These days we all are involved in some ways of online earning and most of us are so busy to find enough time to produce their own original content, that's why we are reusing other's efforts but one trouble that we'll have to face is the stamp in the picture. So here I have found few usable options for you that are quick and I have personal experience with them so you can't doubt.

Remove stamp PC

iMyFone MarkGo

Remove stamp from videos using Mobile:

Photo retouch

Video stamp Remover

Stamp Manager   

Remove stamp using websites (online)

Apowersoft online video stamp Remover

FAQs- What is the Best Photo Stamp Remover

1. iMyFone MarkGo

iMyfone has launched a few softwares for video editing and MarkGo is one of them.

Easiest stamp Removing software for video and images.

A stamp is a kind of mark that we place on our images and videos to protect our content from being stolen. Some people use for copyright purpose so they put their brand name on their content, it’s beneficial in case if their followers share their videos, i.e. It will promote their name. iMyFone Markgo  is designed to cope such challenges for social media users.

It is free to download and we can work with multiple files .It removes stamp with a single click, up to 100 files can be dealt with it.

Why we need to remove stamp from videos?

Sometimes we download resources from internet that are paid so to use them we need to remove their stamp.

What iMyFone MarkGo can do?

It also deals with images .you can add stamp to your videos and images with this software.

In this article you will find complete guide to use this software.

Now import the video you want use. Bring the rectangle to the place where stamp is present.

Apply effect and you will observe in the exported video this place will be clear .Here you can see after.

If you want to remove stamp from image, import it and bring the selection rectangle to the target place i.e. where the stamp is present.

The same way we can also remove any unwanted object from an image. For more than one unwanted objects we can take multiple selection simultaneously.

Remove stamp from videos using Mobile:

Photo retouch

A lot of interesting features, not only for videos, but for photos.

To remove stamp, tap eraser on the bottom, make a selection, then you can get rid of it.To be honest, this kind of outcome is not so satisfactory. Probably because the section where the stamp locates is in a continual motion. It actually works better when that section is still. 

The next one is pretty straightforward, it’s called the

Video stamp Remover

After choosing your video, you’ll get a selection tool to remove the stamp. Then of course, you can save the clip to your photos will remove a moving text so nicely using its selection tool.

On Android, you got another tool called

Stamp Manager

Download Stamp Manager App:

Remove and add stamp Download and install it in. 

This Mobile App uses Lasso/rectangle tool to remove stamp from images and videos, it can also add stamps/logos.

stamp can also be suppressed by selecting its area (lasso or rectangle select)

This app removes it by incorporations of the surrounding pixels to make it look like normal. sometimes we can also crop the stamp area if it is placed at the bottom  of video.

How to use it?

· The app will show you the option to select image or video

· When you select stamp >>click add or remove stamp

· Resize option is also there to minimize the stamp area.

· Press Save

Remove stamp using websites (online)

Apowersoft online video stamp Remover

Click on erase and wait for your video to be processed

After your video is done processing click on download videos

and wait for your video to be downloaded .

you will see the stamps are no longer visible in the video.

First go to your browser and type

And then choose this one click and download the first one remove

stamp from video now install the app launch the app after the installation is completed you can either drag or drop your video

Click on add file

Now go to the tools panel and select the marker tool lastly click on the start to render the video stamp has disappeared like magic.

Go to

Upload the video and within one click it will erase the stamp, you can also download this software and it will show multiple tools i.e. soft edges, brush tool stamp etc. so that every type of text logo (stamp) is removed easily.

FAQS- What is the Best Photo Stamp Remover

1. Why Markgo is the best for removing a stamp?

We read about multiple options above few are good enough to perform all types of removals i.e. stamp/logos/ or some other unwanted objects .also here we can take more than one selection rectangles.

2. What is after sale policy?

We offer free support for software update services for customers who buy our products.

3. What if I want to refund?

We have 30 days money back guarantee.

4. Can I animate stamp?

Simply Select the stamp that you want to animate, click the A button in bottom to configure settings e.g., duration & direction of stamp.

5. Which videos formats are supported by this app?

It support mp4 but if other formats it will trans –code into mp4.


World is huge and if we keep on searching its resources will never end. Its upto our own capability or sagaciousness that how and what we select to make our lives better.

None of us is not a fool to find something that requires payment for our daily short tasks. No doubt, options discussed above are all best but some of them offer multiple functions too i.e. retouching etc.

But I found myself very comfortable with the last one The  iMyFone MarkGo, it won’t take much time to perform its action and  being lightweight software it won’t take much space on your computer, there is no need to have an internet connection while using it.