Windows and MacOS allow its users to capture screen activity using in-built tools and other third-party screen-recording apps. If you are a professional in need to record your screen for presentation at work, or a YouTube content creator who wants to upload a video on YouTube for their fan base, or a software developer uploading a tutorial video on YouTube, then the inbuilt and screen recording apps will be of great help. When it comes to editing the videos and producing high-quality videos. Here are a few steps on how to do a screen recording on windows or mac.

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Part 1: How to Do A Screen Recording on Windows 10 with the Windows Game Bar [with Shortcut Key]

The built-in screen recording feature in Windows 10 is designed to record games played on the PC or ones streamed from Xbox One. However, it is not only limited to the Game Bar but can also be used to capture screen activity from different applications, except the desktop and the file explorer. The video generated is saved as an MP4 file and can be uploaded anywhere on the preference of the user. On other occasions, it will be saved under the videos folder in the captures subfolder. In case it’s a game, you will find them under the Game DVR menu, one can trim and then share it on the game live.

click on setting in windows

Step 1. To set up the screen recording feature, go to Settings, click on Gaming then click on Game bar, check the box for Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar.The user can change the keyboard shortcuts for opening the Game Bar, recording videos, and taking screenshots. The feature allows users to record activity in most applications except on the desktop, File Explorer, and Windows apps such as Weather.

use windows gaming to record screen

Step 2. On the screen, to be recorded, click on Win + G keypads simultaneously to open the Game bar. Several widgets will be on the screen with the options for taking screenshots, recording videos, and broadcasting. Click the start recording button. Win + Alt + R is the shortcut used to start recording instead of going through the widgets on the bar.

set up screen recording feature on game bar

After clicking the screen recording option, the widgets disappear. They are replaced by a small floating bar on the upper-right corner of the screen, where you can control the recording. To stop the recording, click on the recording button on the floating bar

keyboard shortcut for screenshot in windows

Step 3. Set up Video Settings. Once you finish recording, a notification will appear to inform you that the game clip was recorded. Click on the notification, file explorer will open the location of the recorded clip. The clip can be viewed or uploaded to the desired destination.

Part 2:How to Do a Screen Recording on Windows 10 Using PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint to create a video or record your screen is relatively easy. The only problem is that you need a Microsoft 365 subscription and a Microsoft desktop for it to work. It does not with the online-only version.

Step 1.After opening a PowerPoint file, click Insert on the menu bar > click screen recording button that is located on the Media panel to the far right.

locating the screen recorder option in powerpoint

Step 2. The screen dims white, a toolbar appears along the screen’s top center edge. To record the entire screen press Win + Shift + F keys simultaneously. If you want to record a specific area, then click the Select Area button, and using your mouse, draw a box around the area to be recorded. The area is outlined with a red dashed line and empty of the white transparency.

Step 3. Press Win + Shift + R keys simultaneously or the Record button

use powerpoint screen recording

Step 4. To halt the recording, click Pause – it is used instead of the Record button. Click the Stop button at the end of the capture.

Step 5. The video will be displayed within PowerPoint. Click on it to save the recording then, select Save Media As an option on the pop-up menu. Follow the prompts to successfully save the recording.

Once done, you can save the video as a separate file to embed and access as preferred. It is a challenge editing and controlling the video after, but the screen recording method is for quick and dirty recording needs, especially in the event where you are doing it for a looming presentation. PowerPoint offers video enhancing tools such as changing the shape of the video, adding visual effects like glow, shadows, and more, and adding borders, they come in hand in presenting a well-organized screen recorded video.

Part 3: Record Your Screen in macOS Using the Capture Tool

MacOS comes with its screen recording features on MacOS Mojave and MacOS Catalina.

Step 1. After opening the window you want to record, press Shift + Command + 5, the command opens the capture tool.

Step 2. The toolbar appears on the screen with two sets of buttons, the first set includes three on the left, that are used to capture screenshots and two in the middle that is used for recording the screen. It also gives you options to capture the entire screen (button on the left), a selected portion of the screen (button on the right). Follow by clicking the record button – if the tool was originally on screenshot mode it replaces the capture which is located on the right.

record screen in mac

Step 3. On the options button, choose where the recording will be saved and initiate a timer to start recording. Always check and confirm the option to use your Mac’s microphone, whether you are recording external audio or your voice.

Step 4. To begin recording, click Record entire screen or a selected portion. The recording button appears on the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click on the button to stop the recording and a thumbnail of your recording will be added to your computer. To play the recording, double-click on the screen recording file.

screen recording button in mac

Part 4: Record Your Screen in macOS Using QuickTime Player

If you are using MacOS versions older than Mojave, you can record your screen directly from QuickTime for basic screen and audio recording. QuickTime Player does not offer easy editing options, but if you want you are in a hurry and you want a simple screen recording in Mac then QuickTime will be of aid to you.

It is also available on Catalina and Big Sur.

Step 1. Open QuickTime Player from the Launchpad. In case you do not see it, check under the “other” folder.

Step 2. On the menu bar, click the file after opening the app.

Step 3. On the drop-down menu, click the New Screen Recording option

new screen recording in mac

Step 4. The first time, you will be prompted by the computer to open System Preferences to grant permission to the QuickTime Player to record your screen. Open your settings, check the box next to QuickTime Player. You may be prompted to restart the inbuilt feature, if not prompted move to step 6.

allow screen recording in mac

Step 5. When the feature opens, click on the new screen recording on the file menu.

Step 6. The capture toolbar has two sets of buttons: two in the middle for recording the screen and three on the left to capture a screenshot.

To add or remove click sounds made by the mouse, use the microphone and locate where the video will be saved, use the options button.

Step 7. Click the record selected portion or entire screen button followed by the record button on the right.

Step 8. When you finish recording, on the menu bar, click the stop recording button. Alternatively, if your Mac has a Touch Bar, tap the appropriate symbol.

Step 9. To save the recording, on the drop-down menu, click Save. Choose an appropriate location (if you had not), choose an appropriate name for the recording, and click save.

Part 5: Best All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor - iMyFone Filme (Win&Mac)

iMyFone Filme

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iMyFone Filme editor is a video editing software that allows users to record screen, make movie trailers, movies, and music videos in a very easy and simple manner. In fact, it is one of the best ways to record screen with simple beginner- friendly features. It has very eye-catching features and advantages.

    Key Features

  • It is easy to use and navigate especially for beginners.
  • Allows users to edit videos right after screen recording, by trimming, adding texts, using effects, and music tracks to their recorded videos.
  • Users do not have to use other apps to edit the screen-recorded video.
  • It is Generation Z’s cup of tea especially because most of them got into YouTube over the pandemic to keep themselves busy. The editor came in handy to help with their editing needs.
  • It has a free trial for a month and a lifetime license where you pay $59.95 and you will not pay monthly or yearly. The subscription can only be used on one computer at a time. iMyFone Filme editor can be used on both Windows PC and MacOS.

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How to screen record with iMyFone Filme

Step 1. Install and launch an iMyFone Filme editor that is compatible with your operating system, either for Windows or MacOS on your computer.

screen recording button in filme

Step 2. With three clicks, the user will have screen recorded what they require. Click on the record screen button that is right next to the audio button. Adjust the size and position of the window before recording. On the lower right of the screen, there is a record button that has the pause option and time to indicate the length of the recording. Click on it and Filme will start to record. Once you are done, click on the record button to stop.

Step 3. The recording goes to the media importing section, drags the video to the timeline for editing such as cropping, scaling, splitting, and trimming.

editing the video on timeline

Step 4. On the home button on the toolbar click on effects to add effect templates and filters based that are on the editor to enhance your video and finally add music that you prefer and is suitable to your video.

adding effects and music on video

Step 5. Click on the share button that allows you to share directly to your Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

export and share your screen recording videos in filme

iMyFone Filme is a well-designed best among top screen recorders & video editors that allows users to record their screens to meet their needs. It is efficient and effective. It gives the users an easy time when navigating through the app, with easy steps, users achieve high-quality videos, well-edited and exported, and the videos are saved to the preferred destination of the user. Screen recording in built tools and applications are easy to use and have high quality outputs.

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iMyFone Filme

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