Gone are the days when posting compelling videos on Twitter was a tough task. Thanks to the advancements in tech, you can now easily edit Twitter videos and impress your friends and followers.

Narrowing down the best tools for editing Twitter videos isn’t an easy task given the online world is full of such applications. That’s why we’ll look at the best Twitter edit video software available in 2021.

Try out these apps on your Windows, Mac, or smartphone and identify which one best meets your requirements.

Part 1. How to Edit Twitter Video Online

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing third-party video editors, here are the two most promising online tolls to edit Twitter video.

1.BeeCut Online Video Editor

As simple as its interface may appear, BeeCut offers all the important features that let you edit videos for Twitter like a pro. With just a few clicks, you can create an amazing video to share with your followers without spending a single penny.

It has a wide array of features to boast of including trim, zoom, merge, adjust speed, cut, split, combine, amazing text overlay styles and subtitles, extract audio, and remove watermark.

Here’s how you use this online service to edit Twitter videos:

Step 1

Head to the official BeeCut Online Video Editor and you’ll see various features on the Welcome screen.

beecut online video editor welcome screen

Step 2

Hit on the video editing feature you want and then, import the video by clicking on the “+” option.

beecut online video editor import video

Step 3

The program will display the preferred functions you can use. Choose your preferred option and hit on Start Processing to make an exciting video and save the output file.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is another powerful online video editing platform that allows you to edit and create exciting videos online. Its simple and intuitive interface fits the needs of users looking for basic editing tools.

Using Kapwing, you can resize, loop, trim Twitter videos, and add exciting filters and make stop motions. It also lets you create slideshows and videos from images. What’s more, you can add audio to the video and adjust the voice to make your video more energetic.

Check out yourself how to use this program:

Step 1

Go to Kapwing and hit on Start Editing on the Home page.

kapwing home page

Step 2

Now, use the Click to Upload option to browse and load the Twitter video you want to edit.

kapwing upload media

Step 3

When it’s loaded, you’ll see tons of basic to professional editing options you can apply to the video.

kapwing edit video

Step 4

Once you’re done editing, hit on Export Video and choose the output format to save the final product on your computer.

Part 2. How to Edit Twitter Video on Mobile

Below are the two great and inexpensive video editing apps both Android and iOS users can rely on to edit video on Twitter.

1. Android - VidTrim

Having over 10 million installs, VidTrim has been one of the most popular Android video editors for quite some time now. It’s designed to speed up the editing process and allow users to create enthralling videos without spending too much time.

It impresses users with its ability to trim, rotate, merge, and apply cool and amazing effects on Twitter videos. Moreover, you can transcode video clips and convert them into MP3 format.

Follow the below step to use VidTrim:

Step 1

Download the free version of VidTrim from Google Play Store and launch it.

Step 2

Now, you can use any of its features to customize the videos. For instance, tap on the Video Merge icon to combine various video clips.

Step 3

Now, browse the Twitter video/s you want to merge.

vidtrim merge

Step 4

Finally, tap on the Save option at the top bar and choose the output video quality. It will be saved in your Gallery.

vidtrim export video

Similarly, you can use any of its features effortlessly to edit video Twitter

2. iOS - VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor leads the pack when it comes to editing videos on your iPhone or iPad. It is by far one of the most useful, free iOS apps to edit and create super-cool videos.

It comes with all the basic and professional video editing features to test your editing creativity. Having millions of users, it offers over fifty movie-sensitive filters, many built-in transition modes and animal presets, picture-in-picture effects, reverse video features, 6 zoom modes, and many more advanced editing tools.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use this app:

Step 1

Install VN Video Editor from App Store and open it on your iPhone.

Step 2

On the Home interface, you can choose any preferred template, font, or filter as you wish.

vn video editor home interface

Step 3

Now, tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and then, tap New Project to import the video/s you want to edit.

vn video editor import

Step 4

Use the editing features at the bottom tab to customize your video and when it’s done, hit on the Export icon to save it in your Photos app.

Part 3. How to Edit Twitter Video on Windows/Mac

In the last section, we will walk you through a step-by-step procedure on how to edit Twitter videos on your Mac or Windows PC.

1. Windows - iMyFone Filme [Hot]

iMyFone Filme is the industry standard tool when it comes to editing Twitter videos on Windows. Used by both beginners and professionals, Filme has got all the stellar video editing features that cement its position as a top-notch video editing software.

It’s efficient, easy to use, and includes tons of superior filters, video effects, transitions, themes, and built-in templates and animations. Its simple and intuitive interface helps you get the most out of this powerful video editing tool.

Here’s how you use iMyFone Fime:

Step 1

After downloading and installing iMyFone Filme, launch it on your computer.

Step 2

Use the ‘import media” option to load the Twitter video you need to edit.

filme import media

Step 3

Now, hit on the “+” sign on the video to load it to Filme’s timeline.

video timeline filme

Step 4

Select the video in the timeline and then, apply unlimited video effects to enhance its appearance.

Step 5

Once you’re done editing, hit on Export > Export Video at the top tab to download the final product to your computer.

filme export video

That’s how simple it is to use iMyFone Filme. That’s the reason why it has been the most sought-after video editor in 2021.

Watch this video to learn how to use various features of this remarkable video editing software.

2. Mac - MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip is a top-ranked, multi-featured video editor for Mac that lets users create cool video effects with just a few clicks. Apart from basic video editing features like trim, cut, set In/Out points, crop, MPEG Streamclip also acts as a powerful video converter.

It boasts of a wide array advanced editing and converting features like converting videos into multiplexing and de-multiplexing files and encoding them into different formats. Check out how to use this amazing software:

Step 1

Download MPEG Streamclip for Mac from the official site.

Step 2

Once downloaded, drag and drop it from the DMG to the Applications folder and you are good to go.

Step 3

Now, launch the program and use the File option to import the Twitter video file you need to edit.

Step 4

You can now apply the modifications or video effects on the specific video file using the Edit option at the top tab.

mpeg streamclip edit

Step 5

Once done, choose the preferred export format to save it on your computer.

mpeg streamclip export


Editing Twitter videos like a pro can be challenging but it has become easier than ever with the use of the aforementioned video editing apps. Now, whenever you need to edit and create super-amazing Twitter videos, install any of the apps and tailor the Twitter videos to your needs.

As for our recommendation goes, you should rely on iMyFone Filme for quick and easy video making on Windows PC. Its rich appearance and tons of editing feature to broaden up your creativity and enrich your Twitter videos.

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