Officially, the first step at the beginning of the person's last journey is their funeral service. It is said that the funeral service is essential for the peaceful departure of the leaving soul. However, a healthy funeral service is equally vital for the peace of grieving hearts.

The concept of the memorial service is to treasure the happy memories of the departed. It is the last gift we give to our loved ones.

This post will help you turn a sad and boring memorial service into a healthy and meaningful last goodbye.

Inspiration for Your Legacy Video or Funeral Slideshow

To honor your loved one's life, create a legacy video or an inspirational slideshow that depicts their story of life. Following things will inspire you for your slideshow or video,

1. Memorial Slideshow

Memorial slideshows are very effective in portraying the actual life of your loved one. Watching our loved ones' significant events and beautiful journey through their photos and video clips remind us how special they were.

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2. Military Video Tribute

Military personnel, the one who is a real hero, deserves a special tribute. Honor a loved one who served his/her country by making a military tribute video for them. Put together photos of their time when they served on active duty or had fun with their comrades. Include text to celebrate their legacy.

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3. Pet Memorial

The departure of your beloved pet is very heart wrenching. We could make an adorable and heartwarming memorial video to watch whenever we'll miss them. We should combine funny pictures and naughty video clips in a slideshow to make a pet memorial video.

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10 Unusual Things to Include for a Meaningful Funeral Slideshows

Everyone can create a slideshow for the funeral. However, to pay a memorable tribute to a loved one – you should create a slideshow that becomes an heirloom. To make a knockout slideshow, which will be treasured for years to come, you have to include the following unusual things in it:

1. The Helping Captions

The captions help people to understand the picture better. Write a caption underneath every picture telling the time, people, place, and occasion of the photos.

2. The Handwriting of the deceased

The person's handwriting is a depiction of his personality. Take a picture of your loved one's handwriting and include it in the slideshow to make it more real.

3. Personal Stories

Nothing tells more about the person than the stories he leaves behind. Take advantage of this unscheduled gathering and ask family and friends to tell little stories about the loved one. Include these stories as a voice-over on the picture slideshow.

4. Any poem, quote or saying

Often randomly, people say things or scribble poems while in deep thought. If you remember any wisdom quotes or poems written by your loved one, include that to honor their wisdom.

5. The fantastic old videos

Videos are best to bring up the memories of the person. Look in the old storage for a recorded video of the deceased 1st birthday or school day. The innocence of those early videos will capture several hearts.

6. All the keepsakes

People keep cards and letters that they receive from their loved ones as a memory. Usually, parent also keeps their kids' first artwork secure somewhere. Search for these and use these memories to demonstrate how loved and valued the person was in life.

7. The Narration

If the slideshow is lengthy, you could also use narration to tell the story. A person close to the loved one could do a voice-over on the slideshow and explain the pictures and events unfolding in the video.

8. More about the person, then the slideshow

The foremost important thing is to remember that the service and activities are not about the planner or the people. They are about the loved one we have lost. Therefore, the focus of the slideshow should be the deceased's interests, dreams, and life.

9. Burn it to DVD

The stunning slideshow, in which you have recorded all the happy memories of the person's life, should be saved for life. You should burn it to DVD and put a name on it. Family and friends will probably ask for their copy, so keep it correctly to watch later or share with others.

10. Share it over the internet

Some of the close friends and family always miss the event because of some other obligations. For that, we have internet sharing. You can either live-stream the video through the internet or share the customized slideshow later via email or WhatsApp.

How to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One in a Tribute Video

Personalized memorial service is more meaningful and beautiful. One of the finest tradition to personalize your loved one's memorial service is through a tribute or memorial video.

The following steps will make it easier for you to make a powerful tribute video,


Decide on the content and idea of your video

The theme of the video should be the core of a person's life. It should be the collection of a person's photos and videos.

Select the appropriate background songs

The songs should connect with the video. The mood and meaning of the songs should be relevant to the theme of the video. Appropriate songs make sure the atmosphere suitable for different occasions, for instance, provided that you want to celebrate your kids' growing up, you wouldn't choose sad songs and vice versa. Choose songs for kids growing up or songs for family for some heart warming and sweet moments. Picking sad songs for funeral slideshow helps your family express and relieve sadness.

Choose the right software for editing

We recommend you to use iMyFone Filme, an online software. It is beginner-friendly and has all the right features to make strong video content.

Choose a lovely slideshow template

There are many templates available on iMyFone Filme. You have to select the one that you find appealing and relevant to your theme.

Personalize the slideshow

by uploading appropriate photos and videos of the departed. Include those photos and videos, which bring up the happy memories of your loved one.

Customize the video

Adding the right words and captions to make it more meaningful. Remember to use funny photos, bright colors, and light music in the video to make it soothing and peaceful.

Export the slideshow

after taking a preview. If everything looks perfect, then export the file and save it in your drive.

15 Greatest Songs for a Funerals or Funeral Slideshows

As we have discussed earlier, the funeral service has evolved with time. Nowadays, instead of using the same traditional and old songs, people opt for present-day funeral songs.

We are listing below the15 most contemporary songs so that you can easily use them for the memorial service or funeral slideshow.

Popular Funeral Songs

1. The way - Frank Sinatra

It is a goodbye song. The songs says that the person who is saying goodbye has no regrets on 'the way he's lived his life.'

2. Calling all angels – train

The song is about calling the help from heaven to fix this world. The singer cries out to God for help in this song.

3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiw'ole

The medley "Somewhere over the rainbow / what a wonderful world" is a very touching and uplifting song. It is a funeral-appropriate song.

Instrumental Funeral Songs

4. Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel

Pachelbel's Canon in D is perhaps one of the most played instrumental songs in weddings. However, now it is also used in funerals because of its religious connections.

5. Adagio for Strings – Samuel Barber

Adagio for Strings is the best classical piece by Samuel Barber. People frequently use it as semi-official music in funerals.

6. Tears of Love - Vexento

Vexento, real name Alexander Hansen created this slow and soothing instrumental song and included it in his album "Instrumental."

Songs for Parents or Grandparents

7. "I Will Remember You" - Sarah McLachlan

The song encourages the kids to move forward in their lives after their parent's death. It says your parents will never stop missing you.

8. "Hero" - Mariah Carey

This is a Ballad song. It says that our parents and grandparent are our heroes and we should respect them always.

9. "Because You Loved Me" - Celine Dion

The singer Celine Dion thanks her loved one in this song for helping her out in her time of need. A perfect piece we could play at a funeral of a loved one.

Songs for the Loved One

10. "I Will Follow You into the Dark" - Death Cab for Cutie

The deep song that reassures a loved one that your better-half will join you soon in the unknown of the afterlife.

11. "The Best I Ever Had" - Gary Allan

Gary Allan has sung this song in honor of his late wife. It is a sad song but holds a beautiful melody, perfect for a spouse or a partner's funeral.

12. "So Long, Marianne" - Leonard Cohen

Considerably, the saddest and romantic song of all time. Cohen sings it for his long-time girlfriend.

Songs For A Pet

13. "Goodbye My Friend" - Linda Ronstadt

It is a ballad about a lost dog. The song evokes deep feelings of loss and despair—a sad but accurate song for a lost pet's funeral.

14. "Old King" - Neil Young

It is a folksy jaunt. It tells the joyous stories of adventures men and dogs have together.

15. "Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old" - Luke Bryan

This modern country song talks about the joy a person feels in growing up with a loving pet and the sadness of realizing that they will die soon.

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Life Has to End; Love Does Not

However, the person we love could be taken from us, but their love will never vanish from our hearts. Funeral service is our last deed for them. We should make it memorable and meaningful to show our love for them.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them." – James O'Barr.

Funeral slideshows is a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone. It helps you to cherish and recall the memories that mattered most. Watching a memorial video or funeral slideshow with your family and reliving all those memories can be difficult. Still, it can also be a healing part of the grieving process.

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