Did you know that over 12 million videos have been made with Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok till today? It’s true! Since it was launched, a lot of TikTok users have told us that they have been using this filter every day to create "artistic" videos.

But there’s a problem. Many people have no idea How To Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok. Don't worry; we're explaining it step-by-step.

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That's not it. As a bonus, you will also learn about VoxBox - a cutting-edge tool that can help you make interesting and unique videos. Keep reading!

Part 1: What Is TikTok's Reverse AI Art Filter?

TikTok is one of the best platforms to show your creativity, in our opinion. The latest buzz on it is all about the Reverse AI Art Filter. So, what is it? Simply put, it turns any of your videos into a work of art, but with a twist – it reverses the process!

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TikTokers love it because the transformation is smooth and visually stunning. To confirm, you can also read all the reverse AI art filter TikTok Reddit reviews. We have already gone through these comments, and almost everyone was full of praise.

Part 2: Trends Of Reverse AI Art Filter: Top 5

We’ve seen too many trends after the launch of the Reverse AI Filter. Out of all, these five are our favorites:

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The Transformation Reveal: One of the most popular trends nowadays is the “transformation reveal.” You can start with an everyday scene or a simple selfie and let the AI transform it into art.

Storytelling: Creative TikTokers are crafting mini-stories with the Reverse filters. You can also try storytelling and make it better by adding visual effects.

Before and After Challenges: Most before and after challenges you see in the Tiktok videos are made with Reverse AI Filter. You can show a 'before' scenario through the AI art, and as the filter reverses, the 'after' is revealed.

Educational Content: Surprisingly, you can also try this filter for educational content. Teachers and educators have told us that they are using it to grab students' attention.

Artistic Showcase: If you’re an artist, you can upload a video of your artwork, apply the filter, and let viewers see the process in reverse.

Part 3: Full Guide Of Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok

1) How To Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok? (Simple Steps)

Using filters on TikTok is super easy. Here's how to reverse the AI art filter Tiktok:

    Step 1: Update Your TikTok App.

    Step 2: Open TikTok and tap the '+' icon to create a new video. If you want, you can also select an already recorded video from your gallery.

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    Step 3: Once you have your video ready, tap on the “Effects” icon (it’s usually on the bottom left of your screen). After this, search for "AI Art" and tap on it to apply it. That’s it!

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2) How to Remove the AI Art Filter on TikTok?

If you think choosing the AI Art Filter was not a good idea, then don’t worry, as you can easily remove it.

    Step 1: Open TikTok on your device and tap on the "+" icon.

    Step 2: Next, go to Effects and choose the "AI Art" filter.

    Step 3: You can now select a picture and tap "Create" to turn it into art.

    Step 4: Now, the most important step: To remove the AI Filter, you can then simply tap again.

Part 4: Make AI VoiceOver For Your TikTok - Special Bonus

If you want to become a big TikTok celebrity, you will need to do something different. Many people also ask us about how they can stand out from others. Well, it’s easy! Simply make voice-overs for your TikTok. We’ve seen that it has made videos more lively.

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One great tool we recommend trying is VoxBox. It’s a user-friendly software that lets you create text-to-speech audio within seconds. Almost everyone loves this software because it has over 3200 voices, including Taylor Swift, Joe Biden, etc. You can select any for some extra “pizzazz.” But there’s more!

You can do many things with VoxBox to make your TikTok videos better than others:

  • VoxBox lets you adjust parameters like speed, tone, etc.

  • You can type any script, and it will create a realistic speech within seconds.

  • It also lets you do voice recording (which you can later add to your videos).

  • 3,200+ voices including celebrities, actors, influencers, fictional characters, and singers like Billie Eilish.

  • 77+ languages and 100+ national accents are available with audio customization options.

How To Make Text To Speech With VoxBox?

The best thing about VoxBox is that anyone can use this tool. Here’s the process:

    Step 1: Downlaod VoxBox and install it, then open it, and click on "text-to-speech" and Click the 'Change Speaker' button.

    voxbox making billie eilish ai voice step1

    Step 2:find A text-to-speech AI voice You want, or simply search the vocie.

    voxbox making billie eilish ai voice step2

    Step 3: Type or paste your text or use the AI Script Feature to generate content, then click the "Convert" button.

    voxbox making billie eilish ai voice step3

Bonus Tips

VoxBox provides the option to export in MP3 and WAV formats, giving you the flexibility to choose your desired audio format. VoxBox allows all the users to export and do the text to speech audio file in the Free Trial.

Part 5: FAQs About Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok

Can Anyone Use the Reverse AI Art Filter on TikTok?

Anyone with the TikTok app can use the Reverse AI Art Filter. You can find it in the app's effects library. However, we suggest updating your TikTok app first.

Can I Use the Reverse AI Art Filter on Photos, or Is It Only for Videos?

You can use the Reverse AI Art Filter on both photos and videos. However, we recommend using it on videos only. Applying it to a still image wouldn't have the same effect because we believe the dynamic transformation makes this filter unique.

How To Make Reverse AI Filter More Fun?

You can make reverse AI Filter more fun using a top-notch voice generator, like a VoxBox. Unique audio will make your video more entertaining. In addition, you can try funny clothes and add more colors to your background.


The Reverse AI Art Filter TikTok is in a trend nowadays, and it seems people will keep using it forever. You can also find it in the effects library and use it on your videos.

But if you want to make your TikTok videos unique from others, then don't rely on the Art Filter alone. Use VoxBox with it.

With VoxBox, you can easily create entertaining audio in over 3000 voices. You can choose the voice of any famous person, like Obama, Drake, Michael Jackson, etc., and add the audio to your TikTok videos. Soon, everyone will start noticing your videos, and it will be about time you become a celebrity on this platform.

So, give VoxBox a try right now!

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