Millions of people eagerly wait for the Christmas holiday to celebrate the brilliant moments with their beloved ones.

Christmas urges people to share happiness and have a great time. Various Christmas ideas can amaze you, and playing Christmas games is one of the most loved ideas. Playing video games on the eve of Christmas, you can anticipate and wait for a brilliant day, having a meetup with your friends.

If you like playing Christmas video games, we're about to reveal the ten outstanding Christmas games for adults.

Top 10 Christmas Video Games for Adults

If you're looking to explore the Christmas games to make your Christmas night joyful and memorable, you can look at the ten breathtaking Christmas games for adults.

1. Dead Rising 4

The Deading Rising 4 game is known for its innovative and imaginative weapons used to fight off zombies. The graphics of this game are superb, and if you're playing the game for the first time, no one can stop you from falling in love with this outstanding gameplay.


Everything aside, the scenes become fairly dramatic when someone in the game dresses up like Santa and enters the crowd sitting in the horse with Christmas lights. Overall, this game can become a source of great entertainment for you and is regarded as one of the best Christmas games.

2. NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

Another Christmas game that can surely make Christmas night memorable, and you can enjoy playing this game in front of your friends, is NBA JAM.


It was popular back and introduced back in 1993 and contains quirky bonus characters. NBA JAM introduced the ''On Fire Edition'' reflecting the moment Santa plays the game with the other characters.

Hence, if you're looking for a Christmas game famous worldwide and intend to enjoy the best of your time, NBA JAM is one of the most recommended Christmas video games.

3. Overwatch

After watching a few mind-blowing Christmas games, if you intend to explore more for Christmas, Overwatch should be on your priority list.


Overwatch reflects the brilliant moments of a Christmas party, and you'll learn about the various festive characters, including snowy landscapes, character skin, brawls, and Mei Snowball of offensive and Yeti Hunter.

4. Super Mario Odyssey-Snow Kingdom

Sometimes, minor things can make you happier and give you immense entertainment, and Super Mario Odyssey-Snow Kingdom is no different. Super Mario Odyssey offers a brilliant range of diverse levels, including hot deserts and sunny beaches, and the Snow Kingdom is filled with the immaculate Christmas flair.


When playing this game on the eve of Christmas, the enemies wearing Santa hats and the sound of sleigh bells can urge you to walk into the game, indicating the power of this brilliant game.

5. Holiday Hoarders

Having multiple Christmas games up in the sleeves can help you enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Hence, you might look at ''Holiday Hoarders'', one of the most influential games for Christmas.


This game is quite dramatic as it gives you an Agent 47 role and all you need to do is navigate to Paris on a mission to halt the plan of two thieves to steal big money on Christmas nights. You can dress up like Santa and protect the streets from being attacked by thieves.

6. The Escapists

Very few Christmas games can make you ultimately involved in the game, and The Escapist falls in that category.


It is an exciting game where your mission is to escape prison and move out to a safer location. Unfortunately, the Santa in this game doesn't work for good as he is pretty cruel and is running an evil regime.

To escape from the wrath of Santa, you'll need to be calculative. You can quickly escape prison if you wait for the right opportunities.

7. Batman: Arkham Origins

Searching for unique games for Christmas that don't make you bored is essential. Luckily, Arkham Origins is a fantastic game different from the Christmas games mentioned above.

This game gives you the role of Batman, who patrols Arkham and Gotham on the eve of Christmas.


You'll see that the cityscapes are surrounded by holiday and snow decorations. The henchmen you'll be up against will also wear festive holiday outfits. In short, Batman: Arkham Origins makes you feel like you're attending a party at Christmas.

8. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a popular game which decided to give up violence in the celebration of Christmas.


The game decided to opt for lighthearted snowball fight mode instead of using the guns and making the environment horrible. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes with unlockable Easter eggs and carrot Moses for players.

9. Animal Crossing: Toy Day

You'll find multiple games primarily known as video games for Christmas but Animal Crossing: Toy Day is a bit different from other Christmas games; it isn't strictly a Christmas game.

However, this game comes with various winter holiday events in December. In these games, the players feel that the weather is changing, and they have to arrange their clothes, furniture, and other items to cope with the deadly winter.


You can dress up like Santa in this game to give a touch of Christmas when playing this brilliant game.

10. Ginger Ninja

Finally, the last game, a Christmas game which makes our list of mind-blowing video games for Christmas, is Ginger Ninja. In this game, you can appear as a trustworthy friend of Santa and help Santa to distribute Christmas gifts.


When going through the snowy rooftops of buildings, you should avoid meeting hungry pigeons. The candy cane throwing stars will help you walk through the location easily. This game, like Christmas games, gives a complete feel of Christmas, and you'd love playing the game.

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If you love playing Christmas video games to take your happiness to the next level, you can take notes from this guide. We've listed the ten great Christmas games That can enhance the gaming experience, helping you make the Christmas night perfect and memorable.

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