Are you still worried about being unable to download text-to-speech audio? Today, in this article, I will guide you step-by-step about how to make a text to speech download Mp3 Free.

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I will also recommend 7 top-notch Voice Generators, such as VoxBox, to optimize your speech generation experience. You can improve the content of your project among those excellent AI Voice Generators recommended in this article.

Part 1: What is Text to Speech And How Does It Work?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is an assistive technology that converts written text into spoken words to improve learning efficiency, enhance IoT interactions, and deliver content more accurately.

Essentially, TTS reinvents digital interaction, providing written content with more functionality, making it more inclusive, and making content processing more efficient.

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Text-to-speech was originally low-efficiency and poor quality, but now relying on the rapid development of deep learning, TTS can convert very natural sounds. And combined with optical character recognition (OCR) and other technologies, TTS also read images or documents and support multiple upload forms, that is, TTS is not limited to "text".

Part 2: How to Text-to-Speech Download as MP3 Audio?

Steps of Text to Speech Download Free:

    Step 1: Download VoxBox, click the download button below to download and try it for free.

    Step 2: Enter your text: Type the text directly, or import a text file into the speech converter.

    voxbox text to speech interface enter text

    Step 3: Choose an AI voice: Depending on your preference, choose one of the many voices, languages, and accents VoxBox offers.

    voxbox text to speech interface voices

    Step 4: Convert to audio: Click the "Convert" button to generate the audio file.

    voxbox text to speech interface voice convert export

    Step 5: Select audio format and download: After the conversion, click the "Export" button, select MP3 format, and click to confirm.

    voxbox text to speech interface export mp3

Bonus Tips

VoxBox provides the option to export in MP3 and WAV formats, giving you the flexibility to choose your desired audio format. VoxBox allows all the users to export and do the text to speech free download the audio file in the free trial.

Part 3: 7 Best Text to Speech Download Supported Tools in 2023

1. iMyFone VoxBox - Free Download Text to Speech

iMyFone VoxBox is a professional AI Voice Generator that provides 3200+ lifelike AI voices in 77+ languages, which makes it the go-to for high-quality audio. Its Voice cloning with 98% accuracy and studio-quality formats take the content creation to a new level. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Key Features:

  • 3,200+ voices including celebrities, actors, and YouTubers

  • 77+ languages and 100+ national accents are available for users around the world

  • Works with most applications, e.g. audiobooks, podcasts, IVR, games, etc

  • All-in-one: supports text-to-speech, voice cloning, recording, rap generation, conversion, and editing

  • User Friendly: Easy to use or customize voice as you want

  • Support exporting different audio files in multiple formats at once


yesFree Trial with 2000 Characters

yesRealistic voice clones in seconds

yesAuthentic dubbing from real people's voices

yesNone of your privacy is read and no Ads

yesExpanding Voice library provides more AI Voices


noSome advanced features are available only in the premium version


Free trial available. After 2000 free characters, there is various affordable Pricing plan for all needs.

2. Nuance Dragon

Dragon Home is ideal for home users. Dragon Legal is custom-built for lawyers and legal professionals. Nuance also has solutions for law enforcement, financial services professionals, and medical professionals. It ensures 3x faster, 99% accurate dictation. It's the pro's choice for boosted productivity in business and education.

nuance dragon website shortcut


yesBoosted Productivity

yesAutomatic Updates

yesCreating mission‑critical documentation with speed, detail, and accuracy


noThe initial setup might be intricate

noToo expensive

noNot suitable for most people


Dragon Professional v16 One-time payment:$699; Dragon Legal v16 One-time payment:$799.

3. Speechify

Speechify helps millions of teachers around the world save time and increase their productivity. Use it to grade essays, listen to papers, and get through reading materials much faster without any fatigue.

It can be used online or on your Mobile which works in Google Docs, PDFs, MS Word, and other websites. Its Voice Over Studio Function can Convert your content into a voice-over and download it as an .MP3, OGG, or WAV file.

speechify voice over


yesEnhanced Multitasking

yesOver 50+ natural, human-like voices and 15 languages

yesFaster listening speed (1.1x and above)

yesAutomatically Skip Content (headers, footers, citations, etc)


noFree Trial does not support exporting audio

noPremium features are too expensive


Free Trial available (Can not export Audio); Studio Basic (1 seat): $99.00/month; $288.00 /yearly; Studio Pro (1 seat): $119.00/month; $385.00 /yearly.

4. Speechelo

Speechelo is an online tool that can Transform text into voiceovers effortlessly. With its natural pauses and voice tone, it becomes the ideal choice for video content needs.

speechlo text to voice screenshot


yes30 TTS human-sounding voices in over 23 languages

yesFree support, and free updates

yesUse the automated AI engine

yesNo ads


noCan't have more than 700 words per voiceover

noNo free trial, need to pay first to get experience


$67 recurring per month; $97 One-time payment.

5. Text 2 Speech is a free online text-to-speech converter. Just enter your text, select one of the voices, and download or listen to the resulting mp3 file.

text2speech interface website shotcut


yesThis service is free

yesAllowed to use the speech files for any purpose


noOnly support 4 English and 2 Indian voices

noText-to-speech feature only

noThe voice quality is not good



6. Murf AI

Murf.AI offers 20 AI voices and also supports voice cloning. It provides a cost-effective solution for eLearning, audiobooks, and more. Murf.AI uses deep learning technology to generate emotional, human-like speech and supports granular control over speech parameters.

murf text to speech interface shotcut


yesOnline tool and no need to download

yesSupport in 20 languages

yesCustomization features like Pitch, Pause, and Pronunciation

yesSupports voice cloning, text-to-speech, artificial intelligence dubbing and translation, etc


noThe free trial only has 10 minutes in the TTS Function

no The cloning function cannot be purchased directly, you need to contact the sales staff


Free trial available (10 minutes); Basic ($19/month); Pro ($26/month); Enterprise ($75/month).

7. Play.HT

Play.HT is an online audio processing tool that specializes in generating speech for media creations, such as videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and other required audio content. It provides voices in 120 languages for content creation.

murf text to speech interface shotcut


yesOnline tool and no need to download

yesSupport in 120 languages

yesMultifunction in translation, voice cloning, and more

yesCustomization features like Pitch, Pause, and Pronunciation


noFull capabilities require paid plans

noPricing is relatively higher

noFree trial only provides 1 voice


Free trial available (12,500 words, 1 instant voice clone); Creator Plan ($31.2/month or $374.4/year); Unlimited Plan ($79.2/month or $950.4/year).

Part 4: Hot FAQs About Text to Speech Download

What's the Limitation of TTS MP3?

The TTSMP3 website has a 3000-character limit (not 3000 words), that is to say, you may have to make several audio files for a long piece of text.

How to Access Different Voices?

Download and install the VoxBox application on the target device. Register a VoxBox account, and enter or import text content. Select the desired sound and adjust the parameter settings to your liking. Click "Convert" to convert the audio file and click "Export" to export this audio.

Who Rules the AI Voice Realm?

VoxBox - AI Celebrity Voice Generator is the go-to choice for celebrity AI voices. With an extensive lineup, VoxBox ensures you find the desired celebrity voice. Elevate your experience with the best in the market.


All in all, learn how text-to-speech download can help you shorten your content creation process while improving its quality. From VoxBox to Nuance Dragon reviews, I’m sure you’ll get your favorite voice generator tool. Download your favorite text-to-speech generator now!

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