Dr. Phil soundboards are mostly taken from his show, then edited to accuse or belittle or accuse a target of having different problems such as defrauding people, being a drug addict, having anger issues, having trust issues.

His target audience uses his sounds for pranks or making fun while others have used them for Ventrilo harassment.

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Part 1: What Do You Know about Dr Phil?

Phil Calvin McGraw who is best known as Phil Calvin McGraw who is best known as Dr. Phil is an author, TV personality and host of Dr. Phil television show. He was born in Vinita, Oklahoma, on September 1st, 1950. He owns a doctorate in clinical psychology.

dr phil picture

However, he ceased to renew his license in 2006. He became famous through his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 90s. Later, in September 2002, Dr. Phil launched his daily television show, Dr. Phil produced by Winfrey's Harpo Studio.

The show was formatted as an advice show where Dr. Phil would tackle different issues and topics while offering advice to his listeners about the topics.

Why Dr. Phil's Soundboards Are Hot

Many people choose not to talk about it because they tend to offend specific groups of people. Dr. Phil is known for his unique voice hence making his soundboards unique.

They are used by people when angry, to insult other people, to pull pranks among their peers, nosy sounds, and many more sounds for expressing their feelings.

Moreover,if you want to add Dr. Phil soundboard for apps and do voice changer at the sametime,iMyFone MagicMic is highly recommended.

Part 2: 5 Websites Dr Phil Soundboard Free Download

1. 101Soundboard

101 soundboard is a site that contains over one million sound clips that you can play instantly. You can download sounds on the web and you can download the free 101Soundboard application on Android, IOS, and Google Chrome. The applications are found on the Apps page.

101 soundboad site brand

101soundboard contains up to nine categories of sounds of phrases said by the legendary Dr. Phil. These include insults, getting angry, being nosy, and many more emotions.


yes101Soundboard has a big database that covers different shows and films, therefore, targeting different audiences

yes 101Souandboard is free. Visitors are not charged to access the sounds of people like Dr. Phil.

yes 101Soundboard is easily accessible for app downloads and is free to access.


noSome soundboards without copyright

2. Voicy

Voicy is a platform for discovering, making, and sharing of sound effects and sound clips on the internet.

voicy interface

Voicy was formed after the creators realized the great strength memes and gifs possess during communication. Digital communication has entirely changed and people prefer their communication with a little bit of spice to add to the fun.


yesVoicy makes communication easy, fun, and more expressive using the sound-clips

yesIt is free to access and download the sound-clips

yesVoicy uploads top 100 sounds and weekly sounds that are the most trending, therefore, makes their content easy to access.


noThe website does not have applications that allow users to access them without going to the website.

3. Soundboardguy

Soundboardguy is a platform built by users for fellow users because they understand user needs. In the world today, we can make an inside joke that the whole world will understand using memes and gifs.

soundboardguy dr phil

Soundboardguy eases the process of finding new and trendy sounds. Users can quickly discover sound effects, memes, TV show theme songs, TikTok trending audios, and movie tracks,and also concludes soundboard dr phil.


yesSoundboardguy has trending sound clips and is easily accessible.

yesSoundboardguy is free to access and does not require a subscription.

yesSoundboardguy offers the option to set sound clips as ringtones.


noSome ads onthe page.

4. Myinstants

Myinstants is an online platform that has a collection of sound clips that users can download. On the home page, Myinstants contains trending sounds that are being used by most users. This reduces the workload for the user especially if they do not know the name of the sounds.

myinstants soundboard interface


yesTrending sounds are easily accessible.

yesUsers do not incur any costs to get the sounds.

yesApplication is available.


noThe page isn't very stable.


Realm of darkness is an online site that contains a database of sound clips for all types of audiences.

Realm of darkness

Realm of darkness' slogan is Soundboards are for parody and personal entertainment only. The developers created Realm of darkness to allow users to have fun with different sound clips and to be able to prank their friends using sound clips of different people.


yesThe website is free and easily accessible.

yesThe users have a big database to help them access different sound-clips.


noNo application is available.

Part 3: How to Apply Dr Phil Soundboard Real-time

MagicMic is a real-time voice changer with huge soundboards. Users can instantly change their voices with different voice filters and sound effects.

Watch Video Guide About Voice MagicMic Soundboard

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Main Features of Magicmic:

  • Your voice can change in one click. All one needs are to select the voice and it will be transformed to that on your Mac and Windows devices.

  • Your voice can change into various voice filters such as Monster, Devil, and More than 100 in-build voice filter for choice.

  • Users can also add more than 500+ sound effects in MagicMic for adding up to date reactions.

  • Users can use MagicMic on different platforms like Discord, Skype, Twitch, and PUBG.

  • It offers random selection dice for voice filter choosing which is helpful when you are confused.

Steps to Use Dr. Phil soundboard with MagicMic

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone MagicMic

First, you need to launch the latest version of MagicMic from the official website. The latest version will have new functions available.

Step 2: Choose the input device

On iMyFone MagicMic, select the input device as your microphone

Step 3: Choose the output device

On the iMyFone MagicMic, select the output device as your headphone

Step 4: Select the voice effect

Now you can import Dr. Phil soundboard as sound effects and also customize your voice close to Dr.Phil by use voice studio function.

Then speak into the microphone to check whether the output changed.



Dr. Phil tackles different issues and topics while offering advice to his listeners on the topics. People use Dr.Phil soundboards are mostly taken from his show, then edited to accuse or belittle or accuse a target of having different problems such as defrauding people.

If you want to apply soundboards real-time, MagicMic wound be your good choice.
  • 100+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 300+ Voice Effects and 150+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.