The typing sound effect is known to have done wonders for media worldwide. Be it movies, classical shows, or just your everyday Tiktok creations, with the right iphone keyboard typing sound effect or a keyboard typing sound effect, you can get a real-life essence in your media in no time.

This blog will quickly review the top three movie scenes of all time that featured a typewriter for charisma. You can even scroll down below and learn how to incorporate an iphone keyboard typing sound effect free or text typing sound effect with iMyFone MagicMic Voice Changer in your video!

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Part 1: Quick Review of Top 3 Classic Scenes with Typewriter

1) Love Actually

If you are a hopeless romantic as we are, chances are you've seen Love Actually an embarrassing number of times. However, the romantic vibe of the movie that we all yearn for wouldn't have been there in the first place had there been no typewriter with its charm. Like any other typing sound effect, the typewriter does huge wonders for the storyline in the movie.

love actually typewriter

The only reason our fictionist Jamie was able to come across his one true Love Aurélia was that he was typing by the lakeside. If he didn't type his novel by the lake, his manuscripts won't be blowed away by the wind, and Aurélia won't jump into the lake. Jamie just met the right person at right time in the right place.

2) Doctor Who: The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances

There's no doubt that if you have seen these 2 episodes, it would be your nightmare for a long time when you hear "Are you my mummy".

doctor who empty child

The great scriptwriter Steven Moffat was absolutely an expert to create the feeling of tension, and the typewriter which little Jamie used to leave a message to Nancy in the hovel push the plot to a new high, almost take the breath of audience away.

3) Chicago

The famous scene "We Both Reach for the Gun" in Chicago was played by Roxie, Billie and the reporters. The whole stage was for a royal puppet show, which was extremely ironic.

chicago musical

In this puppet show, Billie was the master, and all the reporters were under his control. The deafening typing sound effect in the background let this farce sounded much more ridiculous.

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How to Add Typing Sound Effects to Your Videos

Step 1: Launch and Settings

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To initiate the process, start by ensuring that you have the iMyFone MagicMic application on your device. Please install the application and make sure that you launch it once the installation is completed. Upon opening the app, you will be asked to keep your mic as your input device.

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Step 2: Select Voice Changers and Sound Effects

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Step 3: Add Keybinds

The third step is purely for your ease of access. If you like a keyboard typing sound effect, you can include it in your key binds for easy accessibility. All you have to do is assign the sounds that you like to key binds, and you're done.

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Step 4: Try More Voice Changers

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