Are you passionate about radio voice over jobs, and have you ever dreamed of becoming a radio voice artist?

In this article, we will give you an overview to reach your goal and also let you know a radio announcer voice generator. You can use the AI tool to generate high-quality output and get remote jobs easily.

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Part 1. What Is a Radio Voice Over Artist

A radio voice artist is a person you are listening to but can't physically see. His attractive and unique radio voice pleases a person to listen to it continually.

A radio voice over artist has a versatile and diverse tonal quality. They usually have high-paying jobs due to their unique and powerful voice for radio. They are experts in cloning the voice of any celebrity or character.

The radio voice artist can quickly grasp the script provided by the employers. They are strong enough to persuade the listeners to what they are marketing or selling.

the voice on the radio

Part 2. How To Become A Radio Voice Artist?

There are certain things that you will need as a radio voice over artist. In this part, we will discuss some tips to become a radio voice artist to get high paying jobs easily. This will also help you be well-prepared for the job in the recruitment session.

  • The radio voice over artists must be able to read the scripts fluently and understand them quickly.

  • It would help if you practiced the different tones to replicate the famous character's voice perfectly.

  • If you are strong at changing the accents quickly, it will be a plus point for you to get hired easily.

  • Familiarity with different languages will make you enter this industry in no time because of your diverse personality.

  • You must know how to efficiently control the technical equipment used in the studio for a seamless delivery.

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Part 3. Where To Find Radio Voice Jobs?

Many platforms are offering high-paying radio voice jobs. You can find thousands of vacant positions for radio voice over, but all you need is competitive and unique skills. For an easy recruitment process, you must have a strong portfolio of your voice overs to present in the interview.

Before looking for a job, ensure you have sufficient skills to convince the employer. You must look for popular platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, ZipRecruiter, and Freelancer. You will find remote, onsite, and hybrid jobs there. Apply for the feasible one for you; people usually prefer an onsite job if they don't have studio equipment at home.

Part 4. Radio Announcer Voice Generator Recommended

In this part, we will let you introduce a smart text-to-speech generator that converts it to the required accent in a minute.

Most companies are switching towards a radio announcer voice over generator instead of hiring a voice artist. Voice generators are a quick and affordable way to deal with radio voice over. An efficient radio announcer voice generator is one that exactly and quickly converts the provided script to an attractive voice.

iMyFone VoxBox is an affordable and user-friendly text-to-speech voice generator. It has 3200+ real-sounding voices, some of which are free. You can export the audio in multiple file formats. It allows you to generate the voice in 46+ languages to use on different platforms and provides services to people from different origins.

You can do real-time recordings and edit them on VoxBox. It has a feature that extracts the text from any language's voice.

STEP 1: Download and install iMyFone VoxBox on your PC and launch it.

STEP 2: You will see a menu list at the left; select Text-To-Speech from it.

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STEP 3: Enter or copy the text in the box, or import PDF, Word or image file, VoxBox will automatically recognize and extract the text.

Click the Change Speaker option at the top right menu. It will give you the list of available voices. Please search for the required one and click on it to apply. Click the Use button at the bottom to apply.

radio announcer voice generator

STEP 4: Click the Convert button and wait a few minutes for the output. Click the Export icon and select a safe location to export it.

radio announcer voice generator

Part 5. FAQs About Radio Voice Over Jobs

1. What's the difference between radio commercial audio voice and radio announcer voice?

The difference between a radio commercial voice and a radio announcer voice lies in their purpose and style.

A radio commercial voice is typically focused on selling a product or service and may involve conveying enthusiasm, persuasiveness, or emotion to engage the audience and drive sales.

On the other hand, a radio announcer voice is more about delivering information, such as news, weather updates, or station identification, in a clear and authoritative manner. It tends to be neutral or formal, aiming to inform rather than persuade.

2. How much do radio voice over jobs pay?

Radio voice over jobs have different pay scales according to the tasks assigned. Meanwhile, an average salary is $200-$500 per hour.


Radio voice over jobs are difficult to find and get, but you can easily approach them with the help of this article. We have also shown you how to use an AI tool like iMyFone VoxBox to get the radio voice and help yourself in remote jobs.