How do you record voice on your iPhone?

You can use an in-built app on the iPhone for this purpose. But the problem is- People don't like its limited features. This App does not have many features; therefore, people often ask about what other Apps they can download. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of voice recording apps, but the ones I have decided to tell you are simply the best.

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How To Record Voice On iPhone System?

You can record voice on an iPhone by using an in-built app called Voice Memos. Although iPhone users don't prefer it much and go for other Apps with extra features, it is still a great way to record voice on iPhone.

So, how to voice record on iPhone using Voice Memos?

1. Go to the "Extras" or "Utilities" section, and you will find Voice Memos App there.

2. Tap on it, and the App will open with a big red square at the bottom.

3. Tap on the red square, and the voice recording will start.

4. When you are done, tap on the red square to stop the recording. Then, you will have to save the recording, and that's it.

You can also edit the voice recordings and send them to others using Voice Memos. If you think, meh- this voice recording app is not that great, then allow me to tell you two of the best Apps you can download to record voice.

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How To Record Voice On iPhone With Free Voice Recorder?

If you want to do voice recording on an iPhone and enjoy a great number of features at the same time, then I know just the App you need.

It's AudioShare.AudioShare App has been developed by Kymatica AB, which is known for its voice recording and music Apps.


  • It can organize any audio file.

  • You can trim, convert, and export any audio document you want.

  • You can also zip and unzip audio files using this app.

  • Moreover, you can make music albums with this App as it gives impressive editing options.

  • In addition to all the above features, the main reason why people download AudioShare is to record the audio.

Steps to record voice using AudioShare:

1.Open the App and tap on the “Record” option in the red.

2.This App supports different voice recording methods. Whether you are recording with a microphone, audio-bus compatible apps, or recording openly, this App will do the clear recording.

3.When you are done, tap on the recording option again and then save the recording.

Excellent Voice Recorder for Windows

If you own both Android and Apple devices, then I have another voice recorder for you that will make your life easier. It's Voxbox.

It is better to use only one audio recording app, as you can then quickly become an expert in one. Considering how easy Voxbox is, it won't take long for you to become an expert in it.

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  • It is the easiest voice recording and editing App.

  • You can cut any audio with a single tap and then save it. Due to this feature, it is also called a "beatbox maker."

  • You can cut out anything and make a ringtone of it.

  • Also, you can also do the background voice recording with this App.

  • There is a pitch changer option to change the tempo of the voice.

Steps to record voice using AudioShare:

1.Open the Voxbox app and tap on the red circle at the bottom.

2.You will start seeing the graph and the time on your screen. It means that the voice recording has begun.

3.When you are done, just tap on the red circle again and save the recording.

You can also do the background voice recording. Just open the app, tap on the red circle, close the screen, and the app will work in the background.


Well, to record voice on iPhone, you can use an in-built app of the device. However, it does not have many advanced features, so people often download other Apps.

The Two best ones you can go for are AudioShare and Voxbox. Both are "stuffed" with impressive features. But if you ask me which one is better, I will say it is Voxbox.

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