Ups and downs are part and parcels of life as everyone is bound to face them. However, there are some days when you feel the need to have fun with your friends and family members. Interestingly, you won't find any better day than April fool's day to prank your close ones.

Today, people crack millions of jokes, and some people get offended by these jokes.Many high-profile comedians and influencers have written millions of April Fool Quotes that can make you smile, and you can share these quotes with your friends.


Get ready, as we're going to reveal the top 25 April Fools day Quotes for you.

Part 1: Newest 25 April Fools Day Quotes

Let us talk about 25 April Fools Day Quotes

1. Unknown

Today is 1st April which counts as the April Fools days. However, you don't need to trust anyone on this day and try to pretend as if it's a normal day.

2. Akash B Chandran

You can't fool some people as they have been fooled many times in their life.

3. Mark Twain


The first day of April reminds us of the whole 365 days where we got fooled by literally every other person.

4. Will Rogers


Everything seems funny whenever it happens to other people.

5. Benjamin Franklin


If you're a wise man, you won't need advice from some. However, if you're a fool, you won't take any advice from anyone.

6. Japanese Proverb

We are anyway fools whether we opt to dance or not, so it's a wise decision to dance and have some fun.

7. Albert Einstein


The only difference between a genius and a stupid is that a genius has its limits, but a stupid don't.

8. Edgar Allan Poe


I'm impressed with most about the fools' self-confidence, and you can't beat their self-confidence at all.

9. Josh Billings

You can't convince a fool that he is wrong. Instead, it would help if you let him believe everything he wants, and this is the only way you can convince him.

10. George Orwell


When you opt to throw a joke at someone, it doesn't mean that you're downgrading him. Instead, you're letting him know the person is already degraded.

11. Alan Dundes

We all believe that light runs faster than sound. That's why whenever someone makes his first appearance seems bright until he speaks.

12. Mark Twain

A wise man doesn't need any advice as he knows what he needs, but a stupid man requires every bit of guidance.

13. Anatole France


You can't fault a human when he acts foolishly after pretending to be wise, as it's the fault of humanity.

14. Dennis Wholey

Expecting someone to respect your sentiments because you're a nice person is like expecting the lions not to harm you as you're a vegetarian.

15. Abraham Lincoln


It is better to keep quiet to make someone think you're a fool instead of removing all his doubts by speaking.

16. Welsh Proverb

We all will be kings if every fool you meet has to be a crown.

17. Charles Lamb


Every time April Fool's day comes, I think that number of fools has been increased dramatically.

18. Horace

Don't always try to be sane, but acting silly is also necessary.

19. Albert Smith

When you put too much pressure on your heart, tears come to rescue your heart.

20. Unknown

Why do people pretend to be so tired on April 1st?I think they took this route after spending 31 long days in March.

21. Unknown

No one can ever be perfect, but you can be closest to perfect if born in April.

22. English Proverb

April didn't come alone as it brought sunshine and rain with it.

23. Plato

You can't fault April fool's day as Gods also love jokes, and you can't also complain at all.

24. Unknown

You better not argue with stupids as they'll take you to their levels and then easily beat you with their experience.

25. Mark Twain

Do you know the main difference between a wise man and a fool?

A wise person opts to flatter the fool, but a stupid flatters himself.

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