YouTube is the most used social media app as it has become a part of many people's life. They like to watch and enjoy YouTube videos in their spare time. However, there are some issues while using YouTube that can be annoying for some users. Some people want to turn off autoplay YouTube, and they look for a solution to tackle this problem. Those who use YouTube can understand how annoying it is when buffering has yet to complete. Well, if you want to know how to disable autoplay on YouTube, keep reading our blog to find an appropriate solution.

Part 1: How to Disable YouTube Video Autoplay?

The video autoplay option is available everywhere. When you scroll down or up on web pages, YouTube, or any other app, you will see an autoplay of videos. It's a fact that some people love to watch such suggested videos, and some feel it is annoying and offensive content. YouTube videos also feature autoplay. When you finish watching a video, it will automatically start playing the next video. Fortunately, you can turn off autoplay YouTube without installing any extension. Therefore, if you want to stop YouTube autoplay, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

Desktop Site:

You will see a list of videos on the right panel if you are watching YouTube videos on your computer or desktop site. Therefore, the next videos will autoplay when you finish watching the current video, and it can be annoying sometimes. It will affect the autoplay for each video you watch on your device. Therefore, you should need to know how to turn off autoplay on YouTube by following these steps.

1. Log in to your YouTube account from desktop.

2. Play a video by tapping on it.

tap on video

3. There will be a "setting" button in the video player. It is a gear icon in the bottom toolbar.

settings button youtube

4. Switch the autoplay button and toggle back in the setting menu. It will turn red after switching. Now, you will see your YouTube autoplay off.


If you love watching YouTube videos on your mobile and are bothered by the autoplay of the next video on the homepage, you should need to turn off autoplay YouTube. Let's have a look at simple steps on how to stop YouTube autoplay.

1. Go to YouTube application on your phone.

2. After opening the application, tap on the setting options in the drop-down menu.

3. Now click on the autoplay to disable it from the setting page.

4. You will see two options on-page, one is autoplay on home, and the other is autoplay next video. So if you want to avoid autoplay next video, you can switch off autoplay.

5. If you want to stop video auto playing from your browser home feed, you can click on autoplay on home and select the off option. So it's a way to turn off autoplay YouTube videos on the homepage.

When you learn how to disable autoplay on YouTube, you can enjoy any video on YouTube according to your desire. Moreover, deactivating or limiting YouTube embed autoplay will be helpful to conserve data for phones running on internet connections. Without these little YouTube autoplay, you can lower the risk of appearing the video you don't want to see on your screen. Therefore, turning off video autoplay ensures that you can see only those videos you want to watch.

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Part 2: Hot FAQs of YouTube Video Autoplay

Do Videos that Autoplay Increase a Video's View?

When the video plays automatically, it does not count in video view because of autoplay playbacks an impression of the video. The video will only be counted in views if the viewer clicks on the video to watch it. Today, the trend is to opt into everything because one-way communication and mass marketing is a thing of the past. Therefore, the users only love to watch what they want.

How to Enable Autoplay on YouTube?

If you want to know how to stop YouTube autoplay, keep in mind that it will have an impact on the videos you watch on the site. So try these instructions to turn off YouTube autoplay;

1. Go to from your desktop or simply open the app from your phone.

2. Click the video and go to the setting.

3. Now you can turn off the autoplay in the YouTube setting pop-up menu.

Part 3: Exclusive Way to Edit YouTube Video - Using iMyFone Filme

If you are looking for creative and free YouTube video editing software, iMyFone Filme is the best choice. The tool is simple to use, and you can easily edit videos according to your needs. Moreover, the software allows you to create professional videos with countless features like overlays, transitions, multilayer, and filters that tell a powerful story. Therefore, iMyFone is the ideal to consider if you are looking for a YouTube video editor.

Detailed Video Tutorial of Using Filme

YouTube Video

iMyFone Filme Features:

One-Click Fast Video Mode:

You can use fast video mode to create exclusive videos for your special events.

Easy to Use:

iMyFone Filme is built with a user-friendly platform, and you can freely download it on your Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

Provide Basic Editing Options:

One of the best things to consider about this tool is it provides users advanced editing features.

Abundant Effects:

It has plenty of effects, and you can simply add animations as well as filters to describe a redefined story.

Multiple Templates:

iMyFone Filme offers its users numerous templates, and you can choose the best fit template based on your video content.

Exclusive Features:

You can add different effects to make your YouTube videos special by using iMyFone Filme.

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youtube video editor


yes Beginner-friendly

yes One-click fast mode for quick editing

yes Options to merge different audio tracks

yes Effective

Steps on YouTube Video Editing with iMyFone Filme:

iMyFone Filme is user-friendly software, and users can create and edit your YouTube videos with it by following simple steps.

Step 1:

iMyFone Filme is user-friendly software, and users can create and edit your YouTube videos with it by following simple steps.

import new video

Step 2:

You can do basic editing like YouTube video rotating effects by pressing Ctrl + E and selecting media. If you want to add transitions and effects, click on the start on the top toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you will find numerous options. The selected effect will appear in the timeline where you can drag and drop to edit it accordingly.

add effects to videos

Step 3:

After editing, the next step is adding music that suits the content. Always try to add relevant music that keeps the audience engaged. You can add customized music with Filme by clicking on the music icon in the top toolbar or browse it from the computer. You can also remove or extend the music from a particular area by simple drag and drop.

add music

Step 4:

The users can also add text to the video. Click in the 'T' icon in the same toolbar as the effects and music. Now choose different fonts and drag them wherever you want.

Final words:

There is a lot of video content available on YouTube about different topics like music, movies, politics, games, technology, sports, and more. YouTube has always wanted users to see more videos. Unfortunately, the YouTube "watch later" video section does not contain any option that would permit users to stop the autoplay. However, you can stop the suggested video autoplay when you turn off YouTube autoplay. You can also go to the setting tab below a video and switch off the autoplay button. In this blog, we have mentioned complete details if you want to know how do i turn off autoplay on YouTube. Therefore, it will be helpful for you even if you want to know what is autoplay on YouTube and how to stop it.

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