Dexter Roberts, a talented artist renowned for his captivating voice and remarkable cover songs. Dexter's rich vocal tones and unique interpretation bring a fresh perspective to beloved songs, allowing listeners to experience familiar tracks in a whole new light.

You can take advantage of AI song generators recommended in the article to make covers with his deep voice.

dexter roberts the voice

Part 1: How is Dexter Roberts The Voice?

Dexter Roberts is a talented singer who gained recognition as a contestant on the reality TV show "The Voice." Known for his soulful country voice and captivating performances, Dexter showcased his vocal abilities and stage presence throughout his journey on the show. With his authentic country sound and engaging performances, Dexter Roberts left a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience during his time on "The Voice."

dexter roberts the voice

Part 2: Useful Methods to Make AI Covers with Dexter Roberts Voice

1. MusicAI

MusicAI offers an excellent tool to create a stunning Dexter Roberts cover song effortlessly. With its AI technology and versatile voice library, you can easily copy Dexter Roberts' unique style and deliver an exceptional performance. You can let MusicAI be your go-to tool for crafting impressive and personalized cover songs.

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How To Get Dexter Roberts AI Cover:

Step 1: Download and install MusicAI.

Step 2: Click on "AI Covers", choose your favorite artist like Dexter Roberts.

Step 3: Upload your song file and press on "Start", MusicAI will help you get cover songs.

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Key Features:

  • Most famous singing AI voices are covered for covering songs.

  • You can use the artist voices to make funny and interesting songs for prank.

  • Multiple capabilities coming soon like text to song, vocal removing, AI music making and music enhancing.

  • Free try and download for beginners.

  • Flexible formats to output the AI covers.

2. MelodyStudio

Whether you're a producer, singer, or songwriter looking to explore new creative possibilities or streamline your process, MelodyStudio offers an unparalleled solution to enable you to get a cover song.

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Steps of Making Dexter Roberts Song:

Step 1: Input your lyrics and optionally include chords for a more complete composition.

Step 2: MelodyStudio's AI song generator provides unique and original melody ideas, guiding you through the process of singing your lyrics line by line.

Step 3: Combine, customize, and personalize the generated melodies to create your own unique musical expression.

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Key Features:

  • It caters to aspiring songwriters of all levels.

  • Utilizing this AI song generator will enhance your ability to create original melodies.

Bonus Tips: How to Get Dexter Roberts AI Voice?

1. iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox offers a unique opportunity for fans of Dexter Roberts to explore their musical creativity by generating AI-powered cover songs with his distinctive voice. With VoxBox's advanced voice cloning technology and extensive library of beats, users can effortlessly create their own unique interpretations of songs, capturing the essence of Dexter Roberts' soulful country sound.

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Follow the Steps Below Create AI Voices:

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone VoxBox.

Step 2: Open the software, choose singers and rappers similar to Dexter Roberts, and input the lyrics you want to generate for a song.

voxbox singer voices

Step 3: You also can add music of different genres it offered. If you are satisfied, output the music file and save it.

Part 3: FAQs about Dexter Roberts Voice and Songs

1. What type of songs does Dexter Roberts sing?

Dexter Roberts specializes in country music, performing songs that range from traditional country to contemporary country-rock. His repertoire includes heartfelt ballads, energetic anthems, and soulful storytelling songs.

2. What songs has Dexter Roberts covered?

From country classics to contemporary hits, Dexter has breathed new life into songs like "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry, "One Mississippi" by Brett Young, and "Muckalee Creek Water" by Luke Bryan. With his soulful vocals and captivating performances, Dexter has put his own unique spin on beloved tracks like "Something Like That" by Tim McGraw, "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line, and "Your Man" by Josh Turner.

3. When did Dexter Roberts join in The Voice shows?

Dexter Roberts participated in the reality singing competition show, The Voice, during its 16th season.


In conclusion, Dexter Roberts' exceptional voice and songs have the power to touch the hearts of music lovers everywhere. To experience the magic of Dexter Roberts' voice and create your own masterpieces, we highly recommend using MusicAI. With its extensive library of voices and powerful ability, MusicAI allows you to bring all kinds of musical cover visions to life.