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Check Our Schedule First

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    1. Create A Video & Sumbit

    Use Filme's new "Voice Changer" feature to create a video and sumbit it.

    Dub Your Video
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    2. Video Review & Approval

    Filme team will review and approve your video within these two days.

    Video Review
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    3. Vote A Video

    Once a video is approved by us, it will be shown in this page. Then vote for it!

    Vote A Video

*The top 4 prizes will be chosen based on votes!

Vote for The Approved Videos Here

When a video gets approved, it will be shown here. Then vote for your favorite one! You can also share the video with your friends to get more votes.

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*Noted: Guess the Contest Champion, Win Gifts on Facebook & Instagram!

How to Join

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    Step 1

    Install Filme, create a video using Voice Changer feature in Filme with 2 options:
    1. Change the audio for your own videos.
    2. Dub one of the sample videos we offer below. Check quick guide >

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    Step 2

    Export & upload the finished video on YouTube with the hashtags #FilmeVoiceChangerChallenge in the title. Video must be public on YouTube.

  • step3

    Step 3

    Click Submit Now below and enter your YouTube video URL for us to review. Once your video is approved by us, it can be voted on this page.



*Noted: Here are the 2 sample videos we offer for you, so that you can dub one of them using Filme's Voice Changer feature directly. Or you can just record your own video to do the dubbing.

Thanks for your concern, iMyFone Filme Voice Changer video contest has expired. You can go to Filme Home Page to get the latest news of our products.

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