When we are uploading an IGTV video on our Instagram story, we always think it is for a particular person to see. But the only thing is that we never know who sees our posts and who hasn't. Due to this reason, a lot of people have searched the whole internet, and still, some of them couldn't find the answer to this question. Here, I have come up with ways to show you how you can see who viewed your IGTV videos. Just read the article till the end, and you will find the solution to your problem. All your questions are answered here.

Can You See Who Views Your IGTV Videos?

Wondering who viewed your IGTV videos and who is still left to see them? This question would have crossed your mind a lot of times 'how to see who viewed your IGTV video?' 

Want to get more likes, comments, or even views on your IGTV videos? I have come up with the best editing software that allows you to create a masterpiece in minutes and see how many views you get. It is called iMyFone FilmeDownload iMyFone Filme on PC now.

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Well, need not worry as I have the steps that help you see who viewed your IGTV videos.

Step 1: Go to your IGTV channel:

First of all, open your IGTV channel and the post that you just updated. You will see that the total number of views is given at the left bottom. Instagram TV lets you know how many views you have.

can you see igtv views

Step 2: click the views:

When you click on the views written at the left bottom, it will automatically take you to the 'views and like' tab. From there, you can see the total amount of people that viewed your IGTV video.

Instagram lets you know exactly how many views you have, but you can never see who they were. So the answer to your question 'can you see who viewed your IGTV?' is no, you cannot view.

can you see igtv views and likes

The steps given up were the steps that just show you the total number of people that viewed your Instagram video, but you cannot ever see who exactly viewed it. So, if you see any posts about whether or not you can view your IGTV video, don't ever get scammed. Neither you can see who viewed your IGTV video or how long ago; that is impossible. This is the only thing that doesn't include in Instagram features and is not even that necessary.

Hopefully, you got the answer to this question. There are a lot of questions, too, but they were not necessary, so I have not added them.

Why Instagram Won't Tell You Who Watches Your IGTV Videos?

There is a globally asked question, 'can I see who viewed my IGTV?' well, the answer to that question is that no, you will never know who sees your IGTV video, just the number of views will be given, nothing else.

Now, let's head to the topic. People frequently ask this question, that why Instagram won't let them see who views their video. Well, in my opinion, it is related to privacy. If you think of it in this way, whenever you see someone's video, and they get to know about it even when you didn't want to, it can cause a problem. Or you can think about it the same as people looking at your search Google history. Would you want that? I think not. That's why Instagram won't let you know who does or doesn't view your IGTV video. If people started to know about you viewing their page, don't you think that you would never view their video again? In this way, their number of views would lose as well. Instagram protects that as well.

Apps to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

You will find a lot of apps on the internet that says that they will let you see who viewed your IGTV video. But in reality, they are all scams. Don't ever fall into their traps! You never know which app contains viruses and can ruin your phone system.

1. Profile+ Followers & Profiles Tracker

This app is really helpful. It allows you to go see who views your IGTV video. This app is really helpful for the sole purpose of tracking the people that follow, unfollows, and blocks you. This app gives a notification when an activity is found on your Instagram.

2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

If you are a curious person like me who wants to know who views your IGTV video, this app is for you. This app allows you to see who stalks you at the exact time. It is like you are stalking their stalking moves. Isn't it fun? Try using this app, and let me know your thoughts.

Pro Tip: Get More Views for IGTV Videos with Best Video Editor

Want to get more likes, comments, or even views on your IGTV videos? I have come up with the best editing app that allows you to create a masterpiece in minutes and see how many views you get. This app is known as iMyFone Filme.

Filme is known to be the best editing app where ever you. This app allows you to make a masterpiece within a few minutes with the help of the pre-prepared templates, filters, texts, transitions, and audio, whatever catches the user's attention.

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Key Features:

  • This software is really easy to use.

  • You can edit your videos quickly and of high quality with the help of this software.

  • This software is mainly for us Instagrammers, gen-Z, millennials for editing videos.

  • You can easily transition your videos from the already present 110+ transitions.

  • Adding audios is also possible from the 50+ audios already present in this software.

  • You can add filters of your choice with the texts with various styles and colors.

How to Edit your Instagram before posting using iMyFone Filme:

Here I will show you the exact steps you can use to edit your video before posting it on any social media account.

#Step 1. Upload your video for Instagram:

First of all, upload the video you want for your Instagram to the given software.

#Step 2. Add Your Subtitles:

Here in this software, you can add your texts or subtitles, whatever you like, to your video to make it fun to watch.

Tip: Always add eye-catching texts like add a caption 'look at the man at the back' this will take the viewer's attention to that particular man, and they will start looking for the man.

text edition style

#Step 3. Add transitions, filters, music, and text:

You can add transitions to your videos by choosing from the pre-made 110+ transitions present in this software. Filme has one of the epic transitions you will ever find. Every transition is better than the previous one. You can also add filters, or choose and audio from the 50+ already present there or add your audio.

convert videos in filme

#Step 4. Export and share it on IGTV:

Once you are done and satisfied with your work, you can easily save it from the options present there. When you save the masterpiece you created, there also comes an option to share. You can share it with others if you want. You can also share it on your IGTV and grow more views on IGTV

export videos in filme

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you, and all your questions have been answered.

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