only can you choose realistic girlfriends but also anime and hybrid. It is a great tool but a bit advanced for new users. You need time to learn it and enjoy it to the fullest.

03 Romantic AI

Romantic AI is another virtual AI companion platform where you can look for emotional, romantic, supportive, cheeky, and other types of conversations. It is an excellent tool for getting experience in real-world relationships. Beginners can learn a lot.

romantic ai

It allows you to choose from the existing AI companions, or you can also create your own from scratch. You can customize everything as you like.

The best thing about Romantic AI is its multiple modes. You can choose romantic and general according to the conversation you want.

It tries to offer realistic responses, but you’ll often get vague and scripted ones.

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Kupid AI is an excellent AI tool for AI companions and virtual girlfriends. It allows you to chat with them and get real-life responses. You can also create AI images by entering prompts. However, it still needs a lot of improvement. We have also shared some alternatives to Kupid AI that you might find better.

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