AI has revolutionized music creation and consumption. AI music voice generators allow musicians and producers to create unique vocal tracks without human singers.

In this guide, we will explore the top AI music voice generators of 2023. We'll cover their features, capabilities, and how they can enhance your music compositions. Get ready to delve into the world of AI-generated music!

Part 1: Top AI Music Voice Generators of 2023

1) VoxBox

VoxBox is an AI generator that enables users to create rap or songs using any desired voice. The software leverages deep TTS and voice cloning technology to generate new songs with the chosen voice.



  • Ability to export the song in various formats.

  • Realistic voice generation.

  • Ability to customize the music track

  • Wide selection of over 3200+ voices, 46+ languages, and 100+ accents.

  • User-friendly interface.

2) Voicemod Text to Song

Voicemod's Text to Song is a browser-based AI music generator that allows you to create text-to-song compositions reminiscent of famous singers. It provides a seamless user experience. Once you've composed your song, you can easily share it with others, regardless of their location.



  • Voicemod's Text to Song is not only a convenient tool but also a fun way to transform any text into a musical meme.

  • It offers a diverse range of seven AI singers and a wide selection of instrumentals spanning various genres.

  • The process is simple: just type in your lyrics, generate the song, and share it with others.

  • The tool also highlights the "Best Match" singers that best complement your track, but it also encourages experimentation for creative exploration.

  • Whether you're using a mobile device or a desktop, you can easily access and enjoy this browser-based AI music generator.


Murf.AI is a notable player in the AI music voice generator field, providing users with advanced voice-changing and cloning tools. With a free account, you can experiment with voice transfer capabilities, although they may be limited. Additionally, Murf.AI offers a high-touch service for custom voice model creation, allowing for more personalized experiences. Furthermore, they have an audio and music page catering to individuals interested in audio for video or AI music video creation.


  • Advanced voice-changing and cloning tools.

  • These tools enable users to modify and manipulate voices

  • Offering a wide range of possibilities for creative expression.

  • Provides a high-touch service for custom voice model creation

4) Uberduck.AI

Uberduck is a pioneering company in the AI music voice generation field, known for its powerful text-to-speech capabilities. Their platform has gained recognition in the industry, and they have showcased their commitment to innovation through collaborations with artists such as Grimes. The AI Grimes Challenge is a notable example of its dedication to pushing boundaries and working alongside artists to explore new creative possibilities.


  • Powerful text-to-speech capabilities.

  • Their AI technology excels in generating realistic and expressive vocal performances from written text.

  • 5,000+ expressive voices for AI vocals and voiceovers.

  • Custom voice cloning for personalized vocal experiences.


Voice.AI is an AI voice generator that specializes in voice cloning, enabling users to create songs using their desired voice. This analysis is then leveraged to generate new songs, incorporating the selected voice. Utilizing Voice.AI, allows users to choose voices that are scarier, funnier, younger, older, smarter, or more obnoxious, simply by changing the AI voice character.


  • Wide Variety of Voices via voice cloning

  • Hyper-Realistic Replicas.

  • Voice.AI uses the analyzed voice to generate new songs, providing users with a unique and personalized musical experience.

  • Deep Learning Technology


Emvoice One offers a unique approach to AI singing software by combining a MIDI piano roll interface with text boxes for lyrics. This allows users to manually program melodies and input lyrics, and Emvoice One will adjust the AI-generated vocals accordingly. This novel feature provides users with greater control over vocal performance, resulting in more customized and tailored AI-generated singing.



  • MIDI Piano Roll Interface: Emvoice One utilizes a MIDI piano roll interface, allowing users to input melodies and create musical compositions.

  • Text Boxes for Lyrics: Alongside the piano roll interface, Emvoice One provides text boxes where users can input lyrics corresponding to the melodies they've programmed.

  • AI-Generated Vocals: Emvoice One employs AI technology to generate vocals based on the melodies and lyrics provided by the user.

  • Vocal Adjustment: The software adjusts the AI-generated vocals to match the programmed melodies, ensuring a seamless and harmonious vocal performance.


Revocalize offers a unique approach to AI music voice generation by focusing on voice conversion and protection. Users can transfer subtle qualities of their voice, such as accents and emotions, to new voices. Revocalize aims to protect user voices, although their exact methods remain unclear.



  • Enables users to clone, protect, and create unique vocal tracks in various voices while preserving the original accent, tone, and pronunciation.

  • Through extensive training with millions of hours of audio data.

  • Creates high-fidelity unique voiceprints for each singer.

  • Supports multiple languages


Vocaloid, developed by Yamaha, is a pioneering AI music voice generator that has made significant strides in the industry. Primarily designed for musicians, Vocaloid provides a vast library of over 100 voice options, allowing users to choose from a wide range of vocal styles



  • Extensive Voice Library: Over 100 voice options available.

  • Note Control: Precise control over pitch and expression.

  • Designed for Musicians: Tailored for the needs of music creators.

  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly and accessible for easy usage.

Part 2: Vocal Synthesis: A Brave New World

1) The Rise of AI Sing Voice Generators

AI singing voice generators are cutting-edge tools that have transformed the music industry. They use advanced algorithms and neural networks to analyze, replicate, and manipulate human singing. This enables artists to generate realistic vocal tracks from existing voices or create entirely new ones. These tools have opened up new avenues for creative expression, allowing users to craft unique and captivating melodies that push the boundaries of traditional music production. AI singing voice generators have had a profound impact on the music industry, revolutionizing the way vocal tracks are created and inspiring artists to explore new musical possibilities.


2) AI Music Generators Unlock Unlimited Potential

AI music generators from voice technologies have revolutionized the music landscape, providing musicians with unprecedented possibilities. These tools enable musicians to experiment with various vocal styles, tones, and emotions without relying on a human vocalist. With AI voice generator music applications, artists can now compose entire songs using AI-generated vocals, pushing the limits of creativity and innovation in music production. This technology has opened new avenues for artists to explore and has transformed the way music is created and consumed.

Part 3: AI music voice generators and NFTs: a revolutionary combination?

With the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the collaboration between AI music voice generators and NFTs has opened up exciting opportunities for artists. Renowned musicians such as Holly Herndon have embraced the idea of offering access to their AI-generated voices as NFTs, marking the emergence of innovative collaborations and monetization methods in the creative realm.



AI music voice generators have unleashed a realm of creative possibilities for musicians and producers. With continuous advancements, AI-generated music has the potential to transform the music industry by producing realistic and emotionally expressive vocals. This technology opens up new horizons in music creation and consumption, offering exciting prospects for artists and listeners alike.


In conclusion, AI music voice generators have revolutionized the creative landscape, offering endless possibilities. As these tools progress, the potential for AI-generated music to reshape the industry is vast. With innovative applications and ethical considerations to explore, the future of AI-generated music is incredibly promising. Whether you're a budding musician or an established producer, embracing the power of AI music voice generators will unlock your creative potential. In this article, we recommended the top 8 AI music voice generators, and I would specifically suggest trying out VoxBox-AI with its text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. You can experience it for free and create your own AI-generated songs.