If you are a beginner who needs pro tips on Vlogging or is already a Vlogger but has failed to produce compelling Vlog Videos, let this article help you out.

We know that Vlogging is fun to watch but hard to create and manage. Therefore, we have come up with some exciting tips and tricks that can help you master the skill of Vlogging.

In this article, we are not only offering you pro tips on Vlogging, but we will also share with you fantastic tips for recording and promoting your vlogs. Moreover, at the end of the article, we will surprise you with a fantastic video editor.

6 Awesome Vlogging Tips And Tricks

On the one hand, Vlogging is fun. It is better than sitting idly at home and being a couch potato. However, when we flip the coin, the story is different. Vlogging is a time, energy, and cost-consuming task.

Most importantly, the competition in this field has increased during the last two years. Vlogging has become more than a hobby, and Vloggers are compelled to generate excellent content to beat the competition.

Without further ado, let us explore 10 pro tips on Vlogging that will help beginners and YouTubers create profound Vlogs with creative vlog ideas.

Tip#1: Engage With Your Audience On A Deeper Level:

Primarily, Vlogs are a medium through which you establish a friendly relationship with your audience. Therefore, as a vlogger, you need to interact with your audience on a heart-to-heart level.

In addition, keep in mind, your audience is the key to your Vlog's success. If you inspire them enough, they will give you the due credit; otherwise, they will run in the opposite direction.

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Trick: The trick is simple; just use a suitable tone to engage with your audience. You can do this by consistently delivering the content in a softer and friendlier tone. People watch Vlogs, relax, and have fun. Therefore, they prefer a polite and pleasant tone rather than the wild and harsh one.

Tip#2: Choose Trending Topics to Create Content:

The most effective tip is to leverage off from the trending topics to invite more likes and followers. The trending topics attract more audience than the topics that are not time relevant.

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Trick: The trick is to keep an eye on YouTube. As the world's second most visited video sharing platform, YouTube is the hub of trending content. As a Vlogger, you can learn all the current and popular trending topics on YouTube and become an instant hit.

On YouTube Trends, you can easily access the latest, real-time data from the following options:

  • YouTube Trending dashboard

  • Popular on YouTube page

  • Google Trends for YouTube

  • Keyword Tool for YouTube

Tip#3: Use Popular Formats Of Video Content:

The third tip is related to video format. Choose content for your Vlog that is based on the most popular formats of video content. Entertainment, informational, and educational is the most in-demand video formats. According to YouTube, these formats of content are most watched and appreciated.

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Trick: Now, the trick is how to use these formats to produce a mind-blowing Vlog. Yes, all three formats need a different approach, such as

  • The purpose of the entertainment video format is to entertain people.Therefore, entertainment vlogs should be fun and easy-going rather than severe or sensitive.

  • The purpose of the informational videos is to deliver information.Therefore, these vlogs should contain authentic and relevant content like news, current affairs, facts, etc.

  • The educational video content is made to teach, instruct, or guide people. Hence, the educational Vlogs should telecast tutorials, how-to guides, demos, etc.

Tip#4: SEO Optimize Your Channel:

This one is my favorite tip and the most effective one too. Due to the tough competition, it has been becoming challenging to rank your channel. You cannot depend and wait on your video content to rank naturally. Take the matters in your hands, optimize your content, and bring more traffic towards your Vlogs.

YouTube Video

Trick: The trick is to do it correctly. Well, initially, doing SEO optimization of your channel seems a difficult task to accomplish. However, the following strategy could make things easy for you,

  • Increase the number of videos on your channel. The more the content, the more is the chance to rank the channel.

  • Add videos constantly on the channel. YouTube algorithm likes regular uploads.

  • Create quality videos.Ensure to produce and upload videos in High Definition HD format to optimize your channel.

  • Optimize your video's metadatasuch as title, description, thumbnail, tags, and annotation. It will attract more traffic from related videos and search results.

  • Use the most important keywords. When creating a title, name, captions, etc., for your Vlog, try to enrich the written content with ranking keywords.

  • Generate the most attractive titles and catchy descriptions for your videos. It would compel people to click on the vlogs.

  • Upload custom thumbnails. Customized thumbnails are the best possible image, and they get your videos more clicks.

  • Tag your videos with the most appropriate, relevant, and accurate tags.

Tip#5: Promote Your Vlogs on Social Media:

For all those Vloggers who want to be seen and heard everywhere, we have a tip-up our sleeves. If you have social media accounts, use these platforms to promote your Vlog posts and boost engagement.

Social media networks enable you to interact with your audience, raise your Vlog recognition, attract traffic and improve ranking.

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Trick: Now, the trick is how you push your promotional efforts. For this purpose, keep in mind these simple moves.

  • At the end of each vlog, motivate viewers to subscribe to your channel, leave comments, and watch more of your vlogs.

  • Also, encourage viewers to follow you on social media or visit your webpage.


Don't forget to provide all your social media links and website address in the description of every vlog.

Tip#6: Use High-Quality Equipment Vlogging:

Vlogging is all about broadcasting high-quality videos. The high-resolution videos keep the viewers hooked. Try to shoot in 4K or at least in full HD resolution and MP4 format.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner, invest hard in equipment. If you already have the equipment, then it is time to re-evaluate your gear.

The needed equipment you need for Vlogging is:

  • Small Camera

  • Big Camera

  • Wide Lens

  • Microphone

  • Tripod

  • Selfie Stick

  • Backpack mount

  • Drone

  • Video Editing Software

Moreover, consider your basic shooting and audio plans. Then, decide whether your essential Vlogging kit could benefit from an additional tool such as an extra set of batteries or attachable lighting equipment.

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Trick: If you shoot your Vlogs at night, choose a camera and lens appropriate for low-light conditions. Additionally, suppose you are making a vlog in crowded urban areas. In that case, you should also consider buying an attachable microphone to block extra background noises.

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Tips for Recording Your Vlog

To get to the top and stay there, you will need to focus on every aspect of vlogging, including video recording. Here are some fantastic vlogging tips that you should consider when you are recording your vlogs.

Utilize The First 15 Seconds To Pique The Viewer's Interest:

Every year, the human attention span is becoming shorter. Therefore, if you want your visitors to watch your vlogs all the way through, you must make the opening 15 seconds of your video as compelling as possible. The most effective method to do this is to utilize the first 15 seconds to pique the viewer's interest and make them curious.

Look At The Lens And Not On The Screen:

When you are using a flip screen camera, the screen distracts you. Looking at the screen and not looking at the camera lens makes viewers feel like you are not talking to them. It is very significant to make your viewers feel like you are talking to them directly. This way, they feel important and relate to your video more.

Talk With Your Viewers As You Talk With Your Friends.

Be yourself. Stop being camera shy and talk to your viewers in a friendlier tone. Be spontaneous and relax. Naturally, interact with your audience. Your vlog will become more personable this way, and viewers will enjoy and share your video more.

Tips for Promoting Your Vlog

Promotion plays a significant part in the success of your vlog channel. Millions of subscribers do not just appear overnight. We have to promote our videos to bring in more traffic and to get more followers. Here are our best tips for promoting your vlogs.

  • Leave insightful comments on other people's vlogs and blogs. If they like your comment, they will also check your vlog.

  • Use all your social media platforms to promote your vlogs and YouTube channel.

  • Collaborate with other vloggers to cross-promote each other to your viewers.

  • Build your brand and market your brand to attract more viewership and sponsors.

  • Complete your YouTube channel profile to boost your brand and rank higher on YouTube.

  • Create the most intriguing titles and most eye-catching thumbnails to attract people.

  • Look for feedback for personal growth or keep an eye on YouTube analytic reports.

  • At the end of your video, remind viewers to share, comment, and subscribe to your channel.

Introduction to iMyFone Filme Vlog Editor

To help you create eye-catching vlog episodes, we recommend you try iMyFone Filme. It is the best and easiest video editing software. It includes all the tools you need to make your vlog look great: built-in intros, title styles, effects, and cool transitions. Moreover, you can experiment with the picture-in-picture effect, one-click video tool, animation, and much more. Try iMyFone Filme Video Editor now and become a top Vlogger!

Some of the key features of iMyFone Filme are:

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  • 110+ transitions, 170+ video effects: Let you transform your Vlogs.

  • One-click video editing option. Edit your video with a single click.

  • Beginner-friendly software. Trim, cut, rotate, split, slow down, or speed up a video easily.

  • 20+ instant modes, 50+ audio. Let you use built-in themes and soundtracks.

  • Fast Video Mode. Enables you to use elegant, in-built templates.

  • Picture-in-picture effect. Allows you to combine and display two videos on one screen.

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How to Edit Your Vlogs using iMyFone Filme

Editing videos through this software is a piece of cake or a walk in a garden. Even for amateurs vloggers, this tool is straightforward to use. Furthermore, this software is even light on the pocket. Let's see how it works,

Step 1: Upload or Import Video on the Timeline to Edit it.

Either drag or drop your video that you want to edit to the timeline or click the plus button available on the timeline and add your media file from there.

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Step 2: Apply changes to your Videos to Make Them Look Stunning.

Edit the video according to your need and make them splashy using numerous resources and options available on the Filme interface.

You can add filters, effects, transitions, music, texts, or apply fast video mode OR picture-in-picture effects to edit your Vlog videos efficiently.

Step 3: Preview your progress and visit the 'editing window' to edit some more.

In a preview window, you can check, do basic editing, and set project details such as ratio, resolution, and speed. Furthermore, you can open the editing window and change your video's brightness, contrast, etc.

Step 4: Export and Save Your Stunning Videos.

Click on the export button available beside the timeline; save your videos on your computer or any other device.

See! How easy it was to edit your videos through iMyFone Filme Vlog Editor. Just in a few clicks, you have created content that will surely help you be recognized as a top vlogger.

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