Ai voice generator comes in handy when you intend to convert your text into speech. The best thing about this concept is that you can turn your text into any character's voice as if that person is interpreting whatever you're writing.

Surprisingly, voice changers have taken the AI voice generator to the next level. Now, you've got the leverage to speak in the microphone and then change the voice in real-time. You don't need to type a speech courtesy of the Voice changers. This post reveals the top 5 AI voice changer tools.

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Part 1: 3 Useful Tips to Choose A Suitable AI Voice Generator

Before selecting a suitable AI voice generator, you should keep in mind the following tips.

1. Voice Effects Quantity:

Remember, you should look for a tool that offers a more significant ai voice effects quantity. The benefit of opting for a tool with many voice effects is that you have various options to select from, which helps your purpose better.

2. Voice Customization:

If you can't adjust the audio, you can't create a perfect voice-over. For instance, if you intend to record a voice-over in a particular character's voice, but the pitch of the character's voice doesn't suit your purpose, you'll have to customize it.

3. Operating System:

When selecting an AI voice changer, look at that tool's compatibility. It has different benefits and disadvantages if you're looking for an online tool. For instance, it enables you to save your device storage but can compromise the quality.

On the other hand, PC software offers professional services, but you can't use this tool on your mobile device.

However, if you're using a mobile app, it won't be as functional as PC software, despite being portable.

to adjust their voice easily according to their liking.

Part 2: Pros and Cons: 5 Popular AI Voice Generators

1.1. MagicMic AI Voice Changer

The best real-time AI voice generator has to be the MagicMic. The best thing that happened to this voice changer is that it keeps on updating the features regularly. It has made multiple amendments since it's been released.

It is a flawless voice changer that allows apply various real-time voices (including human ai voices) while gaming and chatting online. Also, to record your audio or import audio from your PC to apply your favorite voice filters. Importantly, MagicMic has an effortless user interface and highly professional features that make it simple to generate and change your voice into Ai voice.

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Operating system:

Mac, Windows,Android and iOS.


You can't change your voice in real-time on iPhone and Android as it only allows you to record your voice and then apply a voice filter.But it is 100% free voice changer on phone.

Voice effects quantity

125+ voice filters, 600+ sound effects


  • Allows you to create your voice and customize it courtesy of the Voice Studio feature. Custom Ai voice as your will is available.

  • Let you import sound effects to play real-time.

  • Assign keybinds for sounds and voices controlling.

  • Works as an audio recorder and audio voice changer too.

User Rating:4.8

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2.Voicemod voice changer

Voicemod could be another brilliant AI voice generator that can turn your text into speech but differently. Using Voicemod, you'll need to speak in the microphone and add voice effects of your choice.It has various prolific voice filters, including Alien, Baby, Cave, Chipmunk, Crazy, Dark, Echo, and many more.However,sometimes,this voice generator will crash while using.

voicemod ai voice generator interface

Operating system:

Windows only

Voice effects quantity

65 voice filters and 300+ sound effects


  • Live voice effect demos

  • Supports all apps and modern games

  • Allows you to record your voice

  • Customize your voice

User Rating:4.3

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3.Voice Changer Plus

If you're looking for a voice changer for voice-over recordings on your iOS device, Voice Changer Plus won't be a bad idea. It is an excellent tool that lets you easily record your voice and apply your favorite voice filter.

Apart from adding several interesting voice filters, you've got the opportunity to edit the audio files once all the voice filters are added. The best thing about Voice Changer Plus is that it reveals new ways to make your recording top-notch.

voice changer plus ai voice generator interface

Operating system:


Voice effects quantity

50+ for audio voice change


  • It offers Voice recordings options

  • It enables you to trim the audio you record to apply a voice filter

  • It works as an audio editor offering sound effects

User Rating:4.4

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4.Live voice changer

Android users often find it too hard to get an appropriate AI voice generator. But, the arrival of Live Voice Changer has changed the dynamics altogether. It is an excellent voice changer that empowers you to alter your voice by recording it on this massive app.

Although you may find the user interface of Live Voice Changer a bit lazy, you can master it in a while. Live Voice Changer is a great way to record your voice, apply favor voice filters, and export that audio to multiple social media platforms.

live-voice changer app ai voice generator interface

Operating system:


Voice effects quantity

31 voice filters


  • It allows you to record voice-overs

  • Preview your voice recording before exporting it

  • You can customize your voice using the Live Voice Changer

User Rating:3.3

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Enough of installing the voice changer in the first place and then set it up, and then you'll be able to change your voice. That seems aims to end your misery as it stimulates the ability to change your voice without having to install an app. It can be a huge AI voice generator that empowers you to record your voice and then applies your preferred voice filters.

However, the quality of the audio you record on these online tools depends heavily on your microphone. On top of that, it doesn't ask you to do much. Instead, all you need to do is visit'' Voice and then record your voice and apply the voice filter. ai voice generator interface

Operating system:


Voice effects quantity

25+ voice filters


  • It allows you to add your voice filters

  • You can import the audio from your PC gallery to apply the voice filters

  • You can generate the speech from text courtesy of the text-to-speech feature

  • It offers dozens of voice filters

User Rating:4


Opting for the AI voice generator with real human ai voices has become relatively simple courtesy of the voice generators we've revealed in this post. Surprisingly, all the voice changers we've mentioned will help you change your voice on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

If you aspire to get the best option, you shouldn't ignore MagicMic Ai voice changer. It comes with a more excellent voice filter library than any other tool that makes the thing look simple for you.

  • 125+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 400+ Voice Effects and 150+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.