In the current scenario, YouTube acts as the best entertaining platform in the digital space. You can find options to create slideshows using personal photos or videos on this platform. Publish it and share the link with your friends and family members. In this article, you will learn how to make a slideshow on YouTube flawlessly. It is the perfect time to hunt for the right images and recordings to create an innovative slideshow in the free environment of YouTube to obtain a nostalgic experience. Step into this content to enlighten with persuasive facts about the flawless making of slideshows.

Part 1: How to Make A Slideshow on YouTube?

The giant online entertainer YouTube provides a free space for the users to create a slideshow for personal and professional use. You can build a YouTube slideshow in no time due to its user-friendly environment. It is enough you upload your favourite clicks and edit them by inserting the perfect transition and audio. Finally, publish it for the public and private views. You can quickly complete the process without any hassle. A detailed stepwise guideline on how to make a slideshow on YouTube is available below for your reference.

Step 1: First, you must log in to the YouTube account using the correct credentials

youtube login

Step2: In the home screen, tap the ‘Create’ button below the ‘Photo Slideshow’ displayed at the right bottom.

photo slideshow

Step 3: In the left panel of the screen, you can find controls to upload an image from your local drive. Directly upload the image from Google photos to this slideshow environment effortlessly.


Step 4: After uploading the desired pictures, you must rearrange according to your requirement. It is enough if you drag and drop the images manually to set the correct order for your slideshow. Then tap the ‘Next button.


Step 5: You can edit the slides by adding music, transitions, and effects. Personalize the slides to make them interactive. When you had completed the editing process, press the ‘Upload’ button at the bottom right.


Step 6: Edit the attributes like slideshow title, tag, description etc. After giving the essential details about the slideshow, you can tap the ‘Publish’ button at the top right side of the screen.


Thus, you had successfully created the YouTube slideshow and published it on this entertaining platform for public and private views.

Part 2: Disadvantages of YouTube Slideshow

This free YouTube slideshow maker has related, cons and it must be fixed for better outcomes. If you take a closer look at this slideshow maker, you will figure out many flaws. Here are the few disadvantages faced while creating an impressive slideshow on YouTube.

  • There are no options to upload personalized music, audio files in the slides. You must use the default files available in this space. The limited collections restrict your creative skill when building a professional slideshow for official use.
  • The transition effects for the slides are very few. It is impossible to build a persuasive slideshow using the simple transition effects at this free platform.
  • Limited editing options are available with the inserted texts. It allows the inserted texts to float on the slides, and there are no unique features to implement on it.

You can find only limited editing tools and personalizing factors, and it is hard to create a professional slideshow using this free YouTube slideshow maker. To satisfy your needs, you must look for an alternative in the commercial space.

Part 3: 3 Best YouTube Slideshow Makers

In this section, you will study the best YouTube slideshow creators. There is an immense collection of sophisticated tools available in the digital space. Discover the right ones below.

iMyFone Filme

An outstanding slideshow maker assists you to build professional slides in no time using its built-in features. It is the perfect time to recollect the nostalgic moments back again using the Filme tool. A reliable tool with flawless functionalities to explore.

    Features of Filme

  • You can find stunning editing options for the slides in this application. Excellent collections of transitions are available to create a lively slide for the slideshow.
  • Insert personalized texts to your slideshow in no time. You can also add effects to the texts, and persuade the viewers.
  • You can upload perfect audio tracks to accompany the transitions of the slide effectively.
  • All the editing tools are available for easy reach, and you do not have to spend more time.
  • Filme assists you to work on every detail in the slideshow effortlessly. Simple clicks are sufficient to carry out desired tasks on the slides.
  • Guiding tutorials are available to enlighten the newbie users. You can access it easily to master this incredible tool.
  • All the media files import into this platform easily despite file size. It is compatible with all types of file format.


yes Simple user interface and allows hassle-free slideshow creation.

yes Excellent editing options to obtain professional results.

yes You can find surplus tutorials to guide the newbie users.


no Purchase the perfect subscription as per your needs to access all the features of the product. The purchased tool helps you to edit the videos without any watermarks.

How to Make a Slideshow

YouTube Video


This slideshow maker is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It is a free application, and you can create slideshows using your favourite images and videos. This slideshow maker ensures a high-quality presentation without any compromises. You can personalize the slides depending on your needs effortlessly.

    Features of Movavi

  • It is compatible with a wide range of file formats supporting images and video files.
  • There are options to edit the image and video files before you insert them into the slideshow.
  • The custom captioning option allows you to include desired texts on the slides to make them interactive.


yes Simple user interface and allows hassle-free slideshow creation.

yes Excellent editing options to obtain professional results.


no The subscription fee seems to be expensive to access the full feature of this product.



A fun-filled slideshow maker is applicable for Android and iOS devices. You can find many editing options in this tool. This app is exclusively available to create slideshows for Instagram feed. You can effortlessly accomplish desired activities using this simple tool. You can find a wide range of editing options to work on the media files.


  • Customize the slideshow with your favourite music tracks.
  • You can post the slideshows effortlessly on the Instagram feed.
  • Resize pictures and images in the vertical format compatible with the Instagram guidelines.


yes Easy to work on this platform

yes Quickly access to customizable controls to obtain desired results.


no The free version is not sufficient to create a professional slideshow.

no You must purchase a suitable scheme to access the full feature of this application.


The above-discussed slideshow makers are reliable, and you can select the best one that fulfils your expectations without any compromises. They are unique in their way and displays special features to satisfy the desires of the users. Connect with the right tool to build sophisticated slideshows for your needs.

Part 4: How to Make YouTube Slideshow with Filme?

Here, you can get some insight on the stepwise procedure to create YouTube Slideshow using an effective tool iMyFone Filme. This innovative platform assists you to build an outstanding slideshow piece by working beyond your imagination limits. It is the perfect space to try your creative ideas and give life to your nostalgic clicks precisely.

Steps to build YouTube Slideshow with the help of iMyFone Filme tool

Step 1: Optimal Download

Visit the webpage of the iMyFone Filme app and download the perfect version of the tool. You can either go for Windows or Mac based on your system OS needs. Download the tool and install it carefully. Soon after the installation process, register with the iMyFone Filme app by entering the Registration code and Licensed Email. You will get these credentials when you purchase the desired scheme in accessing this tool.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Get 1-Month FREE License (Limited Time)  

Step 2: Launch the tool

Open the app by double-tapping the tool icon. On the front page of the app, choose the ‘Fast Video’ mode option. You will witness the display of seven different templates that assists you in the slideshow making process. Choose the desired template according to your theme and press the ‘Add Media’ button available at the bottom right.


Step 3: Import media file

Click the cursor anywhere on the page and press the ‘Import’ option to drag the desired media files on to this working space. After adding enough media files to occupy your slideshow, arrange the order as per your needs. Based on any story or related creative ideas, you can move the media files by the simple drag and drop method.

import media

Step 4: Export the stunning slideshow

Next, hit the ‘Clock’ icon to set the time duration for each slide to appear in the slideshow. Add time values to the slides, and finally press the ‘Export’ button to move your slideshow to any desired location.

export stunning slideshow

You can upload the slideshow to your YouTube account effortlessly after completing the above-discussed procedure.

While adding the media files to the working space, you have options to edit the files. You can crop, trim, rotate, add special effects, insert music files. If you are interested to edit the media files, you can use the editing tools optimally.

There are options to preview the media files with the selected template for your comforts before the export. This convenient program helps the users to build constructive slideshows without any issues. Every step adds value to your slideshow, and you can create a sensible display of images effortlessly.

To acquire high-quality results, use high-definition media files. When you play the slideshow consisting of quality files, you will get a realistic view of the images. It is the best space to give life to your media files. The iMyFone Filme app adopts a unique approach to create a slideshow for the user’s needs.

Final Words

Thus, you are in the last lines about the discussion on YouTube slideshow creation using the innovative applications in the digital space. You can use the reliable tool to create an impressive slideshow for your needs. The iMyFone Filme app plays a vital role in the making of amazing slideshows for both personal and professional use. Make use of the guidelines to develop a flawless slideshow using iMyFone Filme. It is enough if you follow the instructions carefully to end up with the desired outcomes. Connect with this article to discover the new horizons in the Slideshow creations.